How to De-Seed a Pomegranate

Pomegranates are a marvelous superfruit, filled with tons of beautiful things like antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium and much more. We’ve all had our share of pure pomegranate juice, and maybe even some pomegranate-filled healthy treats, but my question to you is: Have you ever eaten just a pomegranate?

Until today, I never had… simply because I had no idea how to remove those deliciously juicy seeds to begin with! As it turns out, deseeding a pomegranate is incredibly easy. All it takes are a few tools and a few seconds’ time.


Aside from the pomegranate in question, all you need is a bowl, a knife, and something with which to whack the seeds out of the fruit – I used a large wooden spoon.


First, make a cut along the center of the outside perimeter of the fruit – it only has to be a few millimeters deep. The key is to score the peel and some of the pulp without cutting into the seeds. Then, pry the fruit open.


Loosen the seeds by grabbing each half with both hands, and pulling outwards. Then, flip one half over (so the seeds face downward), hold it over the bowl, and whack it all over until the seeds fall into the bowl. Remove any piece of pulp that may have fallen in, and repeat with the other half of the fruit.


VOILA! Fresh pomegranate seeds for your enjoyment.


Here in the Northern Hemisphere, pomegranates are in season from about September through February, so go get your hands on one and try this out! Just be sure not do this on a white bed wearing a white top like I did. Some seeds may go flying… and they have a tendency to stain!


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8 years ago

Thank you for this lovely tutorial! I love the GIF too – so fun! Will definitely wear an apron ;)

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Great tip!
I always struggle with these and get sticky juice fingers.
Will definitely try it like this next time!

8 years ago

i just started buying whole pomegranates this year rather than buying the packages of seeds that are so expensive, and found this is the BEST way to get those little seeds out!!

8 years ago

that gif!

8 years ago

It looks like yum!!!
Good information♡

8 years ago

I use a wooden spoon instead! makes it easier to grip in my hand rather than a big bowl. just keep smacking it until all the seeds come out :)

8 years ago

^^i also like using a wooden spoon for this!
in an unrelated questions, do you have any recommendations for places to go/see on long island??

8 years ago

Helen — I’m not sure what kind of places you’re looking for, but I love the Planting Fields Arboretum when the weather’s nice, and Island Thrift is my favorite place to search for vintage gems! xo

8 years ago

another convenient way to deseed a pomegranate is this: cut the pomegranate the same way bridgette did in this tutorial. dunk the pomegranate underwater and use your hands to remove the seeds; the seeds will sink while the pulp floats. :)

8 years ago

I second the underwater version, so so easy and no juice splash!

8 years ago

There is just one big problem, how to make pomegranates taste good.

The taste is horrible!