DIY Planter With A Pair & A Spare

Flashback to our September catalog… full of women who are masters at their art; the influencers of our time who we all turn to for inspiration. One of those gals was Geneva, founder and author of the blog, A Pair & A Spare. She’s been a maker since she can remember, and decided to create a place where her craft, writing and photography could live together as one. The DIY section of her blog is more than impressive, and today we’re collaborating with Geneva to bring you all a fun DIY planter, handcrafted by the woman herself. All you need is a pair and a spare to get it done… have a look below!


Leather Planter  Step 1s

You need:

:Leather (feel free to use a similar fabric or vegan leather)


A multi-hole punch

2 button studs with long screws

One gold ring

A ruler

A potted plant

Leather Planter  Step 3sLeather Planter  Step 3s

On the back of your material, mark out 4 strips of 1.5cm wide x 65cm long pieces.

Leather Planter  Step 4s

Cut out your 4 long strips.

Leather Planter  Step 5s

Take your hole punch and punch a hole over the points you have marked.

Leather Planter  Step 7s

With the back side of the material facing up, lay the pieces out in a cross so that the holes match up and then add the screw.

Leather Planter  Step 9s

Cut a piece of material 1.5cm wide x 8cm long and mark  1cm from the edge on both ends and hole punch over the marked points. Then take your piece and fit it though the metal hoop.

Leather Planter  Step 12s

Create the same cross section on the other end of the strips of material and insert the screw through the holes.

Leather Planter  Step 13s

Slide the small piece of material and metal hoop under the cross section.

Leather Planter  Step 14s

Take both ends of the small pieces and wrap them over the cross section. Add the bolt to secure all the pieces together.


Place your potted plant in the center!

Leather Planter Final Steps  5s

There you go! Big thanks to Geneva from A Pair & A Spare!

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6 years ago

I am definitely going to make this!
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

6 years ago
6 years ago

Would love to make this! About how large is the potted plant?