Shine A Light

The holidays are like no other time of year, the warmth of the season inviting us to celebrate those that surround us and bring light into our lives.Traditionally, this means giving and receiving tangible gifts, but there are so many ways to share your light and shine: a simple act of kindness, coffee with a dear friend, a handwritten letter… even an Instagram pic dedicated to someone who brings you — and those around you — joy.

To celebrate the holidays and this cheerful time of year, today we’re inviting you to share what — and who — shines light into your life. It could be a coworker, classmate, sibling, best friend or total stranger, we want to hear it. Between now and December 29th, simply upload a new pic to Instagram that tells your story, share a few sentences in the caption about why and how they shine a light, and hashtag the pic #FPShineALight. Our team will gather our top ten faves to share in a special blog post on January 1st.

To help get you inspired and feeling thankful, today we’re sharing our #FPShineALight moments. Check them out below, and then hop on over to Instagram to share yours!

Shine a Light

“My family is more scattered than it has ever been before, but somehow the distance has only drawn us nearer. Despite the fact that he moved across the country, this year I feel as though my brother and I — who are seven years apart in age and never quite saw eye to eye in the past — are closer than ever, the lines of communication finally free. Each time we talk on the phone or text, I’m excited to hear about his life in Oregon and the strides he’s making towards doing what he loves at home and at his job a terrain park builder. His persistence at pursuing his passion never ceases to inspire and bring light into my life. I’m thankful that he and I have each other to lean on and confide in, and I couldn’t be more proud of the person he’s become.” — Julie

Shine a Light

“I can’t help but feel a deep, unspoken connection when I stare into the warm golden eyes of my family’s Catahoula leopard dog, Sage. We rescued this lovable pup from an abusive home in Philadelphia almost a year ago this month, and over the past year, I have witnessed her demeanor slowly shift from skittish and timid to loyal and protective. She’s the kind of dog that never seems to grow tired of showing countless acts of affection. Not only do I feel so utterly grateful that we were able to save Sage from a life of turmoil, but also that she has been able to show our family so much reciprocal love and light. There is no doubt that within the past year, her constant acts of selfless love have bonded my mother, brother and I much closer as a family. She is my proof that to have the ability to shine a light in someone life’s is a beautiful thing, but when the act is mutual, it is simply remarkable.” — Aubrie


“My grandmother is one of those souls who brings comfort with her presence. She has a level of good-heartedness within her that is unmeasurable, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt so at home whenever I’m around her. Growing up, visiting her house in Pennsylvania was such a treat, but a rare one since we lived so far apart. No matter what, I could expect to learn something new with every visit. Whether it was a new card game, how to make the little crisscross pattern on her famous peanut butter cookies, or funny stories about my mom as a youth, I always looked forward to the teachings she passed on. To this day, the lessons in life, love and fun that she hands down are some of the most valuable, and I cherish them on every level. Her light is a contagious one, and it will forever be a shining path that I follow.” — Jana

Happy Holidays from all of us here at BLDG 25!

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7 years ago

So sweet! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas! :D

7 years ago

Thanks!! This post is beautiful :D Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

xx Cecil //

7 years ago

Love this idea! I look forward to reading the entries :) I just got a rescue dog and I was so touched by that entry.

Warm Regards,