How to Create a Cozy Sleeping Space

Sleep is a beautiful, wonderful thing. It’s essential for the healing of our bodies. A good night’s sleep feels incredible and one way to amplify this feeling is to create a sanctuary of a space in which to fall asleep… and one in which to wake come morning.

It’s a lot of fun to create a cozy space for sleeping – and you’ll notice a difference immediately. I like to call my sleeping area The Nook, and although I never, ever want to leave it, I always seem to wake up feeling refreshed and excited for the day ahead. Here are some ways to create a nook of your own.


Some spaces are cozy by nature, like the corner of a room or a spot with a low, angled ceiling. Placing your bed in a spot like this creates instant coziness. If that’s not possible for you, though, you can create a comfy area on your own by hanging curtains around your bed, almost like you’re in a tent. I also use just a mattress on the floor – no bed frame. To me, being close to the floor feels snug as well.


Pillows = coziness. And pillows with different textures = extra coziness. Crochet and velvet are my go-to textures. I also choose bedding in natural, earthy tones like moss green, mustard yellow, and pale blue.


Bringing in touches of real nature is another awesome way to create a sleeping sanctuary. I have plants in macramé hangers above the foot of my bed and a thick birch branch next to a big palm that hangs over the side of my bed. I always feel like I’m entering the jungle as I climb under the covers – and waking up among plants is even more magical.


Nothing induces relaxation quite like scents can. Surround your sleeping area with incense, perfume oils, and pillow sprays made of calming, grounding scents like lavender, sandalwood, and jasmine. I actually just got the Fat & The Moon Dreamweaver Mist as a gift, and I’m in love! Light a stick of incense, douse yourself with a bit of oil, and spritz your sleeping area before you get under the covers, and you’ll drift off into the most peaceful sleep in no time.

Finish off your space with some personal details, whether it’s a wall hanging you made or some photos of memories that make you smile. This is your space, and it should feel uniquely you.

And since you’ll be sleeping anyway, you might as well try out our favorite overnight beauty tips, and ways to help your face overnight!


Sleep well, babes.

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  1. I really adore this. I am currently a live in nanny staying in the family’s guest room, but I try to make my space my own. I really love the idea of pillows and earth tones. Last night I used essential oils and they seeped into my pillow, I felt like I was surrounded and it immediately calmed me.

    This is wonderful!
    xo Ashley

  2. A wonderful post! I agree-pillows, plants & pretty scents are a must for the perfect place to dream. I burn palo santo before bed in the colder months, during the warmer months, I use rose water &lavender oil at bedtime. I love these little rituals each night.

  3. This is the coziest room I’ve ever seen! I’m currently working on making my temporary living space more cozy – the coziest room I ever had was my dorm. It was tiny but it felt like a hidden burrow and I loved it.

    northern rustication

  4. I love this!! I’ve been trying to think of ways to make my bed super cozy without interfering with my husbands sleep with fancy things. But since he works nights I can always cozy it up and then clear it out for him in the mornings. We already have a super soft comforter and throws on the bed for extra warmth. I also just bought us some new pillows that fit each of our sleeping needs. Now I just need to pretty it up.

  5. I love Free People’s style! If there is anyone at your company responsible for buying pieces for the stores, I do a lot of boho inspired antique chairs that would be perfect!

  6. i diffuse lavender and rose oil at night and sleep with a sound machine to help drown out the noises of the street outside…it really helps me! this little sleeping area looks so cozy…i love the idea of bringing in some plants to your sleeping space!

  7. it is possible when your flats/apartments away from noise place. We all know that we want our flats with on the road but when we can not sleep at night that we think that what is profit while my home is on the road.

  8. This blog post was so perfect; it was sheer perfection. It felt dreamy and I just had to share the first bedroom pic. Brilliantly done this one. Really.

  9. This blog helps me so much oh my gosh. This is more than important and though I can’t make many changes just yet, I will remember this for future reference. Thank you!

  10. I think mattress is important thing for cozy bed. I prefer latex mattresses, they are comfortable and long-lasting as well. Also they have a unique temperature regulation system that ensures sleepers stay cool throughout the night, even if they are in a hot and humid environment. Here you can read more about latex mattresses and find the top 10 best variants!

  11. Incredible post. I like my bed to be at the corner and near the floor. At times I get a kick out of the chance to think about the floor.

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