Enchanted Rock

To enchant: to put someone or something under a spell. 

About an hour and a half west of Austin, through the vast open farmlands of Texas Hill Country, sits Enchanted Rock.  As you approach through a sea of greens and browns, the massive pink-hued dome emerges, almost as if not from this earth, but from another dimension entirely.  There are a number of legends surrounding the rock – native tribes from the area spoke of its spiritual powers, and some even believed it to be a portal to other worlds.  According to one legend, if you spend the night on the rock, you become invisible. Others believe it is haunted by ancient spirits who light fires on its peak at night. Whether you believe these legends or not, there is no denying that there is something magical about this place. While there I, of course, was compelled to take pictures, to capture its intriguing beauty.  But then I put the camera away and spent a good amount of time lying on the rock letting the sun beat down on my face as I soaked in the energy of the rock – a profound, almost tangible energy.  I truly believe that spending time alone with nature, is where the real magic of this world lies.

enchanted rock 15enchanted rock 4enchanted rock 2

enchanted rock 7enchanted rock 3enchanted rock 12enchanted rock 8enchanted rock 9enchanted rock 14enchanted rock 10enchanted rock 5

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“I truly believe that spending time alone with nature, is where the real magic of this world lies.”
^^I agree with this statement with all my heart. And the Roald Dahl quote is such a goodie. Great post.

Beautiful photo!
I want to go there!!!


I climbed to the top of Enchanted Rock a month or so ago, so this post really stirred up my passion for nature. I also blogged about it! It’s an experience every soul should have!


This looks like such a fun time, and I love that quote by Roald Dahl.
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

The Enchanted Rock reminds me of my favorite book, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli.
Wonderful reminder (quote) by Roald Dahl!


barbara trenoff

went many times over the years love it , thank you for the beautiful pictures . Enjoyed my visit