Announcing Our Favorite #FPShineALight Entries!

A lot can happen in 365 days. We find love, embark on adventures, grow close, and move far… and when it’s all over, there’s a whole new set of days lying before us, a transitional time ripe with possibility, filled with light. Before we launch ourselves head first into this incredible, exciting, thrilling new year, we thought we’d take a little look back at what made 2014 special for you. 

Last week we asked you to share who (or what) made your life just a little bit brighter by tagging your Instagram pics with #FPShineALight. We loved combing through the hashtag and reading all of your inspiring stories, from tributes to the ones you love, to a favorite place or space. Today, our team has rounded up ten of our favorite snaps, check them out below and be sure to click through to scroll through all of the beautiful entries.

Shine A Light

“Looking back on the years I can’t help but be thankful for my beautiful best friend Hannah. Busy careers and geography have done their best to keep us apart but whether we are living around the block or around the globe, I am constantly inspired by her passion for life and indomitable romanticism. Hannah is the kind of person who lights a fire in your heart and everyone she meets can’t help but be drawn in. We can be away from each other for a week or a year, yet when I am with her I feel like no time has passed. Hannah is constantly uplifting everyone around her and would sooner say nothing than put anyone down. Your amazing light has ignited a fire in me Hannah, and I am eternally grateful.” – @Theresemeyer

Shine A Light

“This was our best year yet. we got married, moved into our first little home together and traveled. I’d like to think I’ve always been an adventurer, but you’ve brought that out in me more so than ever. 2015 holds our biggest adventure yet: moving across the U.S. away from all of our family. My hope is that we will grow together, explore together & love one another all the more. You’re the brightest little firefly in my jar. cheers to another great year & the beginning of an adventurous new year!” – @Sav.Wheatley

Shine A Light

“For me it is creating & the loved ones I have who support & encourage my work.” – @JasmineRebecca

Shine A Light

“My amazing daughter just got back from a 6 week mission/humanitarian trip to Calcutta, India. She worked hard to bring love and joy to the people there. Her courage, bravery, compassion and love shines naturally through her every day and she is a light to those who know her.” – @Lynnnestagram

Shine A Light

“My brightest light this Christmas are my love, my family who I miss so, my friends, and my cozy home” – @Nikki_Fishstix

Shine A Light

“I hope they always love each other this much… My light. ” – @Amberxtine

Shine A Light

“In my favorite place in the world, with my favorite people.” – @ADreamForAnInsomniac

Shine A Light

“I am spending the next week and a half in Honduras building a school for a local village. Seeing the members of this community and their children help out shines a light in me.” – @Katy.Sellers

Shine A Light

“I am so grateful for the beautiful, creative people who inspire me. I’m even more grateful that I can call them friends.” – @FieldNotes__

Shine A Light

“Just for now, I will sit with these thoughts, movements and flows inside my head that starts when you’re around. I will not question, I will listen. Just for now, I will create the space needed for less struggle and more ease, less guilt and more grace, less judgement and more joy. Just for now, I will enjoy this state of tremendous tranquility, calmness, serenity and the silence you bring out of me. And just for now, I will embrace the paradox.” – @Beebosnak

+ What brings light into your life? Please share with us in the comments!

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My work, My freediving(It brings me divine moments of my life!), Friends, Family, Dog, Music, Books, Travel..
There are so many wonderful things to bring my life shine!

This is wonderful. Love is truly all around us, I suppose.

Beautiful reflections – such a gorgeous way to welcome the new year :)

Warm Regards,

★ Over the moon to see my image here!! Thank you and wishing all a beautiful New Year ★

Gorgeous images!


Love the photography!!