Island Time Awaits

This post comes from our blog intern, Aubrie!

The calm waves gently wash ashore, the sailboats smoothly glide across the sea, and the sun beams down upon the saturated green mountain ridges in the distance. Welcome to the islands, where life seems to move at its own laid back tempo. The Virgin Islands, located just east of Puerto Rico, present scenery that appears as if it were torn from the pages of a travel magazine. With picturesque marine life and succulent tropical flora, you’ll discover that the nature there is impeccably vibrant.

There’s a reason why you will find some of the most positive people living on the islands that are scattered throughout the Caribbean sea. Island life encourages relaxation, and these people have mastered the art of calmly savoring their time walking the earth, swimming in its waters, and basking in its sunlight. I’ve always felt a deep connection rooted within the principals of this island time. Why is it that we are always in a rush? We always need to go somewhere, rushing  through what might be some of the most beautiful parts of our day. There really is something to be said for appreciating time in a much slower sense. When I arrived in what is one of my number-one vacation spots, the steel drum music circulating throughout the airport inspired me to unwind and relax back into this unhurried pace. Throughout my week-long journey I was reminded of the significance of being easygoing at every moment. The change in pace had me rising each morning with positivity and happiness emanating from every inch of my body.

Take a peek into a true paradise below, where the lifestyle radiates what it truly means to chill out, take it easy, and enjoy life:



Click the playlist below to infuse your day with some of that warm island spirit wherever you may be:

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8 years ago

Love your photos! How did you shoot half above water and half underwater? It’s awesome :)

8 years ago

In the middle of the winter dreaming for summer… sigh*

8 years ago

I Love the Virgin Islands. There is something so incredibly enchanting about the sea and sky – it’s a magical shade of blue that you don’t see in any other place within the world. I remember when my fiance and I flew in at night on a small plane over the tiny glittering isles below, it was such a magical trip! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos!!!

8 years ago

Beautiful photos!!

Lots of hugs, A

8 years ago

Just posted my blog post on my travels to the US Virgin Islands! Hope you guys check it out.

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