Reminder: Exhale

Oftentimes, when the temperature drops, we have a tendency to hold.

We take a breath in, step out into the chilled air, and suddenly find every muscle in our body tightening in an attempt to shield us from the harshness that surrounds. We hold our breath in and simultaneously wish away what’s happening right here, right now. We don’t want the cold, no. We don’t even want to be here. Take us there, away from here. We want comfort… right now.

But just as what goes up must come down, what goes in is meant to come out. So let yourself breathe. Big, full breaths. Take it all in, and let every bit back out, because inside your body is not where that breath is meant to stay. It’s meant to flow freely, and so are you. Deeply in, and deeply out.

The cold may not be the most comfortable, no, but sometimes it’s about finding comfort in places of discomfort. Of letting it go, releasing what’s being held, and surrendering to what just is. Let it go, my friend. Let yourself exhale. You might just find that comfort has been here all along.





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8 years ago

Love this! Just has a focused discussion on letting go – stuff’s heavy! The gif is so pretty.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Thank you for this, It’s really insightful for the holiday season that is upon us.


8 years ago

Your posts are always so on point Brigette, thank you for the constant inspiration! And you should totally do a ‘how to make a winter atmosphere’ post in your new home, it is delightful to follow your developing inspirations.
With love from Italy!

Don’t forget that exhaling in the cold makes you feel like a dragon! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

8 years ago

cool art and amazing advice. i really need to remember to do this.

8 years ago

this reminds me of when there’s something on my “to do list” that I really don’t want to do. When that happens it’s always good to just do it, to do the thing that I really don’t want to do, as soon as I can. Just breathe it in and address it, I guess. Whenever I do that, I realize that the “thing that I really didn’t want to do” really wasn’t “that bad”; it’s just my thoughts that made it that worse and worse. Once it’s done I can breathe more lightly and freer… perhaps that’s why this reminded me to do the things that I don’t want to do first…. thank you for your thought provoking post!

Best Wishes,

8 years ago

Some might think it’s funny or unnecessary to be reminded to breathe…..but im one of those people that find themselves holding my breath. So much so I am considering tattooing the word BREATHE on my body. Taking 3 deep breathes in the middle of your day will change your life… does mine every time i do it. THX

8 years ago

Really thought – provoking. Makes me question my perpetually tight shoulders and furrows on my forehead. I need to learn to exhale literally and figuratively!

8 years ago


8 years ago

Great post.
Body is a temple of my soul and breathing is a key of the temple.