1. I use old wooden milk crates/wooden boxes. You can arrange a few of them against a wall and have a floating storage built in look. They are quite inexpensive too. I use them in several room and each time with a different purpose. I also love to layer crochet blankets and lace tablecloths…it just makes any space feel like home for me. Good luck!

  2. I use old wooden/milk crates. I stack them, or hang them in groups against the wall. I use them in several rooms for different purposes. In the kitchen they hold fruits and veggies. In the mudroom a catch all for shoes. Also great for nightstands they make great book shelves too. I also love layering crochet throws and blankets with vintage lace table cloths. The combination for me makes any place feel like home. Good luck!

  3. I love, love the photo wall. It gives an instant home-y effect that’s also artistic at the same time! And I do agree with the mantra: what’s inside should be a significant thing in your life. Awesome.

  4. I love how your gallery wall is so unique. The fact that it’s not just pictures but little sentimental things from travel makes it special. It’s an instant way to make your home feel cozy. If you need to expand your “closet” you can get another rack, put them side by side and then install a floating shelf above for your shoes. I love your space though…minimal and cozy!

  5. Love the wall idea :) I don’t live on my own or anything but my bedroom walls are pretty blank besides this awkward painting my brother left behind. I’ve been meaning to take it down but I just didn’t know what to put up. Now I do :) I think I’ll save money to get a polaroid so I can have little memories to put up

  6. I wish everyone could experience packing up a car and moving – or a cross-country move of sorts. Although I haven’t packed one car, I have moved cross country twice, and just knowing that you have to *pay to ship everything* is incentive enough to get rid of a LOT! When I moved from Philly/Brooklyn back to California in August, I got rid of e i g h t garbage bags of clothing. It was insane. I had only lived in NY for two years! I was so over what I had accumulated. But knowing that I was going back to CA was so freeing. I knew I wouldn’t need certain warm layers and frumpy coats. Time to start a new chapter with your favorite items in tow!

    Plants, greenery, succulents – so essential. It’s the first thing I want to buy when I move somewhere new. I love the breath of fresh life in your space, and watching them grow while you do. Love this post – again so excited for you! :-) Also turns out I’m moving back to SF soon, and will be adapting to a new exciting space of my own. Can’t wait <3

  7. Question — for your clothing rack, where did you find the hook to hang your necklaces on? I’ve been wanting to find one of those for my clothing rack so I can display my purses and scarves and have been out of luck!

    Also, in terms of decorating to make a space feel more like a home, I believe that curtains really bring warmth to the room and depending on the design you choose, it not only tells a story about how you should feel in the space, but it overall gives a room that pop of color or feeling of luxury it deserves.

  8. I like the idea that, if it does not matter, you should get rid of it. I definitely agree with the statement especially when it is about home interior, Empty wall are considered to be boring, but I think that sometimes it is much better than irrelevant decorations. Every detail should be deliberated and encounted,

  9. I find the ideas more than amazing! Thanks so much for sharing! The images are awesome! I can’t stop looking at them! Storage Stmarycray Ltd.

  10. I love the image of “If it doesn’t matter, get rid of it”. Did you create it? Would you mind if I used it on my blog with the appropriate attribution?

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