FP Me Stylist Of The Week: Loveyouduh

Loveyouduh… that’s all I knew of Kris Sugatan before this very post. Her unique username stood out on the pages of FP Me style pics, which matched up just perfectly to her pictures. I’m not exactly sure of the correct definition, but for me, it means exactly what I think every time I see one of her images…’Lovethisyes.’

In the depths of the woods or on the dock of a lake, Kris finds the spots that make her feel at home. She refers to Mother Nature as her “bffl”, which you’ll soon know as you read more about this girl, who I must say has quite a unique and alluring way of the written word. It’s captivating, much like herself and her blog, LoveYouDuh. There’s lots of style blogs out there,  but every now and then, I’ll stumble upon one that instantly has me clicking “bookmark”. They’re the ones that are simplistic in design, aspirational, and display images that give me the urge to go out and capture a scene of my own. LoveYouDuh embodies all of the above, and Kris is the mastermind and face behind it. Everyone, meet Kris Sugatan.

sitting on bench

Get the look: Mind and Matter Over the Knee Boot,  Oversized Ruched Sleeve Long Shirt

Where do you currently live? What’s your favorite part about your surroundings?

I’m in Ithaca, NY. It’s a mix of college town, hippie town, and small town. All built on the most beauteous landscape, so basically, it’s a weird space & I love it.

kris dock

What have you learned about yourself since starting a blog?

That ‘giving style’ to one’s character is a great & rare art. It is exercised by those who see all the strengths & weaknesses of their own natures and then comprehend them in an artistic plan until everything appears as art and reason, and even weakness delights the eye. P.S. that is Nietzsche.


Get the look: Hooded Leather Biker Jacket, Vegan Leather Skinny, Shine Time Cami, Casey Loafer

Where are some of your favorite places to shoot?

In front of this rad chick, Mother Nature. She is wild & we clicked from the beginning.

kris sitting

Get the look: Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip

What are three blogs that you religiously read?

Creatures of Comfort

Electric Gecko

& Free People’s video blog on YouTube (I lauuuuhhvee it so much!)

They satisfy the different aspects of the intellectual me’s.

style dock shot

When not blogging, what else could we find you doing?

Werk ‘slaves me 55 hours/week but when not that, either I hoard words, noise, stories, philosophies, experiences, people, expressions, and coffee.

kris woods

kris  dock13

Get the look: Big on Comfort Sweater Jacket, Oversized Ruched Sleeve Long Shirt, Owen Relaxed Straight Leg, Malene Wedge

When it comes to dressing, are there any rules you follow? How would you describe your personal style?

No rules. Just always experimenting. Always expressing. & always @ play.

kris pink dress

What are three things you can’t live without?

This freedom to create in such an open space (the interwebs), my bffl Mother Nature, & my gangly & nimble limbs. My monkey arms & giraffe legs have proven useful when climbing things I shouldn’t be climbing & jumping off things I shouldn’t be jumping off of.

dock and plaid

Music… any songs that you can’t seem to stop listening to at the moment?

Clams Casino “Angel” & Gypsy Death Star “Throwing Hail Marys”. The latter has been on epidemic repeat for the last, like, 2.5 years & I picked it up from a Free People video. The texture of it all! I swear I came away a different girl because of song and video. The best double whammy.

inside shot

dock and plaid

Get the look: Plaid Explosion Buttondown, Mind and Matter Over the Knee Boot, Wrapped Up On You Bodysuit

What’s one thing you are willing to share with us that a stranger walking down the street wouldn’t be able tell about you?

That I am just like you. Broken in the best way.


What does being ‘free’ mean to you?

2 things. 1. Youreadingthis&somehowlikingit. 2. To love, love, love.

final shot

Get the look:  Oversized Ruched Sleeve Long ShirtHooded Leather Biker Jacket, Bandit Denim Cutoffs

It was a pleasure, Kris! Follow her on FP Me and Instagram, and check out her blog here!
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8 years ago

Wow! She is gorgeous with AMAZING style! Loving the Trapeze slip with the thigh high stockings and ankle boots look! Inspo for sure.

Gypsy Plunder Vintage

8 years ago

Thanks for introducing her! What a fabulous outlook she has.


8 years ago

Such an amazing personal style, those boots are incredible!


8 years ago

Gorgeous! I love her tattoo- and the description of a blogger as an artist with a giving nature. Amazing. Her style is stunning.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

The 2nd to last photo showing her chest tattoo is sick. I love that FP style can turn bikerish. My fav outfit combination yet.


8 years ago

She has such a great sense of style!
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

8 years ago

She’s got killer style and a natural beauty.

8 years ago
8 years ago

Her style is literally perfection! I find so much inspiration in these types of posts!


8 years ago

Can we just talk about what a unique spirit this girl is?

Shop: http://etsy.com/shop/inabundle
Blog: http://thoughtdweller.blogspot.com/

8 years ago

love it! very pretty

8 years ago

eh, i think she’ll look better with maxis. tall people don’t look good with short stuff.

8 years ago

Love her style. Effortless & chic.

8 years ago

I am so glad you guys did a feature on her! I am such a fan of her style. It’s so laid back and cool. Love her style!