Today’s Intention: Take Time To Experiment

When we first enter this world, and for a few years thereafter, we are scientists through and through.

Every moment brings a new opportunity for us to experiment. We experiment in the movements our bodies; the words formed by our mouths; the interactions we have with other humans, with nature; the simple act of placing one wooden block atop another.

But as we grow older, we grow a little wiser… or so we think. We realize that we no longer have to use trial and error. That when any question comes to mind, all we have to do is consult the best of the best – be it a guru of a friend, or the trusty World Wide Web.

Today, let’s remind ourselves that we are still those scientists. That we can discover newness; that which makes us feel alive… just by mixing a little bit of this and a little bit of that, again and again, until we have it just the way we like it. Because it’s not about the exact recipe that that chef really enjoys or the perfect concoction of essential oils that that beauty guru swears by. It’s about taking little bits of that information, mixing it up with our own preferences… and never forgetting to throw in a little bit of wonder. What if I just added a little bit of this…

So bust out that beaker and line up those test tubes. Roll up your sleeves and dive into whatever it is that has you wondering what if. Because no matter the outcome – whether you make a brilliant discovery or not – you’re giving yourself the great gift of experience. And that right there is more than any search engine can give.






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7 years ago

It is so important to continue to experiment and discover the new as we grow and age. Loved this!

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

Where did you get the little glass bottle with the cork on it in the last picture?