Style Resolutions For The New Year From Our FP Me Stylists

A new year brings new goals… in life, love, adventure, work… and style. 

Over the course of 365 days, we grow in every way, as does our personal style.

The transformation may not have been a drastic one, but the way I dress now is definitely different from the way I dressed in the beginning of 2014. I used to layer myself in jewelry: Multiple necklaces, stacks of bracelets, a ring on every finger… I think I still do that, actually… it was a lot. Looking back, I realized that, over the past year, I’ve simplified the way I accessorize. Where I once had difficulty keeping track of it all and struggled to find places to store my jewelry, I now appreciate the saying, “less is more“. I have my staple pieces that I’ll switch out from time to time, which has actually helped me when getting ready for work in the morning. “Staying simple” is an intention that I’m bringing into 2015. It’s all about cherishing the pieces I love most and, most importantly, feel the best in.

To help get ready for the new year, we reached out to some of our favorite FP Me stylists that we turned to again and again in 2014 for style inspiration. From new goals to personal style resolutions, we wanted in on all of their upcoming wishes. See how they’re taking on 2015 below!

Kiki (mskeeks)


Get the Look: Border Print Bell Bottoms, World Traveller Pull Over

Embrace Separates

On most days I gravitate towards my wardrobe staples: Jewels + gems layered over my dress of choice, paired with my ride-or-die Pamela Love booties. It’s easy and chic, but most importantly – effortless. So for my first style resolution for the new year, I want to put more thought into styling separates. Experimenting with different colors, textures, prints and designs will open the door to endless styling possibilities.

to embrace separates

Get the Look: World Traveller Pull Over, Bandit Denim Cutoffs, Joe Lace Up Boot, Speckled Slouch Tall Sock, Ella Hat

Master the Art of Letting Go

This has been a long and steady process, but 2015 may just be the year I master the art of letting go. I have a tendency to talk myself into holding on to everything, even if it no longer fits or has yet to be worn. By cutting down the clutter, I can make space for new, truly beautiful things I love and more timeless, key pieces.

to accessorize

Get the Look: Annie Crystal CrownWorld Traveller Pull Over


Get the Look: Solid Knit Mixed Cargo Jacket, After Hours Lace Maxi, Capsule Slouchy Beanie, Gwen Leather Choker

Carissa Alvarado (CarissaAlvarado)


Get the Look: FP ONE Tie that Binds Blouse

Be More Daring

In 2015, I want to be more daring with my accessories. I generally like to keep it simple, but it’s time to make some changes… more statement necklaces and lots of rings!


Add Prints

In the new year, I plan to wear more prints. I would love to experiment with mixing different patterns together.


Get the Look: Washed Denim Overall, Solid Sleeveless Crop, Kingslee Backpack

Sarah Loven (sarahloven)

to bare a bit more

Inspire Others

This coming year, I want to use my personal style to inspire people to express themselves more freely. Through my blog I’ve learned that fashion is a great way to reach people. You can relate with one another and appreciate one’s personal style and self-expression. This connection is basically a doorway to endless possibilities. You can be a positive influence on people by sharing love and positivity, or set an example of healthy self-love and self-acceptance. When you accept and love yourself, it’s like a light shines from inside you. You’re more confident, and people notice that. What better way to capture their attention and spread that love than with style and self-acceptance?


Incorporate Wanderlust

I want to allow aspects of the different cultures I experience while traveling to inspire my style. I want to learn to better appreciate the beauty of my surroundings and the people I meet, and fashion is an outlet for expressing this. I love experiencing different cultures and seeing how an environment and region can influence a wardrobe.


Get the Look: Faithful Shaggy Jacket, Embellished Cami, Strappy Back Bra, In Bloom Bells

Chelsea Harmeyer (sloppyelegance)


Wear It All

One of my new year’s style resolutions is to make more of an effort to wear everything in my closet. I tend to go through periods of time where I have outfits on a rotation. My husband always comments “Oh you’re wearing your uniform.” So for the new year I plan on trying to wear the items in the rest of my closet that don’t seem to get as much love. I’m also making a rule that if I don’t wear something within a month its gone! This will help me purge the items that I’m sick of, so someone else can enjoy them!


Hunt for One-Of-A-Kind

My second new year’s style resolution is to hunt for more vintage and one of a kind pieces. One of my favorite things to do is go to flea markets and thrift stores. Finding those random treasures is such an exciting feeling. For 2015, I think I can really bring that ‘wow factor’ to my wardrobe with more vintage pieces to mix in with my everyday, go-to looks.


Get the Look: Heart of Gold Top, Moroccan Romance Belt,  Montana Wide Brim Hat

Maggie Emmerick (maggieemerick)


Be Laid Back

I really want to try taking a more laid-back approach when it comes to dressing: Loose shirts, or boyfriend fit bottoms with a tighter top. I’m excited to try it out!


Add Some Edge

I also want to experiment with more edgy styles, such as leather pants or shorts paired with a loose crop top or boyfriend-fit top. Edgy, cool and comfortable, all in one!

to add a touch of leather

Get the Look: Destroyed Ankle Skinny, Textured Lace TunicExtended Brim Clipperton, Scarlet Note Leather Biker Jacket

Alissa Aderer (missaliss)


Clear the Clutter

For the new year I’m resolving to cut down on clutter and stop hoarding the pieces that I never wear or have had since the ’90s. I also want to focus on investing in staple pieces that I can wear year round!



Dress Up

Dressing up more is another challenge I’m going to take on for 2015. I find myself spending most days in drop-crotch sweats and flannels, and while I love that style, I resolve to put a little more effort into looking dolled up!


Get the Look: FP Denim Cut Off Shorts, Deep V Waisted Tank, Oversized and Plaid Boyfriend Shirt

Cassi Ettman ( Cassij )

to layer up

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

This year, I want to start stepping outside of my comfort zone with an outfit at least once a week. If you can convince yourself you own your look, you can convince anyone you own it!

Experiment More

I also want to start messing around with my hair more often. Now that it’s getting longer, I want to really try something new and learn different hairstyles and techniques. I also want to use less heat, so my hair stays healthy and strong.


Get the Look: Velvet Solid Tank, Exaggerated Fringe Collar, FP Denim Cut Off ShortsJoe Lace Up Boot, Everyday Opaque Tight

Zoe Lazerson (zoelaz)



My first resolution is to have more of an inspirational personal style! I want people to look at my style, and not feel intimidated, but feel inspired.


Be Free

I also want my style to scream ‘free’. I love being chill, and I want people to see that.


Get the Look: Eyes Wide Open Tunic, Verona High Crown Hat

Kennedy Sterns (kennedydstearns)

to take it easy

Decorate & Dance

I will decorate my body in flowing fabrics and beautiful prints, then dance in every garment I own to watch the way it moves.


Embrace It All

I will embrace every style I love and try to wear each at least once a week. I will not define my style.


Get the Look: Slouchy Boyfriend Jacket, Rolled Crop Skinny, Everyday Distressed Boot

Amy (radioamy)


Have Fun

Have more fun with accessories. I tend to keep it simple with jewelry, shoes, bags, etc… so this coming year I’d like to make more of a statement with those pieces!

to keep it classic

Be Daring

Be a little more daring with colors and patterns. My current closet is very black and white… which I obviously love… but its time to mix it up a bit!


Get the Look: FP ONE Tie that Binds Blouse, Sueded Sateen Zipper Back Skinny, Up All Night Wedge Boot

+ What are your style resolutions for the new year?

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Love these thoughts! I love something between clear the clutter and wear it all – I have so much in my closet I do not wear, and I always reach for the same items over and over.

Warm Regards,

To invest in some nice, simple stacking rings and to buy more layering pieces. Also, to experiment with jeans. I know that sounds odd, but in 2014 I have been worn dresses pretty much every day, no matter where I’m going! I’d love to add something new into the mix.

xoxo Sara

I want this style.
Ethnic and beautiful fashion.
This is especially so attractive braided hair style.

I also love the idea of keeping it simple. In 2015 I want to get rid of as much stuff as I possibly can. It feels so incredibly freeing to get rid of all the excess stuff! There’s such an Incredible Elegance in Simplicity. So that’s my goal for 2015. To get rid of the stuff that doesn’t matter. I like to say “if in doubt, throw it out” … or recycle it is even better ….

To keep only the pieces I truly love and wear.
To continue to blend comfort with style.
To incorporate handmade as much as possible.
To be more mindful when shopping.
To pass on pieces I no longer enjoy.
To inspire other to just be themselves.

To keep only the pieces I truly love and wear.
To continue to blend comfort with style.
To incorporate handmade as much as possible.
To be more mindful when shopping.
To pass on pieces I no longer enjoy.
To inspire other to just be themselves.

This was such an interesting post to read – I love how everyone’s so different with often opposite goals ie: keeping it simple vs experimenting more etc.
I’ve been trying to work out mine and I’ve decided that though I enjoy experimenting and the idea of having a really interesting, intricate style, I’m really happiest when I keep it simple, so one of my resolutions is to stay true to my style and embrace it as opposed to trying to pull something off that I may like but isn’t really “me”. :)

Lauren xx

This is an amazing post. Loved it. Text and pictures.

Happy New Year !


Love all of the gorgeous hair!

I quite liked this post, althought the “inspire others” was a thorn in the eye of humility.

Um… Those boarder Print Bell Bottoms are amazing! So much inspiration in this post.