3 Ways To Ring In The Holidays With Treasures and Travels

Treasures & Travels is a Vancouver-based lifestyle blog made up of three girls: Tegan, Lindsay, and Bethany; together, they share a love for creating and adventuring. Treasures & Travels began about two years ago and has since evolved into a space where beauty tutorials, style inspiration, DIY projects, recipes, and lots of other bits & pieces of their lives are shared on a daily basis. Find out how three of our our favorite FP Me girls love to ring in the holidays below!


I’m Bethany, 22, from White Rock, BC, a town near the ocean, just outside of Vancouver. I live in a very old house nestled in the woods with my husband, David, baby girl, Poppy Darling, and pup, Sid. I spend most of my time blogging, which results in days filled with photo shoots, hair tutorials, DIY projects, and lots of other fun ways we get to be creative. I’ve had a passion for donuts since before they were cool, love cooking, interiors, fashion, and finding my way to hot tropical beaches.


I’m Tegan, 26, from Vancouver, BC. Life is busy and exciting living in the city with my husband Daniel. I spend my weekends as a barista at an amazing cafe called Matchstick, and my weekdays are filled with blogging! I have always loved photography and videography; being creative has always been a huge part of me. I love California, taking long road trips with no agenda, and could eat tacos everyday. I love to write and sing with my husband, movie marathons, eating out, baking, and curling up with a cup of tea and a good book.


My name is Lindsay, I’m 23, and I live in Vancouver. It’s hard to pin where I live because every weekend I seem to be visiting friends or taking a last minute road trip to explore new places. I can’t stay put too long, and find I thrive and feel most inspired when I am on the road. I love picking up my guitar and collaborating musically with friends. You will most likely find me in a cafe writing or reading, or sitting in rowboats under the bridge — anywhere near the water. I would love to try scuba diving because it seems like the closest thing to feeling like an astronaut. I love space, anything luminescent, trinkets and everything that sparkles.

gingerbread decorating

A night of gingerbread house decorating and cocktails is our favorite holiday tradition as friends! The three of us and our close friends have come together every year and made a night out of eating too much candy and watching a classic holiday movie. Besides that, we have a few different traditions that are special to each of us:


three girls

Lindsay: Holiday Lights

linds road

As soon as November comes, I can’t help but get straight into the holiday spirit. It usually starts off with some sort of warm beverage and then I’m ready and excited for all holiday festivities!  I have such fond memories of cruising around town with my family in our mini van, warm beverage in hand, checking out all of the sparkling lights that light up the streets! All the houses are so beautiful, and it’s such a happy and magical time. The air is crisp and cold, the mountains are covered in snow, and the ponds are frozen and filled with ice skaters. Cruising around town gazing at the bright coloured lights and choosing your favourites, amidst all the other festivities is simply my favourite memory.

running in field


lindsay walking

Get the look: Feya Furry Loop Scarf, Lulu Lace Fit and Flare

Tegan: Picking Out a Tree


My favourite holiday tradition is cutting down the tree! Last year we lucked out and had the most magical day. It started snowing just as we drove outside of town toward the cutest little Christmas tree farm. It was on a Monday so no one was around — we had the whole place to ourselves. There were hundreds of trees, every kind imaginable and they were so beautiful and perfectly covered in the lightest sprinkle of snow. My husband and I were there with his family and we drank hot chocolate, ate shortbread, and sat around a wood fire in the snow. We took home a perfect miniature tree for our apartment and had the best day, hopefully we get snow again this year, fingers crossed!


white fur

running in field

Get the look: Night Out Dress, Cliffhanger Collar

Bethany: Ice Pond


The year my husband and I started dating, he was working at a garden store that sold fresh Christmas trees that smelled amazing. It was the type of store that kept carols on repeat, had too many decorations, served hot apple cider as you walked through the door, and had a train ride for kids that came chugging by every so often. It feels like such a magical place as soon as the season starts, and especially when you’re falling in love! Right across the street there is a huge pond that freezes over every year, and tons of local people come to gear up and play hockey on it every winter. It is the most picturesque Canadian moment when you drive by and see the low sun reflecting off the ice, making silhouettes of the hockey players skating around. That year, the town fenced it up worried about safety, but everyone felt it was their Canadian right to be able to play hockey (naturally) on the town’s favorite frozen pond. So, they hopped the fence and continued to protest the idea with signs. Luckily, they won. Now every winter my husband and I go back, look at the christmas trees, drink cider, and watch people play hockey.




Get the look: Tribal Arrows Embellished Shift, Boyfriend’s Embrace Cardigan

all three girls

Thank you , ladies! Be sure to follow Treasures and Travels on FP Me and instagram, and visit their blog here!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Do share in the comments,we’d love to hear!

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Such a cute post! Love that white lace dress.

Ripped Jeans


I love blogs that have more than one creative mind to them! These girls all seem so amazing and I love how their different styles complement each other.

xoxo Sara


I am in love with Bethany’s white fluffy jacket! Where can I find that?!

Gorgeous women, photos, and dresses! I loved reading the descriptions of the holidays – I am so so excited!

Warm Regards,

LOVE that fuzzy coat!

Gorgeous girls, stunning friendship, beautiful dresses, timeless traditions.
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

could not be more excited about this feature, I love their blog!

Beautiful photos! Beautiful people! Love the shaggy white coat.


Picking out a Xmas tree has been a long held tradition in my boyfriends family and it has been an amazing experience to try to integrate our two families traditions together <3 Great post with beautiful photography !