The Unspoken Benefit Of Exercise

Making the decision to switch from a somewhat sedentary to an active lifestyle can be a tough task to actually go through with… but the benefits may just be the best you’ve ever experienced.

A few months ago, after putting my health on the backburner for far too long, I decided that enough was enough. I realized that whatever was seemingly “in the way” of me regaining my health was just an illusion; that it was really all up to me. I was the one putting up those hurdles, and I needed to be the one to knock them back down.

Since then, I’ve totally altered my life, from the space in which I live to the pace at which I work; from the foods I eat to the ways I work my body. Exercising, of course, has been a huge part of that.

It’s not a hidden secret that working your body on the regular will bring you lots of positivity in the form of more strength, less fat, lowered stress levels, and a happy mindset. But there’s one thing that happened to me that really took me by surprise: Life just got easier.

I don’t mean easier in the sense that all of my responsibilities became a thing of the past… it’s more that everyday physical tasks seem to be accomplished with much more ease. I find myself feeling lighter and freer — almost as if I’m just floating around…

I always notice this after I get up from sitting on the floor – and, mind you, I always seem to be sitting on the floor. One moment I’m cross-legged, arms deep in a project. And then, without even a thought, I find myself standing on both feet, ready for what’s next. It’s a hard thing to explain, really. But exactly how I’ve gotten onto my feet is always a mystery to me, and it mesmerizes me every time.

There are other things I find myself doing, too – like sprinting to and from the mailbox every morning without a second thought, or running up two flights of stairs for no reason other than I just felt like it.

The more I exercise, the floatier life seems to become – and for that, I am so, so grateful.






Have any of you experienced something similar? I’d love to hear!

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I love a good long walk in the park or a long stretching session. It’s so true, it does make life seem floatier, that’s the perfect way to describe post-exercise feelings!

Very insightful post. Thanks for sharing!


awnaw did you photoshop them nikes.

Love this!
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

Thank you so much for reminding me of this! For me this is one of the best posts you ever wrote :) I remember when I started exercising everything became so easy. the daily tasks, someone would need something and I would offer myself to go out and get it (and love every oportunity to walk, run, jump), going out and dancing was so much fun, I had so much more energy! I stop my daily walks and my exercise routine: you made me remember how important it is! Thank you!

Wow you look incredible girl!


Brilliant and too true!!