Where The Wild Things Roam

We live in a world where all space is shared. The air we breathe, the ground we walk — it’s not just ours. Even the most desolate of places have some sort of permanent resident, it might just be that we can’t see them. They exist, silent and alert. They feel our footsteps shake the earth, and hear our voices float through the dense quiet.walking through leaves

To join them is a privilege. If we step kindly, they’ll let us in on all of their secrets.The forests, the oceans, the rivers, the mountains… these are the area codes of mother nature, and where the adventurer inside of us comes out to play.

You need a few things, of course: An open mind, the willingness to explore, and a couple of good friends by your side.

wild things stick

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Drive for miles, until the eye catches something in the distance that feels right. Figuring out how to get there is where the adventure begins. A map will only lead you to the known, and we’re here to discover the unknown. When the road ends, this is where our feet will pick us up.

wandering in trees

running in woods

Run through the leaves and over the hills. Tiptoe across the river that separates one bank from the next. Be like the lost boys, and trek on with no fear, and with the curiosity of the kid that still lives in all of us. Go to the places that our everyday lives don’t present all that often, and do the things that stir up the butterflies. Face the raw form of nature, and find the magic that exists in a world unbeknownst to others.

Go to where the wild things roam.





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Heirloom Mayan TravelerBlack Pearl Pants, Oversized and Plaid Boyfriend Shirt, Buffalo Nickel Leather Hat, Florence Cuff Beanie

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9 years ago

Beautiful shots!

Gypsy Plunder Vintage

9 years ago

Gorgeous post – photos and words. I want to go on a long weekend drive to Vermont this weekend!

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

This time of year is truly beautiful. Falls transcend to winter is lovesick and inspiring!



9 years ago

cashmere didnt even make the post! lol

9 years ago

These are stunning photos and very inspirational!
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

9 years ago

writing and photography – so good!

9 years ago

Right now I so badly wish I could teleport myself there! Magnificent post ^^

9 years ago

I really love this post, and the idea of traveling to the unknown as close as it might be.
Thanks for posting!


9 years ago

I love articles like this. simple things and outdoors!


9 years ago

Beautifully written, really like this post. Free people you never disappoint! :)


9 years ago

Absolutely breathtaking photos and writing.