Easy Felted Wool Holiday Stockings

My favorite part of holiday gift giving has always been assembling (and receiving) the perfect stocking. When I was a child, I always anticipated receiving my stocking the most, the small tokens and gifts hidden inside more personal and meaningful than any lavish gift could ever be, each handmade vessel so carefully curated by my mother to speak to the personalities of me and my two siblings. Years and years later, my brother, sister and I have all grown and moved out of the house and the holiday has taken on a different meaning for us, but still the stockings remain (mostly because I refuse to give it up).

When my love and I first moved in together I made stockings for our first shared holiday, and we continue to exchange stockings every year, so today I’m sharing that project with you. These are incredibly simple to make and so easy to customize, if you don’t have a sewing machine, hot glue works just fine, too. Make some for friends and family and then fill them with tokens of your love.

Holiday Stocking

Holiday Stocking

Felted Wool Holiday Stockings

100% wool sweater (I found mine at the thrift store)
Needle & thread, hot glue, or sewing machine
Accessories (beads, fabric scraps, appliques, etc.)
Straight pins
Large sheet of paper

Holiday Stocking

To felt the sweater, which creates a sturdy fabric that supports heavier gifts, first wash your sweater in hot water and dry it with the dryer set on hot.

Once it’s felted, lay the sweater down on a flat surface with the front and back hem lined up at the bottom. Cut a stocking shape out of the piece of paper (I traced an old holiday stocking) and lay it flat over the sweater.

Holiday Stocking

Use the straight pins to pin the paper into place, being sure the sweater remains flat and the pins go through both sides of the fabric.

Holiday Stocking

Carefully cut out the stocking shape.

Holiday Stocking

Remove the paper and fold the hem of the sweater (which is now the top of the stocking) down flat and pin it into place. Continue to pin along the edges of the fabric to hold both pieces in place. Sew along the edges of the stocking leaving a 1/4-inch edge and the top open.

Holiday Stocking

Next, decide how you’ll decorate your stocking and pin the appliques into place (this stocking is one I had pre-felted). Use a needle and thread or hot glue to add patches, beads, and other trimmings — anything you want that will add a personal touch. Don’t forget to sew a loop of ribbon to the back edge to hang it from.

Holiday Stocking

Holiday Stocking

Fill your stockings with gifts that a friend or family member would love — I’ve got my eye on the Loose Leaf Teas, Smudge Sticks, and the Frida Flip Gloves.

Holiday Stocking

Check out more fun DIY ideas from the BLDG 25 blog.

+ Do you have any holiday traditions that you do each year? Be sure to share in the comments!

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6 years ago

so incredibly adorable!!!! I love textiles and fiber arts; this would be such a fun project to do since I could chose my favorite fabric samples in a custom creation! Thank you for sharing!

Happy Holidays!

6 years ago

Love this! Free People DIY’s are the best and the mixing up of different textures is so cute!

Emma xo // Wallflower Wardrobe

6 years ago

Precious! I love free people DIY posts. more more more please :D

6 years ago

Haha, am I missing something? Why does it go from the chunky knit fabric to felt in the next frame?

6 years ago

Can you do a tutorial on how to felt this stocking? I am not familiar with the technique! Thanks! <3

6 years ago

where did you find this fabric to appliqué?

so cute blanket i love it..!!!