Home for the Holidays: What to Pack

For the past week or so, the topic of conversation around the Free People home office has been the same question…“When are you leaving for the holidays?

Yes, it seems we’re all bound for different destinations this year. Headed off on vacations, to visit far off family, or even just staying home and staying cozy. Jana, Aubrie and I are no different, we have our plane tickets, road maps, and cups of cocoa and holiday movies ready and waiting, and we couldn’t be more excited. But first, there’s the matter of what to pack. All of us, it seems, have the tendency to stuff our bags to the brim, even when we know that all we need are the essentials. So today, we’re sharing exactly that, the outfits we’re planning for our holiday trips home.

Whether you’re headed North, South, or just over the bridge, we wish you happy travels. Check out our looks below, and be sure to share your own holiday destination in the comments!

Julie – Maine

I feel lucky to be able to go home for both Thanksgiving and the Holidays this year, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to celebrate both with my families, and — knowing that I likely won’t be back until summer — I intend to make the most of it. While I’m sure I’ll have a couple of opportunities to dress up, my plans mainly include a bonfire or two and sports of the snow variety: snowboarding, snowshoeing, and *fingers crossed* some winter hiking. Besides utility, the main thing I keep in mind while assembling my outfits for a Northern excursion is: warmth. The last time I traveled home, 16 inches of snow fell in under 12 hours, and I’m hoping we get even more this time around, so heavy sweaters, a warm jacket, and lots of hats, mittens, and cozy socks are an absolute must. But before all that can happen, I first have to finish my holiday shopping! I’m looking forward to doing some vintage and thrift shopping with my mother before all of the festivities, and for a day spent wandering around Portland, I’ll be bundling up to stave off the frigid ocean air:

What to Pack

Pattern Fur Trim Coat, Chunky Cotton Cowl Neck, Lightweight Stretch Skinny, Jax Shearling Boot, Deco Drop Pendant, Turban Beanie

What to Pack

What to Pack

What to Pack

Jana – Florida

It’s crazy to think that I haven’t been home in an entire year! Time definitely flew by, but it saddens me that the place I grew up in is only somewhere I can visit on occasion now. I’m extremely excited to be back home in Clearwater, FL with my family for the holidays and to catch up with old friends. I’ll have to sneak in a couple last minute shopping trips for gifts, but other than that, beach time is my main priority. If I learned anything from my most recent trip to Puerto Rico, you really don’t need much when packing for a vacation under the sun. I tend to always over pack because I like to have “options”, but I realized I mostly wear the same couple things across the duration of my stay. Soft pants, breezy cover ups, and bathingsuits will be making up the contents of my suitcase. Rather than lugging a huge one through the airport filled with a lot of unnecessary items, I’m saving myself the hassle this trip and trying to only pack a carry-on. This might be extremely difficult for me, but a girl can try, right?

florida flat lay

Blue Bird Smocked Top, Printed Cropped Harem, Paige Platform Footbed, Canyonland Backpack, Champagne Sunglasses, Yilan Coin Collar

jana fit


Aubrie – New Jersey

Last year I spent the holidays wandering the globe and traveling to far-off destinations. Although traveling hits a certain note in my heart unlike any other, I’m actually quite happy to be taking a short drive into the small historic village in New Jersey where I grew up this holiday season. I’m planning on reliving cheerful memories with old friends and filling my belly with countless spiced gingerbread cookies. I want to truly savor the meaning of the holidays and fill my heart will all of that timeless joy!

I think at times I take for granted how close I live to home. I love the fact that when I see my family, it’s another warm “Hello again, how was your week?”,  instead of “Hey there, how was your year?” It’s comforting that we have such a close connection and we can share the holidays as a celebration of this closeness. We may be small but we are definitely fortunate to be a tight-knit, goofy group. In light of celebrating, each Christmas Eve instead of dressing in our glamorous holiday best, my family actually dresses down! We don comfy onesie pajamas and soft slippers while indulging in savory hot dogs and crisp french fries over classic holiday films. Our tradition may not be the healthiest, and definitely not traditional, but I love that it’s unique and memorable each time. Quirks are what make a family special and they certainly make time spent together much more amusing. This onesie/jumper ensemble will have me snuggled by the fire savoring every last bit of that unhealthy, unconventional Christmas Eve feast.

what to pack_ae3

Get the Look: All Nite Jumper, Marshmallow Cardigan, Vienna Slipper Sock, Charlie Cuff Beanie, Etched Metal Snowflake Ornament Set

what to pack_ae1

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Wonderful! It’s amazing how our lives are all so different and can take us in so many directions. I am jealous of those getting warm for the holidays – although nothing beats a New England Christmas and I’m sure I’d miss it.

Warm Regards,

Love your outfits! That chunky cotton cowl neck sweater is gorgeous!!
Gypsy Plunder Vintage

Julie I have headed home to Maine as well! Love all of these outfits.


So cozy! Reading this totally got me wishing I had on my warmest sweaters for the holiday weather.

Sounds like you guys are going to have a blast over the holidays! I also usually over pack when I go traveling but lately I’m experimenting with traveling light. Its actually sort of exciting to pack light, I feel more free and spontaneous when I do that.


Aubrie I love that your family has an “unconventional” tradition. It sounds like so much fun and way better than dressing up in outfits that soon become uncomfortable after stuffing yourself full of food.


Jana, I’m a Clearwater girl, too! Be sure and pack your favorite rain boots and umbrella with that cute outfit, we’re in for a “Florida snowstorm” this Christmas eve…

Nice post, Thanks for the post.

Great post thanks for sharing !