Love What You Do: Bahgsu Jewels

“Manifest what you desire and see what happens.”

Wise words spoken by a wise woman, and in our opinion, there is no one more qualified to speak them. Bahgsu Jewels founder Madgi Del Moro dared to step outside the comfort of the every day, and what happened was more than anyone could hope for in one lifetime. Take a step into Madgi’s world through the video and interview below, and tell us in the comments what you hope to manifest in your life.

Bahgsu Jewels

Bahgsu Jewels

Tell me first: The story of finding out the moment you knew you wanted to do this as a living.

That moment happened the second I put on my first self-taught, hand made jewel. Such a magical experience to envision a design, learn the tools to create it with, and then fall in love with the outcome. It was an arm cuff made from hammered sterling silver with a pearl inlay. Super simple design, but taught me so much regarding the fundamentals of silversmithing. From that time on I knew creating jewels was the path for me.

How long did it take you to find your true calling?

Well it took me 27 years to take my first silversmithing class. But my love for jewelry began very young, as my mother was a vintage jewelry hound. My fondest memories of our time together revolve around strolling through flea markets and swap meets looking for the perfect jewel. I guess my life has not changed that much, because I still love searching for that perfect stone to create with.

Bahgsu Jewels

Have you always been an artist? Ever toyed with the other side of your brain?

I always wanted to be an artist, loved the idea of flowing through life getting inspired by this or that and then funneling that creativity into art. But I can’t draw, taking photos does not work for me and well, none of what I perceived to be standard artist ways called to me, so I focused on doing what I love the best — travel! I worked random jobs, such as passing out fliers on the streets of Barcelona and working in bars in London to fund my wanderlust. So yahhhh, I toyed with all sides of my personality until I found something that makes my heart sing!

While traveling in India you became very sick, can you tell me this story? What brought you back to health?

This solo journey through India was an invitation for me to explore, relax and tap back into my true essence. About two months in to this mind-opening, spirit-freeing escape, I fell ill with typhoid fever. After spending one week too long trapped in a 3rd world, filthy hospital hooked up to an IV, I had the choice to either retreat back home or continue to heal in India. I — thank the heavens — decided to nourish myself in India’s greatest natural wonder: the Himalayas. Released from the hospital and determined to stay, I made my way north and landed in Bahgsu (eventually, I would change the spelling of this town by switching the g & h, to create Bahgsu Jewels). Upon arriving, all I could see were mountain peaks covered in snow and lush green valleys. My first morning, with barely enough strength after the long train and bus ride, I climbed the hill that is the only paved street in town (not for cars though, for carts!), upon reaching the top I noticed a small hand painted wooden sign that read “silversmith school”. Perfect, I thought, while I regained my strength from the fever, I could make beautiful jewels to gift to friends and family. This craft drew me in and for over a month, I did nothing else but learn how to mold silver around stones and heal in so many ways. And many years later, I am still learning, healing and evolving, this passion supports me in ways that I could have never dreamed.

Bahgsu Jewels

Bahgsu Jewels

Is it hard to balance a business that started from love/passion and make it work financially? Doing what you love can sometimes turn your love into a task… how do you find that balance?

This balance for me is all about devotion. I chose this as my path… or actually it feels more like this path chose me, for I see no other way. Creating jewels makes me so happy, and happiness is everything. Working with the crystals has also deeply connected me to Mother Earth and I worship her. Being in nature and feeling the blessings from our natural surroundings is so important, for the gift of perspective happens. One realizes that family, friends, clean water, stable shelter and organic food are essential and all else fades away. Sure there are temptations galore but if you’re grounded to the earth, you are more inclined to buy only what you can afford and what makes you feel good. I don’t make jewelry so I can sell it to be rich, I make jewelry because I love to. Oh, and I gave myself an “easy out clause” when I started, so basically I would never ‘force’ myself to work. If I had a day where the creativity was not flowing, then I would simply walk away and try again tomorrow! I’m careful to not put too much pressure on myself to think of this blessing as a chore.

Bahgsu Jewels

Bahgsu Jewels

How did you meet your love Chris?

We meet in yoga. It was my first night back in California after another multiple month trip to India. I drove for seven hours straight, from my parent’s house in Tucson, AZ to my favorite donation yoga class. As soon as our eyes met I knew that this was pure and instant love.

You two are so magnetic… what are the most important reminders you feed yourself to maintain a loving healthy relationship?

We hold space for each other to truly be our own individual selves. Through this mentality communication and patience are key. I like to envision us as two strong and mighty rivers flowing on or own paths yet connecting at points, and our goal of reaching the ocean is in alignment. We are both water, yet have our own flow.

Bahgsu Jewels

Has being in loved changed you as an artist?

Yes. My design focus has always been to allow the stone to shine. However, through my connection to Chris and his artistic ways we started creating pieces that have stories written in the jewel’s design. For example, in our recent collaboration on the Medicine Wheel Cuff there are two beautiful moonstones, which satisfies me, but there is also a medicine wheel at the center with east-west-north-south inscribed inside, which satisfies us both. This cuff was created as an ode to our travels and as a reminder that there is no wrong direction.

Bahgsu Jewels

You live between Australia, Bali and LA… tell me your favorite aspects of each and how it feeds your creative soul?

I love Byron Bay, Australia. My sister lives there, so I have been visiting yearly since I was 20. For me, being there is all about connecting with community and family. There is a deeply activated group of humans that reside there and they are powerful and pure. I love immersing myself in the energy of Aussie nature, too. Because there is so much raw natural space, there are a lot of places to get lost and be truly care free.

I love Bali. It makes me feel alive. The culture, food, clothes… all of it is so different and truly awakens my five senses. The Balinese are incredible, giving people and I love supporting my staff. We do part of our production there (other half is in downtown LA) and so being in Bali is also about connecting with the crew. We have grown from a few silversmiths to over ten, and I love knowing that they are being taken care of and we are supportive of keeping their rich culture alive.

I love LA. This is where Chris’ family lives and being here is usually connected to days spent nesting at home and allowing for the inspiration from our travels to release. We design on the road, but it seems like being home in LA is so comfortable and safe that getting the designs on paper becomes super easy. Plus, my favorite way to pass along the jewels is face to face and the majority of our markets are here in California, making LA the perfect home-base.

Bahgsu Jewels

If you were to live anywhere in the world full time… where would that be?

Australia. She is queen.

Your greatest joy in creating Bahgsu Jewels?

Through passing along the majority of the jewels at farmers markets, I have been able to meet many incredible people. These friends were customers first but have evolved to be powerful people in my life and have allowed for so much joy!

Your belief in manifesting what you want…. you described your ideal partner, Chris… then found him… even the home you two have now… it seems to be a power of manifesting what you want… can you speak to this?

The power of manifestation has been around since the dawn of time. It is the belief system that is fueled from intention. Science is currently proving what monks living in the Himalayas learned thousands of years ago. This practice of dreaming of your ideal situation, writing it down, praying for it, etc. and then trusting the higher good will prevail can be life changing. Life is all about choice. That is what separates humans from everything else, right? We can make clear and distinctive choices. There is so much power within that. Think about it. Whatever it is you want, all you have to do is truly choose it. As we all know that is a lot harder than it seems, but once you commit to whatever it is that makes your heart sing, I believe there is only a matter of time before it is yours. Unless of course it is not in the best alignment of your path which is where the trusting part comes in, for if you don’t get what you want, then it simply means there is something even better in store. Which is exciting! Some people might not resonate with this mentality, which is fine, but when you break it all down you realize there is no reason not to at least try to manifest what you desire and see what happens.

Bahgsu Jewels

Favorite music or artist?

Bob Marley. He is king.

Your greatest dream? Paint a picture for the next 5 years….

Greatest dream is to continue traveling with my heart, Chris. We stay healthy and happy being good people, vibrating positive energy. We have healthy babies at the same time as our friends and we raise them together in a community, supporting each other on an organic farm beside the beach! Let the manifestations begin!

Greatest source of inspiration comes from…..?

Mother Nature of course. Her gifts are abundant and free.

Bahgsu Jewels

Bahgsu Jewels

5 of your favorite stones, their meanings and importance?

Chrysoprase. Stone of new beginnings. The stone that took my breath away the first time I saw it. Never forget that moment.

Black tourmaline. Stone of protection. Super powerful grounding stone, helps to ward off negative energy.

Moonstone. Stone of rhythm. Vibrates with feminine energy of the waxing and waning moon.

Turquoise. Stone of communication. Activates throat and heart chakras so one speaks what they feel and feels what they speak.

Crystal quartz. Stone of balance. Purifies, cleanses and stabilizes so one can feel and be activated to truth.

Bahgsu Jewels


Video directed by Michael Graham.

Be sure to check out our full selection of Bahgsu Jewels!

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9 years ago

Inspiring story. “We stay healthy and happy being good people, vibrating positive energy. ”
So positive and healthy mind!

9 years ago

Awesome interview! What an incredible story, dreamy design, lovely girl, and good read. Thank you!

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

I love the jewelry also.
Jewelry making is very attractive work.

9 years ago

Such a magical, beautiful couple with an inspiring story. Love abounds all around them.

9 years ago

I met Magdi at a festival and got some jewelry from her and they honestly are among my most favorite pieces ever — so magical and comfortable to wear every day. I love the inscriptions, beautiful and meaningful… Keep shining bright faery! xoxo

9 years ago

Always love your interviews Amy. The questions always are on point and get the reader to think about the same in their own lives. Thank you FP for another inspiring story.

9 years ago

That dress!!! She’s gorgeous!


9 years ago

Such beautiful words. I found this interview and the story of this couple so inspiring. Your jewelry is beautiful. I’ve just started learning about all the different stones and I loved the list of your favourites.

9 years ago

What lovely jewels. Living between Australia and Bali must be wonderful.
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

9 years ago

Madgi Del Moro…..You are one of the most beauty-full and magical humans I know.

You inspire me everyday, in the way everything you touch melts into a sparkling cosmic ball of love.

I love you! XOXOXOX

Jenny ekberg
9 years ago

Oh my goooooood! This is fantastic! I’m a jewellery maker too, with mainly fine silver and my style is kind of similar. Wish I lived close to you so we could meet. You are so talented and fabulous. Lots of love, jenny in Australia.

Jenny ekberg
9 years ago

Ps. Maybe I will see u in Byron some time. Going down every now and then. Do you sell your jewellery there? Xx

9 years ago

ahhhhh thank you so much for the love and beautiful words. we are beyond honored to be highlighted on this blog! so much love to you all. & Yes, Jenny, would love to see you in Byron! Currently my lady friend Chrystal ( @dawnwolfdreamer ) is selling the jewels at Byron Shire Markets every Sunday. Visit her there and in April/May every year we attend the markets as well! blessings xxx

9 years ago

very lovely interview! thanks for the post! very wise words, and very inspiring story of loving what you do for a living. beautiful jewels : )

9 years ago

This is SO inspiring. I have followed this company on Instagram for quite awhile. A big CONGRATS to you. Being featured on this blog is my life-long dream. I started my handmade jewelry business about five years ago. As I graduate college in May, I would love to take a trip somewhere where I will be able to find constant inspiration and really dig into my business and passions.

Instagram: @kacey royer
Shop: FoundWanderer–

9 years ago

Nice one, inspiring! And as the season of love is around the table, i’m wishing everyone Happy Valentine’s Day

8 years ago

I would love to be featured on the free people blog! I am a Los Angeles based Acupuncturist trying to spread the word about eastern medicine. I have a great passion for this medicine and hope to share it with as many people as I can. I love and embody the free people spirit in my style and my acupuncture practice. It would be an honor to be featured. Let me know if you are interested. : ) Here is my website:

8 years ago

Yay! So excited to see Madgi featured. She is the kindest living soul on the planet and is such an inspiration. By far the best person and comp I have ever worked for! Love her! ❤️✨✨

7 years ago

Awesome interview! What a fabulous story, dreamy design, lovely girl, and good read. Thank you!
Happy Valentines Day 2017