Into The Light

I reflect on change. On constants. On black and white, on color, on patterns and shapes. I wipe it all clean and start anew… holding to lessons learned and jumping high for those still on their way. Wash it out. White it out. Nothing but a clean slate for all of my tomorrow’s.

I see the nature in which I wake and in which I walk — those of my night dreams and those I dance with my day dreams.

I embrace my constant need for new smells and new sounds… sights unseen and music my body has yet to meet or greet. Days like these, I am hit with the tangible sight of abundant love I have around me. Comes no question of luck… for I made a promise to myself and the world around me, and this love I hold is life’s greatest gift to me.

So… with all the people that mean the world… that fill me with love and give me purpose in life’s doings… in the “this and that’s” of day to day… you that make my body, soul, and mind at peace in the whirlwinds of chaos and passion… thank you.  Let us all meet in the light of it all.

Into the Light we shall go….

Lauren FP 2 (CP)Get the look: Lace Apron Maxi, Rory Lace Ruana.

LAUREN FP 15 (CP)Get the look: Destroyed Relaxed Straight Leg, Cotton Boyfriend Shirt, Silk City Mid Boot.

Lauren FP 16 (CP)Get the look: Windows to the Soul Pullover.

Lauren FP 11 (CP)Get the look: Wool Slouchy Stripe Pullover, Lazy Lace Legging.

Lauren FP 5 (CP)

Lauren FP 6 (CP)Get the look: Victoria Button Front Maxi.

Lauren FP 13 (CP)Get the look: Free People Night Out Dress.

Lauren FP 9 (CP)

Model: Lauren Hastings @ Vision

photographer: Chrissy Piper

HMU: Emily Nickrent

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8 years ago

The nature is as beautiful as the girl in the photo. This is a brilliant post and thank you.


8 years ago

Wow! These photos are so magical and pretty! Can’t stop looking at them!

Valerie Randomness

8 years ago
8 years ago

Mmm the sweaters in these pics look so cozy comfy!

8 years ago

I love these photos her platinum blonde contrast with the outfit is great!


8 years ago

I love the contrast with her hair!


8 years ago

The poetic words perfectly match the poetry of the style and scenery. In love with this boho collection

8 years ago

Love! such gorgeous photos.

8 years ago

These photos are amazing and the clothes look so comfortable and beautiful. Where can I get the Jumper in the 4th Picture? xo

7 years ago

These photos are so lovely! Love all the outfits!