I Got Sunshine

Home is a familiar place. It’s one that brings comfort and a sense of safety.  The physical location of it may change from time to time, but the feeling that comes with it remains the same.

The memories of my childhood are bound together with grains of sand and salty water. They’re warm with rays of glittering sun, cool from the shade of silhouetted palms. My parents raised me a beach baby, and every time I have the chance to go back to that familiar bit of land on the west coast of Florida, my heart feels good.

I especially appreciate it more as my visits become more infrequent. The little things I did every day growing up have turned into special moments that I now cherish. Waking up in my childhood room, eating a home cooked meal with my family, spending time with old friends… It’s so good to have a couple days filled with just that.

Florida is my home, and no matter how far away life may take me, no feeling will ever compare to the one I get when I’m back on that peninsula. Little bits of my youth are sprinkled throughout the 727 area code, and this past week I was able to roam it once again. There’s nothing quite like a good holiday under the sun…







im on a boat





chillen on a boat

bait house

beach and mooon




palm trees

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  1. I lived in FL growing up too ,and loved it so much .I like you,dont get to go anymore .makes me sad .love it still .great memories

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