Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 19–25

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January 20–February 18

You’re liable to start off the week wanting what you want very much and hoping people will come through, thanks to a faceoff between Venus in your sign and Jupiter in your relationship angle. It might be best to allow yourself to indulge your desires, without expecting someone else to. You may be extremely attracted to a specific person, in which case you should enjoy the feeling and be open to whatever experience it may lead to. A Mars-Neptune meeting in your worth house means financial moves could be ill-advised now, so be careful with your money. With Mercury turning retrograde in Aquarius, a few weeks of self-reflection and rethinking how you present yourself are in order. And right after the sun lands in your sign, it aligns with the moon—officially kicking off your new year. This new moon is clicking with Saturn in your network sector, suggesting that a personal fresh start could be strengthened by support from others and by taking the new direction in your life very seriously. If you didn’t create New Year’s resolutions, you might want to do so on Tuesday or Wednesday while the Aquarian energy is powerful. Happy birthday!



February 19–March 20

With Venus in your subliminal sector opposing exuberant Jupiter in your service zone this week, your desire to make a major contribution to the world could become overwhelming. Perhaps you have plenty of business to take care of, while the discrepancy between such daily duties and what you want deep down is all too apparent now. Rather than wallowing in discontent, explore your yearning and get more in touch with repressed wishes. Mercury is going retrograde in your subconscious sector, luring you to listen to your intuition, dreams and soul. The new moon there is in sync with serious Saturn in your ambition angle, so plant a new seed in your imagination and create a realistic plan for it to flower. It’s also a good time to begin a new spiritual practice that replenishes you so you can keep building something in the outer world. And if you let go of anything now, you’ll be able to focus more on what’s working for you. A Mars-Neptune meetup in Pisces could lessen your drive, cause you to proceed without sufficient boundaries or get you to act based on delusion. Instead, do something purely out of compassion.



March 21–April 19

Your social life and love life could compete for your time and attention this week, when friendly Venus in your group zone opposes expectant Jupiter in your romance house. Or you just may be in the mood to have an over-the-top good time and enjoy life, surrounded by people you like. It’s also possible that social obligations or the desires of others will clash with your own self-expression. Try to find a happy medium regardless of the circumstances, as Jupiter’s presence in the mix suggests excess. As soon as the sun enters your group zone, it meets up with the moon, forming a new moon that favors joining an organization, making new contacts, creating new objectives or initiating a philanthropic effort. It could be that someone you meet soon will teach you a great deal, so be ready and willing to widen your circle. However, as Mercury is going retrograde, the possibility of reconnecting with acquaintances from your past also increases. Unfortunately, the next few weeks may be a time of misunderstandings with friends, so be patient and don’t jump to conclusions. And last, this is a good week for doing something thoroughly selfless.



April 20–May 20

Venus is upping your public and professional appeal, but her opposition with Jupiter at the bottom of your chart this week hints that family expectations, home obligations or a desire for security could interfere with your ambition. It’s also possible that you want very badly to shine and feel conflicted about putting yourself out there. But with the sun crossing your goals angle and aligning with the moon there, you’re prompted to focus on achievement. Foster your ambition and your public image. Your career path may take a new turn soon. Research, partnership and inner work could all gradually help you to grab the brass ring, so keep doing those things that you’re starting to realize you must do, even if they feel hard. Mercury is turning retrograde now, and in the next few weeks, you might want to review your objectives, redo your résumé or reconnect with an old boss. Mars and Neptune are coming together in your group sector, hinting at trouble with friends or peers. Action is bound to be muddled, so don’t try to interpret others’ behavior. Teamwork that serves humanity is the best use of this energy.



May 21–June 20

Big ideas about the future and a yearning for freedom and adventure could overtake you this week, thanks to a Venus-Jupiter faceoff in your journeys and mindset houses. You might be dying to escape, literally through travel and other adventures, or figuratively in your head. Your thoughts and desires transcend mundane reality, and you may enjoy a rush of optimism or grow discontent with staying in the present. Not only is the sun also entering this part of your chart, but it’s joining the moon there—and together they form a new moon, encouraging you to explore a fresh perspective and expand your mind. The moon’s link to Saturn in your relationship angle hints at learning, growth and new experiences being facilitated by a person or people close to you. Your ruler Mercury is turning retrograde though, slightly complicating matters. In the next few weeks, reexamine your beliefs and ask yourself if you’re living your truth. Figure out what you don’t know and need to learn. Try to visualize the big picture that may have been eluding you. Rediscover your faith. And no big career moves this week; chances are they’ll be misguided.



June 21–July 22

Confidence and closeness intermingle in some fashion this week when Venus in your sharing sector opposes Jupiter in your worth zone. You may feel optimistic about a relationship or simply crave one very much. It’s also likely that you’ll want to be generous and give of yourself freely. And perhaps you’ll hope for appreciation from someone in return. Issues around trust and possessiveness may arise, because Venus and Jupiter are highlighting the eternal balancing act of mine versus ours. But you can derive immense satisfaction from intimacy now. The new moon in that part of your chart is coaxing you to focus on merging your needs with someone else’s and to put in the work that healthy close relationships require. You’re also encouraged to heal an emotional issue, deal with financial matters or consider your sexual needs. With Mercury going retrograde, it’s time to give extra thought to these things and reconsider anything from allocation of debt to communication with your significant other about touchy subjects. A Mars-Neptune meeting indicates confusion around travel, education or beliefs. You might get into a disagreement that goes too far. Empathy for people different from you is essential.



July 23–August 22

This week’s opposition between Venus in your one-on-one angle and Jupiter in Leo combines your personal growth and your personal bonds. You stand to gain an exceptional amount of pleasure from close connections and may want people to indulge you. Perhaps you’re feeling good about yourself these days and want nothing more than to share your joie de vivre. It is contagious, so spread it around. Jupiter is encouraging you to grow by leaps and bounds, and right now especially, that’s not something to keep to yourself. The sun is moving into your partnership house, and the new moon occurs there hours later. So the need to form equal healthy relationships and commit to existing ones is emphasized, as is the importance of overcoming fears related to love and happiness. The planets seem to be hinting that you need to work hard to express your true self and become a well-rounded individual, and in doing so, you’ll experience a new level of relating. As Mercury turns retrograde, you may reflect on a relationship, reconnect with someone or renegotiate the terms of a partnership. An old discussion may come up again in the next few weeks as well.



August 23–September 22

A Venus-Jupiter faceoff this week could trigger your unconscious expectations of how you want your day-to-day life to look. You may feel rather optimistic about the future, and you probably yearn to find your perfect niche and be of service. Humble Virgos have the desire to apply their skills and be useful, which doesn’t seem like too much to ask. If your work isn’t currently what you’d hope, keep the faith that one day it will be. And just for now, take pleasure in doing someone a favor or performing a necessary task. The sun is entering the house in your chart that’s associated with Virgo matters, and a new moon falls there as well. So the coming weeks are a good time to focus on your health, fitness, duties, skills, habits, job, time management and efficiency. The new moon will back you up if you choose to make a fresh start in one or more of these areas, but you also need to do the work. With Mercury going retrograde in that house, mull over related issues and perhaps revamp your schedule, reorganize your workspace, rethink your diet—and be flexible if your routine is thrown off.



September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet Venus is in your fulfillment sector and opposing excessive Jupiter in your network zone this week. So your personal pleasure may be at odds with group expectations, you could have a strong desire to enjoy life with other people and maybe you’re hoping that your friends will indulge your whims and do what pleases you. One of the best results of this configuration would be for you to generously share your love, creativity, humor and affection with others. The sun is also moving into your fulfillment sector, followed by a new moon there, adding even more emphasis to your self-expression and joy. The moon is harmonizing with practical Saturn in your mindset house, nudging you to take your happiness seriously and to plot your path to fulfillment to some extent, in addition to finding joy in the moment. Since Mercury is going retrograde in your fulfillment sector, you might find yourself reminiscing about a past love, revisiting a creative project or rediscovering a previous source of pleasure. A Mars-Neptune meeting makes for confusion at work, fatigue or a chaotic schedule. Be mindful of your health and do something for the good of others.



October 23–November 21

With Venus in your comfort sector and Jupiter in your ambition angle opposing each other this week, you could feel torn between the desire to relax at home and the pull of big goals. It might feel like an either/or dilemma or you could be tempted to go into full nesting mode and barely leave the couch. There’s also a chance you’ll go on a decorating spree, but with Mercury turning retrograde, your judgment may be off. Decluttering, rearranging furniture, renewing family ties, reflecting on private memories and feelings and thinking about how to improve your living situation are all good uses of the next few weeks while Mercury backtracks. The new moon in this part of your chart encourages you to prioritize your inner and outer security and create a firm foundation for yourself. Saturn in your worth zone is clicking with the moon, indicating that being realistic about your resources goes hand in hand with building a strong base for the future. A Mars-Neptune conjunction in your pleasure house suggests escapist activities that could leave you feeling disoriented, so enjoy life but make sure to stay true to yourself.



November 22–December 21

Pleasant thoughts could segue into a surge of optimism when Venus in your mindset house connects with Jupiter in your expansion zone this week. Since they’re in opposition to each other, it may be challenging to find a happy medium between a good mood and a burning desire for adventure. You can learn plenty from interactions now, so be open to a wide range of people who offer you windows into different worlds, encouraging your own growth. The sun and moon are entering your cognition-and-communication sector and coming together to make a new moon. The fortuitous angle they’re forming to Saturn in Sagittarius suggests you should try to work with this energy to get the most you can out of it. Don’t become too isolated doing your own thing. Let your curiosity lead the way. Be a keen observer, a student of life. Soak up information and ideas without judgment. While Saturn is pushing you to define your identity more concretely, what would happen if you threw your cherished opinions out the window? New ways of thinking will likely foster your personal growth. Mercury’s retrograde turn encourages rethinking and rewriting; be patient with miscommunication.



December 22–January 19

When Venus in your worth house faces off with Jupiter in your merging zone this week, your values, stuff, money, confidence and material wants could be at odds with sharing, closeness, trust and another person’s priorities. There needn’t be a clash though, as an opposition invites you to integrate two sides of the same coin. This could be about what you want for yourself and what you hope to get from others. Where is the overlap and where is the conflict? The sun is moving into your worth house and aligning with the moon, prompting new beginnings. This new moon is in sync with Saturn, which happens to be in the last house of your chart—a house associated with endings. A fresh start with your finances, possessions, self-esteem or priorities is apt to dovetail with the work you’ll be doing to bring something to a close. On some level, you’re wrapping things up in the next few years, leaving you with a cleaner slate and a strengthened sense of your worth. Mercury is going retrograde in your worth house, so your financial judgment won’t be too sound for a few weeks. Reassess what’s valuable to you now.


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8 years ago

I’m going to have a positive week, let’s hope it’s true!!

xx Cecil //

8 years ago

Thank you for sharing!!!