FP Me Stylist Of The Week: Rievictoriaaoki

That smile is contagious, right?! This weeks FP Me stylist goes by the name of Rie, and that beaming grin in the above photo might as well sum her up: a happy, stylish dreamer who’s passionate about life, fashion, and most of all, dance. Born and raised in Japan, Rie has spent the past six years traveling back and forth from her home country to the states and after jumping around the east coast, she eventually found her US home Wilmington, Delaware. Moving around so much creates a lot of change, but there’s one thing in her life that remains consistent: for 17 years, she’s laced up her pink pointe shoes and has taken the stage as a ballerina. Take a look below at her beautiful style pics, and get to know a little bit more about what inspires this talented girl!


Get the Look: Fallon Dress

Where do you currently live and where else have you lived in your life?

So, people who I first meet always wonder what my nationality is, where do you think I’m from? I was born and raised in the sushi country… yes, I’m from Japan!

I’ve been back and forth from Japan to America for six years and I actually started officially living in the states about three years ago. I currently live in Wilmington, DE, but in the past six years I’ve lived in Washington DC, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Florida. Six years of travel took me all over the east coast!

black and white rie

Get the Look: Faithful Shaggy Jacket, Ebony Coin Layering Necklace

hanging out

Get the Look: Fray Pointelle Over the Knee Sock

Where are your favorite hangouts where you currently live?

When I’m lazy: My place. It’s so cozy and there is always somebody hanging. (And my dearest puppies!)

When I’m feeling a bit outgoing: A Delaware original café called ‘Brew Haha!’ Just between us, I have a secret menu item for you… If you are a milkshake lover (oh hey winter), get one with raspberry and hazelnut syrup added. Mmmmm!

When I’m super outgoing: Philly is the best place to hangout, especially with ladies! There are so many cafés, restaurants, antique stores and, of course, Free People!


Get the Look: Hyperion Midi, Obelisk Pendant, Draped in Plaid Shirt

Describe a typical day in the life of Rie.

I’m a professional ballerina and that’s how I live. So simply… ‘Eat, Dance, and Sleep’. (Ain’t it awesome?)


Get the Look: Loveland Thigh Hi Legwarmer, Star Crossed Tee

If you had to pick a character from a movie that was most similar to your personality, who would it be and why?

That’s a tough question! If I had to pick… it’s not a movie, but I totally understand how sensitive Lily from How I Met Your Mother is. I’d act like her if I had to make big decisions or meet something new and strange. Oh, and I have so many shoes too.

plaid and jacket

Get the Look: Would Have Been Crinkle Trouser, We the Free Every Girl Henley, Goleta Leather Baseball

How do you think your hobbies inspire your personal style?

I love going vintage hunting! I know many places here and there, and I feel like I’m in heaven every time I find another magical place. My style is super inspired by vintage materials and textures. It could be from an old trunk, fur rug, wall paper, leather chair… anything. “If I lived in a vintage store, I’d dress like this…”– this is how I think when I pick my outfit every morning!


Get the Look: Rib and Lace Turtleneck, Supreme Lace Skirt

How long have you been a dancer? What do you love most about dance?

I’ve been dancing ballet for 17 years. It’s my life! Sometimes it’s pretty rough though, because we have to put all our body weight on those pretty pink pointe shoes, which is a recipe for blisters. And of course we have to smile when playing a princess or fairy.

BUT, once you step on the stage, I forget the pain. How? The audience. My job is to give them a magical experience, and when they get my power, I always hear hundreds of hands clapping, people screaming, and I LOVE that moment. As a ballerina, that’s my joy!

If you have time, please take yourself to the theater in your town and treat yourself to watching The Nutcracker! It’s happening everywhere this time of year, including the show I’m in at the First State Ballet Theatre  this weekend! That’s the ballet company I work for at The Grand Opera House in Wilmington DE!


Get the Look: Loveland Thigh Hi LegwarmerStar Crossed Tee

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I’d have to say living my life another country. I see more places, more cultures and more outfit inspiration… I learn something new everyday and they go to the box in my head called ‘knowledge’.


If you were writing a book, what would it be called and what would it be about?

I’d write about two opposite ladies’ lives. One is an urban girl becoming a country hippie, and the other is a hippie becoming a city chick. They should meet each other at some point too :)

cute beanie

Get the Look: Sammy Raw Edge Kimono, Star Crossed Tee, Hi Lo Collar Pendant

Give us a taste of your favorite music.

I love chill, cozy, guitar solo music… I’m listening to some right now of course! And I have my own personal guitarist: my husband Eddie. <3


Get the Look: Fallon Dress

What Free People items are on your wish list for the holidays?

I honestly want to say “everything in every color”! But if I have to just pick a few… I’m really keeping my eyes on the Arabella Printed Maxi Skirt. Strong print maxi’s are a must for short ladies like me! I’d definitely wear it with a simple shirt tucked in to make myself look taller. Also, the Moderno Embellished Gloves are killer! The details are just so, so, so beautiful. Sigh.


Get the Look: Sammy Raw Edge Kimono

cute style pc

Get the Look: Faithful Shaggy Jacket, Radiance Crochet Dress, Caspian Tall Lace Up Boot

What does being ‘free’ mean to you?

I think ‘being free’ equals being yourself, and being yourself means making your own choices. Everything means something, so there shouldn’t be “right” or “wrong” for your choices. And what makes people more interesting is the difference we make in making those choices. I’m a producer, creator, designer and actor all at the same time in my life. Everyone should feel ‘free’ to build their own life, too.

rie final

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Photos: Graciela Torres , db Photography

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9 years ago

Gorgeous photos and outfits! Like always ;)

x Val // Valerie Randomness

9 years ago

Omg, she’s so beautiful ! Great post.


9 years ago

She really has a great idea for her potential book ! :)
Love her style of course… great post !
Love <3


9 years ago

I loved the interview, the photos, the outfits, everything! Including the idea for the book! I would certainly read it :)

Claudia, http://StyleChezMoi.com

9 years ago

So many gorgeous clothes, love love love the fallon dress.


9 years ago

Gorgeous and adorable! Love her in the fallon dress. :)
Gypsy Plunder Vintage

9 years ago

Love her photos in the fallon dress
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

9 years ago

I would definitely read her idea for a novel! Cute lady!

Warm Regards,