Make A Wish

This post comes from our Australia contributor, Bianca Boulden!

I know this sounds crazy, but have you ever thought about how the way you begin a new year sets the precedent for the next 365 days? Well, I have. For as long as I can remember I have always made a New Year’s wish, right at the stroke of midnight.

As the current year draws to a close, I take some time to sit down and reflect on the year that was, then send positive loving energy towards the year ahead. Think about what you have learned from the year, what challenges (big or small) you overcame and the fresh perspective you gained from those experiences.

I spend every New Year’s Eve beach-side, either at a house party, friend’s BBQ or some rooftop in Bondi Beach and just before it’s about to hit midnight I gather up my close girlfriends and run down to the beach. Racing toward the ocean, racing against the clock, my heart is always full of love with a hidden undertone of nostalgia as I reflect and get excited to begin the next chapter. We hit the beach, shoes off, hands held and smiles from ear to ear. Feet deep in the sand, water lapping at my knees, I close my eyes and breathe deep, soaking in the sounds of celebration all around me. The bang of fireworks as they twinkle and fall gracefully from the sky, the screaming, the dancing… the energy in the air envelopes my entire being as I cultivate this feeling to make my wish extra special.

make a wish 1

It’s then that I start to think about everything I have written down or thought previously about what I want my new year to look like. 2014 took a completely different turn, everything I wished for didn’t happen, everything I thought I wanted changed. I started my own business with my best friend Miann, moved to my favorite part of the world to chase a dream. This New Years Eve I will be in beautiful Byron Bay which I believe is one of the most sacred and powerful beaches in the world. I’ve heard stories from elders in the town about how the earth in the cliffs under the lighthouse is rich with crystals, and it’s this reason the bohemian beach-side town is so special and full of divine feminine energy.

makeawish2And it is that energy that I will channel with all my heart and soul as I make my wish for 2015.

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6 years ago

every New Years, I also always take stock in how far I’ve come and where I want to go in my journey through life. I try not to be too hard on myself since I can be somewhat perfectionist. but the thing that I always like to remind myself is that I can always chose differently. every day, every moment can be a New Years Day. I love that thought since sometimes I get caught up in judging myself too harshly when I review an entire year worth of decisions. Each day, each moment, I can begin fresh and anew. I love that.

Happy New Year!

6 years ago

NYE is super important to me too. I wrote a post on what I learned in 2014 and what I want to learn in 2015 – I think intentions are so important. I’ll be publishing a few more 2015 posts in the next and I look forward to reading more about FP’s resolutions and wishes :)

Warm Regards,

6 years ago

i love the idea of making a new year’s wish instead of a resolution… a little less pressure;-)