Weekend Do: Start A Photo Wall

This summer, I finally became the owner of one of those little Fujifilm instax mini cameras, and I may have gone a little “snap happy”. 

There’s nothing quite like having a picture appear the second after you take it. Frame the shot, press the button, and boom…a captured moment in time is now in the palm of your hand. Having any sort of Polaroid camera is a fun addition to a collection, and I love that it gives you the ability to possess an actual picture. Today, it seems like all of the photos I look at only exist digitally. They live on Instagram, Facebook, blogs…the idea of having a photo album to physically hold and flip through almost seems ancient. I’ve been shooting a lot more on my film camera recently, and getting the film developed and printed is a refreshing change.  The box where I was storing all my mini Polaroids and 4×6 prints finally filled up, so it was time to do something with all those photos.

polaroid box

I remembered back to the photo wall that my best friends and I made in college. We always took disposable cameras out with us, and over the course of a year, we had filled up an entire wall with 4×6 photos. Not only did it look awesome, but I always found myself staring at the wall, weaving my gaze from photo to photo, remembering all of the times we had captured. Without a doubt, that wall always brought with it a smile or a laugh.

I still live with one of those same gals from college now, but in a completely different place and time, and with a bunch of new friends surrounding us. We started building a photo wall in our living room this week, and it’s been so fun to piece together all of the pictures, and add in little things for company.

linds and wall

With photo walls, there is no right or wrong way to start. Gather your photos, a few trinkets…maybe some plants… and have at it!

dream catcher and photo

We used push pins, nails, and tack to secure everything to the wall.

film negative

Adding in postcards and film strip negatives can help fill up space and add in color. Trying to figure out where everything should go is like a puzzle…but a fun one.

hand and photos

As the photo wall grows, incorporating shelves is the next venture. I like that the mixed media adds character and dimension to the wall rather than just filling the entirety with photos. (Either way looks cool though!)


photo sideways wall

air plant

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, try starting a photo wall. It will tell 100 + stories, open up a window to your life, and add a little something special to any room.

photo wall pic

Have fun!

More decor inspiration from the BLDG 25 Blog. 

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9 years ago

Glad to see that I’m not the only one doing this kind of wall decorating. I’ve been taking down my old one and will be creating a new one using two walls and the corner to connect them together.

9 years ago

SUCH a fun idea, love the air plant and the dried flowers mixed in.


9 years ago

This is gorgeous, I love the use of objects in the wall to add different depths and textures. Very cool.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

I always pin up a bunch of my favorite necklaces with photobooth snaps next to them, but I think it’s time for the real deal. Polaroids are definitely way more fun but there’s even MORE magic when you actually have to go get your photos developed when shooting film!

xoxo Sara

9 years ago


9 years ago

So cute! I love all the different photo sizes. I also have a polaroid but feel like I may use it only on VERY special occasions…so I don’t use it all that often.


9 years ago

This is so awesome and such a great idea!! I have an old Polaroid camera that I got when I was around 10 years old..i begged my parents for it and I still have it. I need to pull it out, dust it off and find some film to use it lol..

9 years ago

YES! this is happening at my new place :) love this jana!

9 years ago

I’ve been seeing this kind of decoration all around and I also have some pictures on my wall :)


9 years ago

This is a great idea, love how it looks! Going to have to start one with my polaroid pictures♡

♡ TotallyRoisín | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog ♡

9 years ago

I absolutely love love love this idea! Sometimes it’s overwhelming being the photographer within your friend group because I have so many photos lying around of us all and now I’m finally inspired to put them into proper use, beautifully placed on my new apartment walls! along with some cute airplants ;)

9 years ago

I’ve wanted to start a photo wall forever, or even an inspiration wall full of photos and quotes and crafty things. I think I’m gonna use Glue Dots when I finally do, since they’re all acid-free and photo safe and whatnot. :)


9 years ago

I think this is a great idea, but I saw one which I was more impress with that is in MRS MEASOM, BLOG..

9 years ago

Love your photo wall. I think that might be just the thing to fill up the space above my headboard! Thanks for the inspiration. Also, whatever this font is that is in your comment box – it’s fun!

9 years ago

I love photo walls. I actually have one of my own in my room as well. I love just staring at the pictures and remember the moments that led to a certain picture. I really like your tip of not just putting photos up but rather fill some space with other things as well! It looks lovely. I’ll try and cooperate something like this in mine as well!

9 years ago

Love it, the wall looks great!


9 years ago

Awesome idea, it looks so lovely ♡ i just wish i had one of those instant cameras

9 years ago

Love itt !!! what is the best way to stick the photos to the wall without them getting loose and falling off ? would bluetack be ok?

9 years ago

I have been thinking of making a photo wall at my home since quite a long time and now I am very sure that I want to do it. I’ll be celebrating a very big festival after few days so would need to do lots of decoration and this photo wall idea is so awesome! :)

9 years ago

I would love to do that!


9 years ago

Wow, this looks awesome! Can’t wait to try something like this for myself, maybe for my door? :)

9 years ago

Brilliant and creative way to use my photos without needing to frame them all. Thank you for this idea.


9 years ago

This looks amazing! I have a wall of Instax Wide photos but just today I was thinking that I wanted to take it down and do kind of a mixed photo wall with my photo booth pictures and some of my favourite Instax’s. I love the idea of adding plants in the midst of them!

erin // beingerin.com

9 years ago

Such a cute idea! I really want to start one of these now

9 years ago

wow, this looks so great; definitely something that i want to try! what do you use to stick the pictures to the wall?