Tis’ The Season To Appreciate: Amanda + Gus

This post comes from our NYC social media specialist, Joanna!

Last week we met Katrina and Jane, two best friends that have been an integral part of each other’s lives since they met in LA seven years ago.

Today, we meet Amanda and Gus.  As we shot them in Amanda’s cozy Brooklyn apartment, I couldn’t help but think of my best friend back home in California.  Watching them laugh over past stories and share new ones, I was brought back to a time when those moments were commonplace for us.  We now live a country apart: she in California, me in New York.  These two remind me that friendship is something to cherish and not take for granted.  It serves as a reminder to reach out to the people you love and tell them how much you appreciate them.  ‘Tis the season…


Amanda on Gus:

gus pic

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“It was over two years ago that I crossed paths with Gus. Her energy was infectious and she has the wildest of spirits.  I couldn’t help but be drawn in.  I knew she would be someone who would hold great meaning in my life.  Her steadfast dedication and passion for life continues to inspire me. She is a fighter and a beautiful mother.  I can rely on her for support and advice when times get tough.  I love our nights out on the town, endless chats and fun times with her adorable tiny son, Dallas. I give thanks for our friendship and can’t wait for the next adventure with my girl, Gus!”


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sparkly shirt

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Step To The Back Top

Gus on Amanda:


Je Taime Wideleg

“Why am I thankful for my friendship with Amanda?  Well, I had always heard so many great things about Amanda through mutual friends so I could not wait to meet her myself!  When we were finally introduced two years ago, I saw why everyone loved her so much. She is the most down to earth woman, not to mention has the coolest style. She exudes determination while being selflessly kind. I love her appreciation for good music – we first bonded over the likes of Willie Nelson and Neil Young. I cherish the moments we have spent together, listening to records and chatting for hours over wine.  My life would just simply not be the same without Amanda.”


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amanda and gus

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amanda and gus

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“There are friendships imprinted in our hearts that will never be diminished by time and distance.” – Dodinsky

Who are you thankful for this season?  Just leave a comment below, we would love to know!

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9 years ago

I love these friendship post you have been doing. Really makes me appreciate my best friend!
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

9 years ago

You have so good best friend!
Good Relationship. : )


9 years ago

Love these post & love her backless sequin top. Any information on where to purchase/similar? xo, J.

8 years ago

Love this post, i’m following them.

7 years ago

I like the post and you are beautiful.

7 years ago

Great I love this post

5 years ago

You have so good best friend!

5 years ago

Love this post, i’m following them.