DIY Woven Wall Art

I am the type of person who gets restless very easily. It’s hard for me to sit still, especially during things like long plane rides or movies. It helps if I have some sort of activity to keep me busy, and lately I’ve been experimenting with some woven wall art. Weaving is something that always intimidated me and seemed out of my range of artistic skills – but once you get the hang of it, it’s not so hard. While I’m certainly no expert, I’m excited to practice more and learn different types of stitches. Letting your mind wander while your hands work is so therapeutic.

The type of stitch I used for these wall hangings is similar to making a friendship bracelet. Have fun with it and experiment with different colors and patterns!

diy weaving

What you need:

A piece of cardboard to make the loom – I used the cardboard backing from a square frame, and later used the frame to hang the weaving.

String to make the loom

A needle

Yarn and additional string and thread in various colors and textures


diy weaving

To make the loom, simply wrap string around the cardboard to create rows as pictured.

diy weaving

Thread the first piece of yarn around the needle and wrap it under and around the first string on the loom, and then under the first two strings as pictured above. Pull upwards to create a knot around the first string. Repeat this step across the loom.

diy weaving

diy weaving

When you reach the last string, wrap the yarn around the back of the cardboard and start on the next row.  Keep going until you run out of yarn or feel like switching colors!

diy weaving

You can stop one color in the middle of the loom, and pull the remaining string through to one side.  Start a new color by tucking the yarn underneath the strings of the loom until you reach the one where you left off.

diy weaving

diy weaving

diy weaving

When you’re finished, there are a number of ways you can use the weavings. Place them back in their frames and hang them as wall art:

diy weaving

You can also cut them off of the cardboard (simply cut right down the middle of the strings in the back) and use them as coasters or little decorative mini carpets. I love how they look with the frayed edges!

diy weaving

diy weaving

diy weaving

diy woven wall art

(P.S. That FINE flag is by our friend 1924us, and the hat is the Topanga Distressed Leather Rancher.)

If you want more weaving inspiration you should definitely check out Jana’s DIY Branch Weaving and Brigette’s Woven Necklace.

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I keep seeing this all over Pinterest. It looks so easy . I need to try it! :)


ah i love them with the frayed edges! will definitely be attempting this. thank you! <3

Such a cute hobby! I’d love to make this for my room.

Warm Regards,

So Very Awesome! I love the little portable handmade loom! thank you for sharing!

I love weavings! I need to stop procrastinating and just make one already! I really like how they look in frames and it would probably look great in my future dorm…eeep! Thanks for the tutorial :)
Happy new year to everyone at FP HQ!

How cool is this?? Very.

It seems to take time, but the results are so cute :)

xx Cecil //

SO cool! Just got into crocheting so I have so much yarn laying around!

This is such a great idea. I’ve seen many other weaving tutorials, but I really like this one because I think it would be cool to frame your finished pieces, and using them as coasters is also a really fun idea.


Beautiful! I love how these arts of thread and needle are making a comeback. I use to sit at my grandmothers feet and watch her weave and create for hours. Its soothing not only for the weaver but those around too :)

It’s good idea!
So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lovely and cozy

Absolutely lovin’ this DIY!

Ripped Jeans

super cool idea!! I’m trying it soon!!

love!! i used to do this when i was younger…can’t wait to start up again!

A very nice and productive way of spending my free time. Cheers to the idea!

Olivia Oak

I just moved and am decorating my new bedroom! I am so excited to be finding all the cool decór DIYs! Its hard to find bohemian art work that is cheaper and beautiful! Thanks for y’alls creativity! Keep it up!

it looks so nice and I love the DIY project.