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FP Holiday Philly4This is a time for celebration. A time to look back at the year and take stock, to gather together the ones you hold dear to revel in the magic of a season filled with light, love and happiness. Across the globe, everyone has their own festivities and traditions, and this week we’re paying homage to that with party ideas, recipes and DIYs brought straight from the source. From a low-key gathering with food and a photobooth in Philadelphia, to a modern take on timeless tradition in the UK, each city has it’s own way of ringing in the holidays. Together, we have all the inspiration you need to host a fresh, fun holiday gathering or New Year’s Eve party.

This past weekend, our team here in Philadelphia descended upon the Fishtown loft of FPChrissy for a relaxed night filled with incredible food, music, and — of course — a photobooth. Check out the pics below, and read on to learn how you can make an easy 5-minute centerpiece using vintage glass bottles and a gorgeous macrame photo backdrop:

FP Holiday Philly7

FP Holiday Philly1

FP Holiday Philly3


FP Holiday Philly2

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Holiday Macrame Backdrop Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


Wooden dowel (mine was a little less than 5ft.)

Rope/twine (I used twelve pieces, each 3 yards long)


Green trimmings

2 Nails



Pick a spot in your house where you are going to have the backdrop. A high, blank wall works best. Create a ledge for the dowel by hammering in two nails to the wall at an upward angle.

dowl and rope

Fold a piece of rope in half, then loop it around the dowl as seen above.


Do the same with the rest of the rope and space it out evenly on the dowl.

one knot

Start the macrame by making one row of basic knots.


The next row will consist of square knots. For a full macrame tutorial, check out this post here!


I alternated between two and three square knots on each row. It’s all about connecting the rope to form the basic diamond shape. Feel free to experiment with different types of knots!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

macrame wall ahnging

Continue to macrame the wall hanging until you are satisfied with the amount of rows you’ve made.



After you have the macrame part done, it’s time to add in some holiday touches.


I wrapped some little white lights around the dowl, then added in some green trimmings to the first two rows of knots. Simply weave the end of the trimming in-and-out of the knot.


Feel free to add in red berries or anything else festive!


I tied up some metallic gold painted eucalyptus to the ends of the dowl with twine. I like how much dimension and shine this adds to the backdrop!


There you go!


me and brig

Vintage Bottle & Pine Centerpiecebottles


Antique glass bottles

Pine & cedar cuttings


FP Holiday Philly14

Decide where you’ll place the centerpiece and arrange the bottles in a cluster. Uneven numbers and a variety of colors look lovely together.

FP Holiday Philly12

Encircle the cluster of bottles with cedar trimmings, which should curve nicely and create a deconstructed wreath.

FP Holiday Philly10

FP Holiday Philly9

Fill the bottles halfway with fresh water. Clip the pine and cedar cuttings to a few inches long, and begin placing them into the bottles. Try experimenting with different heights and combinations to get a look you like!

FP Holiday Philly8

Add a few sprigs of eucalyptus and any other cuttings.

+Do you have any festivites planned for the holidays? Be sure to share in the comments and stay tuned the rest of the week for more FP holiday party ideas!

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Happy Holidays from Philadelphia!

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8 years ago

Very dreamy! I absolutely love all of the green decor.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

that wall hanging is amazing! love all the details put into this post

8 years ago

amazing photos! they give inspiration:)


8 years ago

So lovely! I especially love the wall hanging, but was wondering how you have the lights up without a long distracting power cord hanging from it?

8 years ago

so pretty, love that macrame backdrop


8 years ago

So many great ideas!
bookmarking it for next year :)