Wedding Bells: Gillian and Joey

Gillian, oh Gillian. How you have (yet again) revealed why your eyes are so very coveted.

What is it about weddings anyways? Why do we ALL (yes, even you.. you that doesn’t want to get married) love peeking in on the most intimate of days? I liken it to walking the streets at dusk, glancing by the windows of other peoples homes…. So much you can tell in just an instance of passing. Weddings are this to an outsider… a peak into the world of loving strangers; two people that have promised each other, to each other, and how they choose to celebrate such an important day. All the little details that make it sing “this is us, this is what we hold dear”.

The one day in which all your tastes come together in one place- fashion, food, décor, ambiance, music, floral arrangements… wine/liquor… traditional or obscure. Wyoming girl at heart, Gillian Mahin (creator of brand For Love and Lemons, with whom we just recently launched a gorgeous exclusive line of Intimates) shared her most intimate of days with us. She went back to her roots, her homeland… set amongst the stunning landscape of Jackson Hole, Wyoming… the simple rustic landscape paved way to a wedding that is surely one of the most beautiful I have seen. I was fortunate enough to have a little chat with Gillian about her day- the ins and outs of planning, expectations, and letting loose. Enjoy!

So… how did you go about “planning” your wedding?

Well it all started with the location. Joey and I really wanted to get married in Jackson Hole, WY (where I am from), and have it in an open field by a barn with horses and the mountains in the background. When you have a location that beautiful the rest of it is easy, and luckily there are tons of areas like that in Jackson! We planned the wedding around that theme (rustic and country), and used a lot of materials that were already at the ranch – like the bails of hay for seating. We didn’t have a wedding planner, so we did it all ourselves (with the help of my mom of course). We had 9 months to plan, so we started our list and slowly made our way through it! Everything was very laid back in the planning, as we are laid back people ourselves and didn’t want to stress over it. We had bbq for dinner, and pies for desert, a swing band, and lots of pretty wildflowers. The combination was perfect!

… did you always have a vision of  what yours would be… ?

I actually always thought mine would have about 15 people and be on a beach somewhere exotic. But when it came down to it, it is a very special and important day, and all your friends and family want to celebrate with you and share that excitement and once in a lifetime moment. So going back home made the most sense, and it was perfect! The most important part to me was the ceremony, and making it really important and memorable. We didn’t want to speed through it, so we had people read poems, and we passed our rings around to everyone to make a little wish on. It was so special.

What to expect and not expect on your wedding day….

Expect things to not go exactly as planned, and expect everyone to be happy no matter what! People are there for you, and to celebrate you! I was always so nervous people wouldn’t like the food, or what kind of ice-cream to put with the pies, but no one cares about that stuff, they just want to dance and celebrate!

What meant the most at the end of the day?

The ceremony meant the most, it goes by so quick, so make sure you say everything you want to say. I felt like the rest of the wedding flew by, but during the ceremony time stood still. It was such an amazing experience to look your significant other in the eye and make vows to them.

What you couldn’t live without that day?

I couldn’t live without my dog Killer that day! When I had the pre-wedding jitters, she could sense it and was cozying up to me, it was so sweet!

Your recommendation to all brides planning?

Have fun with it! Don’t let the little things stress you out, because before you know it it will all be over!  Also, let your man have input because he really does care and want to be apart of it :)
























 Thank you so much for sharing Gillian and Joey!

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8 years ago

I’m so inspired. There is so much love in your eyes! I love the bit about enjoying the ceremony – I’ve never heard it described that way before, beautiful.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

What a gorgeous dress! Where is it from?

I’ve never thought about the importance of getting married at home and especially not on a farm. But I think this changed my mind about it. Very well done. :)

8 years ago

This is simply elegant. So gorgeous- the dress, the bride, the scenery, the details. Everything! The photos are stunning, too! Great job to the photographer! Makes me want to head on over to Jackson Hole!
Thanks for sharing!

8 years ago

Wow… Beautiful couple, inspiring décor. Gives me lots if ideas !!

8 years ago


8 years ago

i love it :) they remind me of this ralph lauren ad for their fragrance romance

8 years ago

What a gorgeous wedding, so laid back! Love the Mexican blankets draped over bales of hay. What an inspiration

xoxo Sara

8 years ago


8 years ago

the land is so incredibly breathtaking… i love the gorgeous wilderness, the rustic style and down to earth free spirited nature of this incredibly romantic wedding. thank you for sharing. I wish you much happiness & joy!

8 years ago

my ideal wedding!

8 years ago

Beautidul pictures. Where is the dress from?

8 years ago

Love the dress! Where is it from??

8 years ago

ive never wanted short white cowboy booties so badly in my life, oh be still my beating heart! Beauty beauty flled with beauty, all of these… thank you for sharing your magick! XX

8 years ago

Love this so much – Love Gillian & Joey – what a gorgeous ceremony and post

8 years ago

This wedding feels like the beautifulest dram !
The dress is one of the most wonderful I’ve ever seen… I love it !!
Magic life of love for the both of them <3

8 years ago

I’m a huge fan of For Love & Lemons!! What a beautifully styled wedding. Where is her gown from??? I am in love!

Creating Florals for Joey & Gillian was an honor.

Their bohemian style, beauty & laid back approach to their own wedding, made for the most beautiful ceremony. The love they share is magical…

8 years ago

I used to go to parties at Gillian’s parents house back in my high school days. She comes from a long line of laid back beauty, and she carried it forward with stunning grace.

8 years ago

Great article.

7 years ago

Photos are beautiful, who is the photographer?

7 years ago

Photographer is Daniel Kincaid. Email is

6 years ago

Hi, lovely wedding!
Could I please ask where the barn venue is?
Really want to rent it for an event.