Easy Hair Trick: How to Fake A Fishtail Braid

I may have discovered one of the best little hair tricks out there right now.

The fishtail braid is almost iconic at this point — especially for Free People. From catalogs, to our videos, to the pages of the FP Me style pic gallery, everyone loves to see a good fishtail. Practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to this hairstyle, and one thing always seems to hold me be back from wearing my hair like this… time.

I wish there was more of it, but that’s life, right? I have a lot of hair, so it takes several minutes for me to perfect a fishtail braid if I choose to do one, minutes that I don’t always have. That’s why I normally just leave my mane to fend for itself, butĀ this new trick that I learned may just change all that. It’s the fastest way to get the look of a fishtail braid without actually doing one, and the result is absolutely beautiful. So, how does one work such magic? Let me show you:

Step One:


Pull your hair back into a low pony. Use a tiny rubber elastic that blends in with the color of your hair.

Step Two:

split hair

Split the hair in half just above the elastic.

Step Three:

push trhough

Loop the hair up and push the pony through the opening (remember this from childhood?).

looped hair

Step Four:

tine another pony

Use another rubber elastic to section off more hair just below the first.

Step Five:


MakeĀ the same split as you did in step two.

Step Six:

pull through

Repeat step three and loop the hair up again and push it through the opening.

Step Seven:


Create one more section in the pony using a third rubber elastic.

Step Eight:


Once again, loop the end of the pony through the opening.

fishtail lead


Voila! A faux-fishtail braid! How cool does this look? And so simple! Add in a head piece or other hair accessories to finish off the look. I love how soft and romantic it can look… perfect for a date night or Valentine’s Day!


You can do a lot of variations of this hairstyle, so have fun and get creative!

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  1. Fishtail braid is pretty much my go to daily hairstyle. I have a lot of hair too, so I usually sleep in mine for a couple days, fix any crazy messiness that happens while I sleep. But I do find that it looks best on day two hair with all its disheveled glory!! Love the photos, gorgeous as always!!


  2. I’ve searched the free people website up and down for this top and can’t find it. Is it still available?

  3. I love this! it looks so quick and easy and fish tailing your hair can be such a pain i will be doing this in the future :)
    Lauren xx

  4. I wish I knew about this trick when I had hair! Now I’m wearing a pixie cut and have so may ideas for when my hair grows back! I guess I’ll just play with it in all of the in-between stages until then :)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this! I love fishtails, but can’t do them. This made it so super easy, and looks beautiful! I even did it to my little girl’s hair and it looked beautiful! Thank you!

  6. I see many people have asked about this shirt… I can’t find it anywhere on the Free People site! I NEEED it! If anyone finds a link please share! :) <3

  7. Saving money by doing your own “knock-off” hairstyle is right in line with my discount shopping goals! Love this post, and I’ll be following your great ideas, from now on!

  8. It’s always nice to learn new hair tricks and tips to save me money and time. Now I’m hoping my hair is long enough to do something like this!

  9. This is easy yet the outcome is so beautiful! Gonna try this today :)
    Thanks for sharing!

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