Free People Presents: Nothing is Over with Oh Land

“Nothing is over”

In our latest short film, Nothing is Over, that haunting line is sung by the beautiful Nanna Øland Fabricius of Oh Land in a song of the same name. In the film, Fabricius plays a baker in Brooklyn, working in her shop over the holidays. As she goes about her work day, serving customers bundled up for the cold and meditatively baking up fresh batches of holiday treats, her thoughts flash back to a past love and the events that sent them down separate paths.

“Love lives here,” Fabricius sings, a reminder that nothing is ever, truly, over…

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Oh Land

Creative Direction: Free People
Actors: Nanna Øland Fabricius, Brett Robinson
Film Director: CMCM
Director of Photography: Carlos Veron
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Producer: Carl Walters
Color: Michael Rossiter
Songwriters: Nanna Øland Fabricius and Negin Dafari
Special Thanks: Kamaryn Potter

Be sure to check out ‘Nothing Is Over’ off Oh Land’s new album Earth Sick

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6 years ago

really beautiful song, and the video was gorgeously made.

6 years ago

Free people present a really sweet and beautiful song.
Nothing is Over by Oh Land, ; the girl in the video is sooooooooooooo endearing. Giving a personal touch ……

6 years ago

So great. I always love your music posts.

6 years ago

I really like the meaning behind the lyrics of the song and the video… wow, it’s amazing and all the light games are stunning :)

xx Cecil //

6 years ago

Gorgeous and haunting!

Warm Regards,

6 years ago

Gorgeous video! Everything is so bright and festive and beautiful, it’s lovely.

6 years ago

you know what would have been awesome… if she had walked away a strong and independent person that doesn’t need a man to by “whole”

6 years ago

I am loving that video! Gorgeously put together.
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

6 years ago

The video is so pretty and touching. I love it. Well done! Furthermore the entire Album “earth sick” by Oh Land is really brilliant!

6 years ago

The model is so pretty! loved that you used a model with short hair.

6 years ago

I usually don’t want to be the cynical one but…isn’t FP over doing this story of girl missing boy? Girl needs boy? Love and pretty clothes?The video is beautifully shooted but when I usually can abstract myself and just dive in the magic of fictional short cuts I just kept thinking that a baker would never cook at her place without an apron.

6 years ago

Your videos are always on point. Beautiful work.

6 years ago

I am not sure if others are having this issue, but the blog isnt updating on the mobile site. Latest post is Monday.

6 years ago

I’m having the same issue as Kat! Last update post is Monday Nov 3.

6 years ago


6 years ago

Where are the updates?!