FP Me Stylist Of The Week: JessicaSamantha

This week’s featured stylist has me dreaming of surroundings that my sunshine state of mind normally doesn’t venture to.

Jessica makes icy situations look real inviting. Snow covered fields, chilled out lakes… her photos are beautiful, and ones that make me (slightly) miss a wintery world. I’ve never been to Canada, but this here post has me eager to make a visit. Whether it’s exploring her new hometown of Calgary, or adventuring the wild earth just outside, she’s been getting to know the land, and sharing it with us via her FP Me profile. Not to mention, she has a style that reminds me of a Nordic bohemian dream. Get lost in her words and photos below!


Get the Look: Washed Denim Overall, We The Free Solid Peplum Tee, Turban Beanie

Where do you currently live and how do you think your city shapes your lifestyle?

I recently just moved to Calgary, Alberta with my boyfriend. This city has so much to offer. You can experience an urban lifestyle with its fast pace or in an hour’s drive, be in a rural area surrounded by national parks and trails. I can already picture myself riding my bike downtown with my dog, Harper, and weekend getaways to the mountains with my boyfriend.

bed and socks

Get the Look: Cozy Nepali Sock

back shot

Get the Look: Boyfriend’s Embrace Cardigan, Strappy Back Bra

What do you think is the best kept secret within your city?

I have only lived in Calgary for a month now and I have explored the city a little. Lately I keep returning to an area called Inglewood. It’s full of local boutiques and restaurants. I am a lover of succulents and cacti, so of course my favorite store is called Plants. It has so much character, and to top it off they do workshops. I cannot wait to participate in one with some friends.


Get the Look:  Jess Dress, Desperado Collar, Slouchy Pattern Wrap

If your best friend were doing an impersonation of you, how would they quote you?

Right now they would probably be singing Uptown Funk while mastering the dance moves. (I like to think I can dance haha.)


 Get the Look: We the Free Sunset Park Thermal, Voile and Lace Trapeze Tunic, Knit Hooded Denim Jacket


Get the Look: Romance in the Air Maxi, Style-Nine Ankle Boot

How do you think your personality reflects your personal style?

I wear what I feel most comfortable in. With Canada and its glorious winters (insert sarcasm), you can find me in a lot of layers and knits right now. Lately I have been daydreaming of flowy summer dresses. With a Mexico trip in the near future I can’t wait to wear the easy breezy crochet slip again.

snowy lake

Get the Look: FP New Romantics Pretty Pretty Tee, Capsule Slouchy Beanie, Winter Fancy Weather Boot

If you could only wear 3 Free People items for the next year what would they be and why?

The Boyfriend’s Embrace Cardigan is the coziest cardigan I have ever owned. It’s perfect for those chilly summer nights or winter days curled up with a good book. The Penny Lane Chiffon Dress has been a staple in my closet for almost 2 years now. I originally bought it for the Sasquatch music festival and have found myself wearing it to weddings or just running errands around town. You can dress it up or down. Last would have to be the Hybrid Heel Boot. I myself have never been into to wearing anything with a heel on it but I recently purchased these boots and they are a game changer. They are comfortable to walk in and you can pair them with absolutely anything!

cam and hat

Get the Look: Abbey Road Sunglasses, Matador Hat


Get the Look: Washed Denim Overall, Galloon Lace Racerback, Wrapped Leather Band Hat

Can you tell us about one of the most valuable experiences thus far in your life?

Education. I have taken a variety of courses and what I have learned from it I will take with me for the rest of my life.

spring field

Get the Look: FP X Bon Bon ThermalMatador Hat, Easy Breezy Crochet Slip

If you choose any celebrity to style, who would it be and what would you put them in?

Hmm… I would have to say Zooey Deschanel. I would style her in the Dalia Dreams set paired with the Dover Suede Clog.


Get the Look: We the Free Sunset Park ThermalWashed Denim Overall, Sienna Oversized Plaid Scarf

What’s the most magical place you’ve ever traveled to? What made it so special?

Portland, Oregon. With its lush green landscapes, blooming flowers, and some of the best doughnut shops around, what’s not to love? We were there for a wedding in the countryside. One of my favourite memories is driving through the back roads with the windows down and just being mesmerized by the dreamy landscape. I grew up in the prairies, where the majority of your view is fields of wheat or canola, so there is something so magical to me about flowers on every corner. Portland is my happy place, rain or shine.


Get the Look: Lost Valley Ankle Boot, Low Rise Relaxed Skinny, Slouchy Vegan Tote


 Get the Look: We the Free Sunset Park ThermalVoile and Lace Trapeze TunicKnit Hooded Denim Jacket

What’s one quote that you live your life by?

Be yourself. Anytime I feel uncertain or nervous I remind myself “just stay true to you“. I have found peace and success in it.

snowy field

Get the Look:  Jess DressDesperado CollarSlouchy Pattern Wrap, Everyday Distressed Boot

What does ‘free’ mean to you?

Loving yourself unconditionally is being free to me. Being able to trust yourself in where you’re at and chase your dreams. Love is so empowering.


Get the Look: FP New Romantics Pretty Pretty Tee

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6 years ago

This lady has amazing southwest boho style and the interview was also interesting to read!

Rae | love from berlin

6 years ago

Any detail on the grey jacket in the first picture? I’m kind of in coat heaven with that one. Awesome style. Love all the prints.

6 years ago

Beautiful woman – and scene! I love her outfits and the scarf/beanie in the first :)

Warm Regards,

6 years ago

Woohooo!! I’m from Calgary! Love Inglewood! Try Without Papers, a really delicious pizza shop in Inglewood :)

6 years ago

That second look and photo! My goodness, AMAZING!





6 years ago

wow! i went to canada a few years ago and her photos make me want to return this instant (and wear every loose and flowy item in my closet doing it)

Breeann Franke
6 years ago

Jayme, the grey jacket in the first picture is by a brand out of Denmark called Numph. We sell it at Manhattan Clothing in Grande Prairie, AB

6 years ago

Love these! So beautiful.

6 years ago

Love her, so glad to see Jessica featured here!


6 years ago

So lovely and cozy!


6 years ago

It’s so lovely I love the outfits all of them ! :)

At the end of August I moved from a big city to another country to live in the mountains, priceless experience.

6 years ago

Love Jessica’s look! Road trip to Canada!

The Savvy Heart

Lyn Neufeld
6 years ago

Love the complexity and simplicity in the photo’s that capture Alberta and the great style for all seasons!

Kristi Wiebe
6 years ago

She is not only a beautiful lady with great style and adventure
She is a wonderful loving person. Stay tuned to her up and coming blog!

6 years ago

Love all of this! So inspiring on all levels. This girl…♡

6 years ago

You are such a gem. Loved reading this and all your photos!