Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 17–23

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October 23–November 21

You’ll need to adjust your thinking this week when Mercury disagrees with Uranus and Jupiter in your work and ambition houses. Your daily life may not look like you want it to yet, and you may not be making quite as much progress in your career as you’d like. Be careful how you speak to coworkers and bosses, especially if you’re frustrated. Merc is collaborating with Mars in your mindset zone, so the best thing you can do is walk your talk. A sun-Saturn rendezvous demands that you concentrate your energy on whatever you know you must do; you’ll probably experience this as a pressing need to get it together. If you’re feeling dispirited and isolated, focus on working, organizing and planning—and be sure to get enough rest. Soon after the sun leaves Scorpio, a new moon in your worth sector prompts you to zero in on finances, talents, self-esteem, possessions, values and priorities. Resolve to turn over a new leaf in one or more of these areas, and try to be pragmatic about needs and wants.



November 22–December 21

Your intuition may differ from your conscious beliefs this week when Mercury in your subliminal sector battles your ruling planet Jupiter in your perspective house. Your outlook could shift a bit as a result. Your instincts will probably be accurate when it comes to finances, possessions, values, talents or priorities, so you’d do well to follow them. However, it won’t be easy to get clear on what you want, due to Venus in Sag clashing with murky Neptune in your emotions angle. If you’re confused, it might be best to keep contemplating what you want to draw in. The sun and Saturn are rendezvousing in the last house of your chart, emphasizing closure of some sort. You’ll probably feel depleted early in the week and will need some downtime to recharge your battery. When the sun blazes into your sign, followed by a new moon, you’re gifted with a revitalizing fresh start. This is an excellent time to reinvent your image and set a new course for the year ahead. Happy birthday!



December 22–January 19

Your communication with friends or a group—or your attitude toward them—could hit some bumps this week when Mercury in your network zone quarrels with Uranus in your emotions angle and Jupiter in your sharing sector. Feelings that erupt suddenly or your expectations of others could be the root cause. Fortunately, Mercury is cooperating with Mars in Capricorn, so you can make things right by aligning your words, thoughts and actions. Do what you say you’ll do, and act in accord with others’ interests as well as your own. When the sun conjoins Saturn, try to blend your ego’s natural drive with the responsibility you have to people who support you and collaborate with you. Your unconscious needs and desires are highlighted when the new moon lands in the last house of your chart. Honor your need for tranquility by retreating from the world for a bit. Commit to releasing something from your life, beginning a new spiritual practice or becoming more aware of the unity of all living things.



January 20–February 18

Communicating with an authority figure, expressing your ambitions or thinking about goals could be tricky this week, due to Mercury’s skirmishes with Uranus and Jupiter. Quirky ideas may not go over well, or your expectations of others may not be met. Work behind the scenes and try to be conscious of self-defeating behavior. You may need to finish something up in the next few weeks and would do well to focus on that. With the sun and Saturn coming together in your ambition angle, ego gratification in your career is hard to come by, as much as you’re driven to shine now. Take yourself seriously, know your capabilities and be willing to take on responsibility. If you don’t have much energy, decide what’s most important and what can wait. The new moon in your hopes-and-humanity sector calls for you to set a fresh objective, join a group, make new contacts and friends, launch a philanthropic endeavor or review your bucket list. In doing so, you’ll need to get past a lack of clarity about your worth, finances or resources.



February 19–March 20

Learning and travel are apt to conflict with finances and your workload when Mercury in your education-and-journeys house spars with Uranus in your worth zone and Jupiter in your duties sector this week. You’ll probably need to tweak your thinking to accommodate the reality or your circumstances. Networking, philanthropy, teamwork, friends and going after new goals can inspire you to be more optimistic, thanks to a Mercury-Mars collaboration. A sun-Saturn meeting encourages you to maintain a mature perspective and continue to educate yourself about the world. If you’re fired up to take a trip, it will require some planning. Venus, the sun and the moon are gathering at the top of your chart, luring your attention to career and status. With all three of these planets clashing with Neptune in Pisces, it may seem like something about you is blocking your success but you can’t see what it is. Renew your commitment to your goals, and strive to understand how you’re perceived. What image do you project and how well does it serve your ambitions?



March 21–April 19

Mercury’s stressful encounters with Uranus and Jupiter this week imply that in-depth thinking, self-reflection and dialogue with someone close to you may feel too heavy at some point. You might need to step back for a minute, but don’t drop what was engaging you, because it’s likely to prove productive. Mental, psychological or verbal probing can help you make progress on a goal, but it requires you to temporarily sacrifice some freedom or independence. A sun-Saturn meeting has to do with commitment to another person, shared values, interdependence and trust. You might feel doubtful or negative now, but try not to focus too much on what you’re getting from someone else, because you may not be entirely clear on what you want to begin with. The new moon invites you to broaden your perspective. Your dissatisfaction with the status quo can spur you to travel and have new experiences soon. A vague spiritual yearning calls you to ponder this question: What do you need to believe?



April 20–May 20

Your instincts may not jibe with what someone’s saying this week, when Mercury in your others angle clashes with Uranus in your subconscious sector. One-on-one communication will be affected by your underlying emotional state or your personal growth. It’s important to listen and share information, because a conversation can inspire you to take action and perhaps fight for what you believe. With the sun and Saturn meeting up in your relationship angle, there’s a strong emphasis on working through issues with people and making sensible compromises. If you feel like someone is blocking or testing you, examine your role in the relationship and ask whether you’re being true to yourself. What are your responsibilities to yourself and to the other person? The new moon coaxes you to focus on the often-messy inner workings of relationships—and of your own psyche. You want to experience closeness, but must first understand your needs and desires better in order to clarify how you fit with others. Knowing who you are allows you to find the right people for you.



May 21–June 20

Detailed, methodical thinking paired with in-depth, focused work—and possibly partnership—should be a plus this week when Mercury gels with Mars. Merc is fighting with Uranus and Jupiter, so there are a few things to look out for. Avoid criticizing friends, and try not to let an opportunity to socialize interfere with duties. Also, be careful not to exaggerate, particularly with colleagues. If your the-sky’s-the-limit thinking clashes with current work or plans, don’t dwell on it. You need to adjust your mindset in order to be as productive as possible. A sun-Saturn rendezvous in your efficiency zone might drain you, and the best solution is to focus and conserve your energy rather than scattering it. This is a good reminder to take care of your body—the vehicle that carries you through life. A new moon encourages you to start a new relationship or redefine an existing one. If you feel like a particular one isn’t going anywhere, look at who you are in this relationship and what you need and want from it.



June 21–July 22

Self-expression, creativity, romance and play may be hampered by an authority figure, a career development, goals, confidence or finances this week when Mercury spars with Uranus and Jupiter. You’re inclined to speak from the heart and will probably need to adapt to the circumstances; try not to overstate your feelings. Fortunately, Mercury is harmonizing with Mars, so sincere communication can lead to working through an issue in a relationship. Forming a creative partnership is another distinct possibility. The sun and Saturn are coming together, pushing you to diligently carve out your identity like Michelangelo setting an angel free from marble. Finding time for love and fun isn’t easy now, but it’s important to make the effort. As the sun enters your efficiency house, your energy turns toward health, work, daily duties and self-improvement. The new moon here prompts you to launch a healthy habit, upgrade your skills, take on a new responsibility, get organized, beautify your workspace and make changes so it better suits your needs. Be realistic about what’s doable, so you set yourself up to succeed.



July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet the sun runs into restrictive Saturn at the bottom of your chart this week, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you feel tired and introspective. It would be a good idea to spend some time at home by yourself, organizing your place, sorting through your feelings and gathering your strength. Your emotional state or interactions with family could burst your bubble or push you to raise the stakes, due to a difficult angle between Mercury and Jupiter. Try not to overreact to tension. Staying centered in your thinking will allow you to execute a task with precision. You can’t beat the combo of a focused brain and a solid work ethic now, especially if you use past mistakes as teachers. Soon after the sun enters your fulfillment zone, it meets up with the moon, forming a new moon. Take this as your cue to get back out into the world and have some fun. A new romance, creative project or other source of joy and self-expression may be in the pipeline.



August 23–September 22

Mercury has quibbles with Uranus and Jupiter this week that may affect your mindset or interactions. Someone close to you could throw you for a loop with his or her behavior or your own unconscious hopes could come into play, impacting your thoughts and words. But Merc is syncing with Mars, hinting that penetrating thought and deep conversation will facilitate your pursuit of love, happiness or creative fulfillment. A sun-Saturn meeting stresses the importance of realistic, structured thinking. You may feel rather discouraged; try to shine a light on what’s going on in your head and assess it objectively, without judgment. What you privately want could be influenced by idealization of another person or lack of clarity in a relationship. The new moon at the bottom of your chart encourages you to get in touch with your innermost feelings, needs and desires, without the confusion of factoring in someone else. Take the initiative to make yourself more comfortable or more secure—perhaps changing your living space somehow.



September 23–October 22

Communication about money, values or possessions could be problematic this week, with Mercury in your worth sector fighting off unpredictable Uranus and overblown Jupiter—both of which are in the social houses of your chart. If you want to avoid a conflict (and what Libra doesn’t?), don’t take a rigid position. Focus on thinking for yourself and perhaps deciding what to do about some stuff in your living space. This is a good time to assess what you can afford to do if you’re trying to alter your place in some way. A sun-Saturn meetup could help you face the reality of your finances or resources and get clear on your priorities. Your confidence may be low, as this planetary combo tends to place limits in the area where it occurs. But the new moon nudges you to change your attitude and figure out what questions to ask so you can make informed decisions. Be open to learning, even if it’s unclear how it will translate to your work or daily life.


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I have a busy and exhausting week ahead…

xx Cecil //

I am a Capricorn, and have definitely been experiencing some communication blocks with friends this week. Thanks for the insight.
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo


You’re horoscopes are always spot on. I’m a gemini and this totally has described my week so far to a T! Wish I’d read this sooner though and been more careful about some things. haha! Thanks again for your brilliant weekly horoscopes!
Brie xx