I Got Sunshine

Home is a familiar place. It’s one that brings comfort and a sense of safety.  The physical location of it may change from time to time, but the feeling that comes with it remains the same.

The memories of my childhood are bound together with grains of sand and salty water. They’re warm with rays of glittering sun, cool from the shade of silhouetted palms. My parents raised me a beach baby, and every time I have the chance to go back to that familiar bit of land on the west coast of Florida, my heart feels good.

I especially appreciate it more as my visits become more infrequent. The little things I did every day growing up have turned into special moments that I now cherish. Waking up in my childhood room, eating a home cooked meal with my family, spending time with old friends… It’s so good to have a couple days filled with just that.

Florida is my home, and no matter how far away life may take me, no feeling will ever compare to the one I get when I’m back on that peninsula. Little bits of my youth are sprinkled throughout the 727 area code, and this past week I was able to roam it once again. There’s nothing quite like a good holiday under the sun…







im on a boat





chillen on a boat

bait house

beach and mooon




palm trees

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9 years ago

Very pretty! I love the white pedi so much. Your description of home is so gorgeous – I hope you share it with your folks :)

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

Title <3 ;)
Love you!!

9 years ago

It’s amzing.

9 years ago

looks like a great place to be able to call home..


9 years ago

Love the creativity! Can’t wait for summer!!
Gypsy Plunder Vintage

9 years ago

Amazing photography! Looks like an endless summer.

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

Your photographs are absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing. There really is no place like home.


9 years ago

What a home. And your photography skills are just amazing.


9 years ago

I am so jealous of that sunshine right now! NorCal is having grey skies and drizzles at the moment.


9 years ago

Your gorgeous photos brightened up this dreary day in Washington, DC. So much love and beauty in your post for home.

9 years ago

Your gorgeous photos brightened up this dreary day in Washington DC. So much love in your post for home.

9 years ago

If you could spread a little of that beachy cheer to Lexington, we would love to have it. I want a beach Christmas someday.


9 years ago

I lived in FL growing up too ,and loved it so much .I like you,dont get to go anymore .makes me sad .love it still .great memories

9 years ago

What a beautiful description and story. Enjoy your time at home and thanks for reminding me there’s no place like home.


9 years ago

I grew up in a place nestled between the mountains and the sea. Anywhere with both makes me feel instantly at home! Natural beauty over many made anytime!


9 years ago

Wow these are such nice photographs. So nice to look at them when it has been snowing here like crazy the last days. I want summer back :D

Keep up the good work, xoxo Kemara


Love this pics…awesome creativity

wow pics are really great and cool to watch them by the way where they ra shot exactly?

9 years ago

These all images leave an impact to the viewers. Have you learned professional photography? Or you learned all the stuff your own. Share with us what’s way.

9 years ago

Beautiful pictures. There is nothing like the beaches of West Florida.

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8 years ago

There is nothing like the beache of West Florida. Simply Awesome!