On Discipline

Pictures and words once floated ’round our brains and out and (hopefully) in again… possibly scribbled down on the back of a hand or in a book or carefully executed on hand-stretched canvas for fear we could otherwise forget about them.

In many ways, fortunately, they can now be stashed forever in the halls of social media.

However fleeting or massive the moment, Instagram has become the wallet so many of us choose to house and share these images.

Nothing wrong with it – it’s technology, it’s advancement, it’s time.

Some of you may not really know anything different.

But something in my Self has changed with the onset of this want of immediate capture and display… why do I have this desperate need to have the BEST picture of FKA Twigs in my Instagram circle? Will my friends be able to tell that I zoomed in so that it looks like I’m in row 3 instead of 33?

Most of my waking time is spent looking through glass of some sort… my phone (which is also my wallet, my watch, my camera, my calculator, my bill-payer, my shopping mall, etc.), my computer, my tv.

I’ve chosen more often than not to stop looking.

Looking with my eyes.
Looking with my heart.
Looking with purpose.

How does one maintain the discipline of looking? And remembering? With your own eyes?




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8 years ago

It’s funny you mentioned getting the best picture of FKA Twigs… I have made a new policy to not take photos at concerts. More often that not, they are terrible quality, and everyone snap snapping away is distracting to the beautiful moment we are there to experience. Too much time is spent staring into a screen instead of appreciating life’s little bits. Let’s make it a trend!


8 years ago

Yes! I love this! It is wonderful to appreciate the magic & beauty that surrounds us….Just for us in that moment…..

8 years ago

I think a lot of people, including myself, rely too much on our phones (and the notes, photos and videos we take on them) to remember things. We forget to be present — using more of our phone’s memory than our brain’s memory. Maybe we have too much faith in technology, in our digital logs. Maybe we should put more stock in the power of our minds.

Dee | http://www.daundra.com/blog

8 years ago

It’s true that most of us want to capture the moment so they could have another picture on Instagram. I guess the moments where you don’t have the time to take your phone to take a picture are the ones staying with us.

Viewers Point
8 years ago

This is perfect! I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this same concept. I feel that most of us are guilty of being blinded in this way, and it’s better to acknowledge that fact then not! Thus, also changing our ways.