Weekend Snapshot: Cozy Up

A steaming mug of rich black coffee, soft rays of morning light, a snoozing cat curled into a perfect, snoring cinnamon bun on my lap… these quiet, early morning weekend hours are the ones I anticipate most.

Before the to-do lists take over and life rushes back in, it’s just me and the slowly waking world. Maybe I’ll catch up on a few favorite blogs, or perhaps I’ll just sit quietly, setting my intention for the day. Wrapped in the softest shawl to keep fall’s crisp air at bay (I refuse to turn on the heat just yet) this time belongs to me, and me alone.

Life gets crazy, time flies by, those quiet, peaceful moments may feel fleeting — or even non-existent — throughout the work week, so I urge you to find a few moments this weekend to cozy up. Wrap yourself in comfort, and just be. Allow yourself to exist, remember who you are, and embrace the softer side of life.Weekend Snapshot Cozy

1. Shaggy Wrap Ruana

2. Interlaken Footbed

3. Olivia’s Long Sleeve Tee

4. Relaxed Washed Trouser

5. Charm and Tassel BoloWeekend Snapshot CozyWeekend Snapshot CozyWeekend Snapshot CozyWeekend Snapshot Cozy

How do you embrace the weekend? I’d love to know!

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What great photos! This week has been full of 12 hour trips, but on Tuesday I’ll be roadtripping with my boyfriend to his farm in rural New Brunswick for 7 days. With no internet, a cozy wood stove, and 300 acres, I hope to do a lot of reading, writing, reflecting & exploring as the deer run alongside us through the fog.

my weekend isn’t saturday and sunday, its wednesday and thursday..and I do exactly this. Get cozy, listen to soft music, drink a hot cup of earl grey tea, knit, read a book, do a crossword..anything to take my mind off of the craziness of life. I cherish the days I can sit and just be.


What are some of your favorite blogs? This is the only blog I really follow, and I’d like to know more!

Loving the shaggy wrap! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Omg. That kitty baby is so sweet. Love your thoughts in the forward – I was up at 9 today to meet a friend over a latte, now working on my blog with a Portuguese movie in the background… incorporating serenity and peace into my “to-do” :)

Warm Regards,

Oh wow, what a cute way to get cozy !!

Lovely items.
Stay warm.

~ Lu


Bonfires! With smores of course…

The cat in one of the last pictures *_*

xx Cecil // http://www.wednesday19th.blogspot.com


This weekend I’m planning my trip to NYC next week with my best friend. Peaceful? Not exactly, rather stressful in fact, but in a good way. Excitingly stressful. I don’t mind googling restaurants, searching blogposts, cleaning up old memory cards and creating new long-flight playlists in a short amount of time. My whole body is pulsating with excitement. I’m going to NYC during halloween with my favorite person on this earth and I can’t believe it!

Weekend mornings are for snuggly dressing gowns, breakfast in bed and being lazy. After rushing about over the rest of the week, it feels good to stop for a while and catch my breath!


Weekends are the best!
Love the photography!!


Love this post! Weekends are such peaceful times, and are great for reflecting!


Hello, I just found your blog on Bloglovin and I fell in love with your photography! Amazing, really!
I love how cozy and warm are all the pictures, you’re very talented!

Indiellie | Bloglovin’

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