Make Mealtime Sacred

Nourishing our bodies is crucial to life; we physically could not exist without it. Yet, often it becomes a rushed activity. So rushed, in fact, that our minds tend to be elsewhere the entire time.

Busy lives certainly do not make it easy to stop, slow down, cook for ourselves, and enjoy the experience with every ounce of our being… but I’m trying to take steps to get myself there, and I challenge you to do the same. Today, let’s vow to make mealtime sacred. To indulge each one of our senses in such a beautiful experience.

To cook in a meditative way…  incense burning, soft tunes playing in the background as we rinse, chop, peel.

To use vibrant, earth-toned ingredients and gorgeously aromatic spices. Scents that soothe as they become stronger and stronger.

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To create a thoughtful space for meals to be eaten, whether at a table, on the floor, or even in bed. To arrange our favorite pillows and bring over our beloved plants. To coordinate printed ceramic plate with vintage wooden bowl… and that antique soup spoon that’s too beautiful to keep tucked away in a drawer.

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To pause.

To breathe.

To give thanks for everything it took to get this meal right here in front of us. To give thanks for everything it took for us to get here, right now.

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To exhale that all out, and just be, as we nourish not just our bodies, but our souls as well. After all, the energy we put into our food as we cook it and eat it is the same energy that then goes directly into our bodies. It becomes a part of us, both physically and mentally. Let’s do everything in our power to make that be the most positive energy we’re capable of creating. (Hint: That’s pretty freaking positive.)

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I think I need to take this further and also make an effort not to miss meals. I’m always missing breakfast which is a shame as I automatically start my day in a rushed mindset.

I adore this. I cooked on Monday and although it made me anxious to put everything else down it is a great way to stop thinking about myself and my to-do list. Love this post.

Warm Regards,


I always find cooking meditative and a way to slow down. I really like the added idea of creating a sense of place for each meal. Can’t wait to slow down and do this :)

For me, what’s even more important is enjoying the food itself. Concentrating solely on eating – no distractions, no TV watching, no talking. Chewing slowly and taking in the taste and smell of the food. Not forcing yourself to eat things you don´t actually like, just for the sake of a diet. Taking in all the culture behind the recipe and the ingredients, thinking about their stories and where did they originate.

I need to spend more time on preparing meals. I have IBS, which makes everything I eat extremely painful to digest, perhaps if I took more care on what I put into my body I would have a much more enjoyable meal time.
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

I love the very last idea you put out here, that we consume the energy we put in while we were making the food. That’s such a beautiful thought!
x Erin