Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 10–16

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October 23–November 21

You’re a force to be reckoned with this week when your co-rulers Mars and Pluto come together in your mindset zone. You could get into a verbal conflict, perhaps fighting with a sibling or someone in your everyday environment. Don’t try to coerce anyone into agreeing with you, because you’re bound to come on too strong. If you make a concerted effort, you can channel this powerful energy and come up with a life-changing plan of action. Figure out what you can do to improve your health, job situation, habits, skills, productivity and schedule. A Venus-Saturn meetup in Scorpio may make you feel introverted or isolated. Use this sobering period for introspection, and try to define your worth and your wants as clearly as possible. Thankfully, Mercury in Scorpio is gelling with Neptune and Pluto, boosting your ability to express yourself with power, creativity and love. A clash between the Scorp sun and Jupiter in your ambition angle hints that your drive to make tons of personal progress now will need to be tempered at times if you’re attempting to fly too high too fast.



November 22–December 21

A potent Mars-Pluto pairing in your worth zone this week pushes you to channel a significant amount of energy into: doing something to change your financial situation; taking action that builds your confidence; getting rid of unnecessary possessions; or acting definitively in accord with your personal values and priorities. You may feel especially stubborn or touchy about what’s yours and what’s important to you. And since Mars is battling impulsive Uranus in your joy sector, you might get the urge to drop what you’re doing and amuse yourself with creativity, fun or romance instead. Try to maintain your focus, while giving yourself periodic breaks. You’re probably more withdrawn—and perhaps even lonely or blue—right now, with social Venus and restrictive Saturn coming together in your solitude house. Immediate gratification doesn’t seem to be in the cards, and you could decide to cut your losses in some way. Venus makes her grand entrance in your sign at week’s end, so this is a good time anyway to close the door on a past desire and clear the way for a new one.



December 22–January 19

You’ll be unstoppable thanks to a Mars-Pluto conjunction in your sign this week, and it’s up to you to make sure that’s a good thing. When these two planets come together, they generate a great deal of force, so avoid becoming too power-hungry, destructive or controlling. Channeling the energy into working hard for your own interests is completely appropriate; you simply need to stop short of bulldozing others. You’re capable of taking action to bring about significant personal change at this time. A Mars-Uranus scuffle hints at disruptive emotions, a sense of rootlessness or domestic discord pulling you off track. If you feel rebellious, opt for innovation over impulsivity. Don’t panic over the changes you can’t control; docus on constructive action. With Venus and Saturn meeting up in your network house, you’re aware of your commitment to friends or another group and could feel a chill in the air—perhaps because it’s challenging to get people together socially or you’re not feeling as supported as you’d like. Communication is essential to bridging the gap between you and others.

January 20–February 18

With Mars and Pluto meeting up in your subconscious zone this week, you need to be aware of their energy and harness it for constructive purposes. Keep a close eye on your own behavior; it’s very difficult to get a handle on planets when they’re in this house. You definitely want these heavyweights working for you, not against you. Strive to change an old pattern of behavior. Confront dark, painful emotions and transform them into personal power. Work behind the scenes on something that you’re passionate about. Watch what you say, because a Mars-Uranus battle is likely to manifest as impulsive, forceful words. You’re better off holding your tongue and making a note of the ideas and feelings that pop up. Venus and Saturn come together at the top of your chart, indicating how much you want to succeed and how much work it takes. You may experience a certain loneliness in your ambition or a feeling of “Is this all there is?” You’re reminded that you need to earn the recognition you covet—and when you finally know you deserve it, it’s especially sweet.



February 19–March 20

This week’s Mars-Pluto meetup in your group zone emphasizes the power of teamwork, friendship, professional networking, philanthropy, joining organizations related to your interests and goals, and developing new hopes and wishes. You can do something to move forward in one or more of these areas, especially if you focus your energy very deliberately and don’t try to control anyone but yourself. You could run into trouble with other people, and values, self-worth or money are possible contributing factors. But mental Mercury is clicking with Neptune in Pisces, so optimism and vision can smooth the rough spots. Your belief in the picture of the future you’ve painted in your head is driving the expansion of your everyday life. Get dead serious about what you want for yourself. Use sparks of tension as motivation rather than excuses for conflict or giving up. In the past five months, you may have put something on hold or gone deeper into your imagination, conceptualizing something but not acting on it. With Neptune turning direct, it’s time to take a dream off the shelf and breathe new life into it.



March 21–April 19

Your ambition could go into overdrive this week when dynamic Mars joins powerful Pluto in your goals angle. Use this surge of energy to work long and hard to achieve an objective, but be careful not to cross swords with an authority figure, as you’re liable to come on too strong. A Mars-Uranus run-in suggests you may become impatient or distracted and will be tempted to drop what you’re doing or veer off course. Stick with it. You’re capable of making significant headway now. Love, closeness or money will seem like a very big deal when valuable Venus meets up with serious Saturn in your sharing house. You’ll either feel a lack or it will sink in that these things take work and require commitment. Try confiding in someone. A conversation about emotions is likely to flow now. There may be a disconnect between your expectations of love, happiness, fulfillment and fun and the complex reality of a close relationship. Or you may not know how to meld your individuality with intimacy. It’s not supposed to be a breeze. Closeness is an intricate equation.



April 20–May 20

The commitment and work that close relationships entail hit home this week when Venus meets up with Saturn in your partnership angle. You may not be feeling the love from people, or you could feel rather restrained yourself. Sometimes this planetary combo indicates chilliness or even loneliness, but it can also bind people together, because it’s essentially reminding us that love is serious. With the sun in that same house clashing with excessive Jupiter, your heightened emotions could upset the balance between you and another person. Or your inner peace and confidence could be disrupted by someone else’s egoism. You might also get into a power struggle over beliefs and feel an urge to rebel or detach. Venus enters your sharing sector later in the week, coaxing you to invest in someone. Also, this is a great time to push yourself to expand your mind. You have the willpower now to work very hard on learning something challenging. Anything that exposes you to the unfamiliar, changes your perspective, requires a leap of faith, maybe even scares you a little—give it your all.



May 21–June 20

Two heavyweight planets come together in your depth house this week, intensifying an experience for you. Closeness and sex could feel especially powerful, even transformative. Or you may get to know someone who has a strong influence on you and changes you. You could have an overwhelming drive to do something and end up getting into a conflict with someone you’re—(consciously or unconsciously) trying to dominate in order to get your way. Don’t be surprised if others aren’t on the same page with you. If you’re working on something like a research project, this is an ideal time to focus all your energy on it and dig in. Detailed, in-depth thinking will be highly productive now. With Venus and Saturn meeting up in your efficiency zone, relationships with coworkers may feel strained, your enjoyment of your work could wane or you may not feel up to summoning the positive energy required for tackling tasks. This planetary pairing is reminding you to get serious about what you want—especially what you want your daily life to look like.



June 21–July 22

When feisty Mars and dominant Pluto collide in your relationship angle this week, tension could arise between you and others, and you might end up in a conflict. A positive use of this energy would be to get things out in the open between you and someone else. Clear the air and work through an issue together. If you do get into it with anyone, make sure it’s over something important. Don’t fight over stuff that ultimately doesn’t matter. If you’re getting along fine with people, this is a good time to partner up on a project and work diligently. You may have an impulse to change your objective or rebel against authority; don’t do anything drastic. A Venus-Saturn meetup may act as a bit of a killjoy now. You’re in the mood to enjoy life, but fun, romance and creativity suddenly seem harder. Pause and define your desire. What does happiness mean to you? Don’t withdraw from life. Examine your feelings and try to understand yourself better. Know what you want and be willing to work for it.



July 23–August 22

You can accomplish a lot this week, thanks to a Mars-Pluto collaboration in your productivity zone. Avoid bulldozing your colleagues and crossing your boss; work on your own if possible. An urge to break free and go somewhere else or at least get out of your routine is likely to distract you. Don’t drop what you’re doing, because you have the power to change your day-to-day reality now. If you work crazy hard at what you’re doing, it will make a difference. A Venus-Saturn meeting at the bottom of your chart suggests that an underlying feeling of doubt, insecurity or discontent could affect your mood. Look at what’s bothering you and try to get a firmer grip on what it is you feel you’re lacking. How can you correct this deficit? The sun in that same part of your chart is clashing with Jupiter in Leo, so it’s not easy to reconcile your boundless aspirations with the gravity of your private emotions. This is a good time to shed light on something from the past in order to move on from it and grow.



August 23–September 22

With verbal Mercury in sync with both unifying Neptune in your relationship angle and powerful Pluto in your heart sector this week, it looks like a good time to have a serious talk about feelings. Desirous Venus is also joining up with mature Saturn in your thinking-and-talking house, so try to get very clear in your mind about what you want before spelling it out. Own your feelings, and pay attention to how you express them. You may find it difficult to share, because Saturn tends to have a restrictive affect, but don’t get discouraged. The real point is to find your inner truth. What’s going on in your head probably has a lot to do with your unconscious expectations. Try bringing them to consciousness as much as possible so you can understand what you’re aiming for. A Mars-Pluto meeting in your fulfillment zone drives you to pursue what makes you happy with the full force of your will. Closeness is a bit erratic for you now, but you should feel free to boldly express your unique self regardless.



September 23–October 22

A meeting between Saturn and Venus in your worth house this week could play out a few different ways. You might experience a dip in your confidence, feeling like you’re not enough somehow. Or you might feel like you don’t have enough—enough money, possessions or talents perhaps. The upside of this planetary alignment is that it prompts you to define your value and prioritize what’s important to you. Stop and consider what you have going for you that no one can take away. Put coveting on hold for a moment and get clear on what you really want and what it will add to your life. How do your desires reflect your values? How hard are you willing to work to have what you want? A Mars-Pluto confab at the bottom of your chart suggests emotionally driven behavior that could disrupt a relationship or your home life if you don’t get a handle on your feelings and channel them constructively. This is a good time to do intensive work on your living space or on an emotional issue from the past.


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7 years ago

“Closeness is an intricate equation.” Love this.

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

That matador hat is so pretty. Love A t o X, too. Awesome round up!

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

i will have a great week, i just have to work hard :)

xx Cecil //

7 years ago

love just how on point my horoscopes always are!!

xo alexus

7 years ago

Wow. I am amazed at the accuracy of my horoscope this week. I really needed to read that right now. Time to make some lists and keep on the path to enlightenment. Thanks for sharing. xo

7 years ago

well this is just a close as possible to my life situation right now…
i will try to follow these advises =) thx

7 years ago

is the November calendar up? Did I miss it?