DIY Natural Holiday Garland With Terrain

Decorating has always been one of my favorite parts about the holidays. As soon as all the little white twinkling lights come out, they cast their warm glow over the streets, inviting the holiday cheer to flow forth.

The dressings on the outside of your home always take center stage, but we can’t forget about the inside. Inviting in woodsy scents like pine and cedar can make any space instantly welcoming and a garland is a great way to incorporate both, adding just the right amount of greenery to the already existing decor. On a recent trip to Terrain they showed me how to create their version of this holiday classic: a luscious, green garland that incorporates traditional trimmings and lights, as well as some unexpected living elements such as Tillandsia air plants and moss. Check out the DIY below to learn how to make one for yourself!

Tillandsia & Moss Garland

What You Need: 
Bind wire or floral wire
White lights
Air plants (Tillandsia)
Fresh greens (pine & cedar work great!)
Pine cones
+ Anything else you want to add in!

Tip: The best way to start making the garland is to find the place in your house where you are going to hang it and start building it in that very spot. Feel free to add in other things to the garland that work with your decor.


Step One: Cut a piece of twine that is slightly longer than the length you want your garland to be so you have a little extra to tie off.

lights on string

Step Two: Wrap the lights around the twine. (We used these!)

nail on wall

Step Three: Hammer in two nails to the wall so you have something to secure the twine to.


Step Four: Tie the twine around the nails so that it drapes down in the center.


Step Five: It’s best to start with the air plants. To secure them to the twine, you can use bind wire or floral wire. Twist the wire around the base of the plant, then secure it to the twine.

stick on twine

Step Six: This type of garland is all about layering. Once you have all the air plants situated, go back in and layer with moss and other textures and colors. Mix in little branches or other greens — anything you can find in your backyard, too!

plant and moss

add in greens

Step Seven: Add in pine or cedar trimmings for a pretty texture and scent!

pinecones nd moss


Step Eight: Add in some pine cones. Remember that when you are adding in these other textures to wrap the bind or floral wire around the base first, then attach it to the twine.


Step Nine: Keep adding and layering until you are satisfied with the look of your garland. Allowing some of the moss to drape down adds drama!

adding in pinecone

Step Ten: Voila! Happy Holidays!

finished garland

A big thanks to Terrain for their help with this DIY!

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8 years ago

Love the DIYs from Terrain! Keep sharing!

8 years ago

This looks so natural and beautiful! When I think about Christmas decoration I see in my mind something like this. Thanks a lot for sharing!

8 years ago

amazing idea!!!

8 years ago

You have such amazing ideas! I love them! It looks so natural and sweet! Love it! I will try to make something like this at my home!

8 years ago

Love that wood! I would love to see more pictures of the exterior