The Results: The Ultimate Holiday Playlist!

Well we’ve done it – we’ve compiled the ultimate holiday playlist, thanks to all of your submissions! I truly loved putting this together, it is such a beautiful mix of classic holiday tunes and new discoveries, so perfect for this time of year.  Listen to the playlist below, and use it as a backdrop this season – whether you’re celebrating with friends or spending a quiet morning at home with a hot cup of tea while snowflakes drift by, outside frosty windowpanes.

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6 years ago

excellent, excellent playlist, thank you!! <3

6 years ago

If only I could listen to Christmas music all year round and get away with it! :)


6 years ago

such a wonderful mix! i especially love the nostalgic “Baby it’s Cold Outside” such an incredibly cute duet! Thank you for sharing!

6 years ago

What do I search in the rdio app to find this playlist?

6 years ago

AHHH… I love that you used both the songs I suggested :) Much love.
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

6 years ago

After downloading or opening the Rdio app search “Free People Holiday Mix” by Free People

6 years ago

ooh, i’m so excited to listen to this! i’m at work with music already playing, so i can’t wait to get home to check this out!

5 years ago

What an awesome playlist- it made our morning here :) (is it too early for Christmas tunes!?)

5 years ago

A year on since this was posted and I’m still enjoying it!