Future Islands At Union Transfer, Philadelphia

This post and playlist comes from our web studio digital tech, Taylor Galloway!

Future Islands played two sold out shows this past weekend at Union Transfer in Philadelphia with their friends Wing Dam, of Baltimore and The Operators, led by Dan Boeckner of Wold Parade. The band has gained popularity over the last couple years, especially with the release of their latest album Singles – performing on The Late Show with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The four piece group from North Carolina is led by frontman Sam T. Herring, whose on-stage moves can only be described as a mix between Morrissey circa 1991 and Night Crawler from X-Men. There is such passion in Herring’s voice, taking the audience on a journey back to the events that brought him such heartbreak. Bassist William Cashion, keyboardist Gerrit Welmers, and drummer Erick Murillo back these words with melodies that make it hard to sit still.

I left Sunday night from Union Transfer feeling moved, feeling hopeful. No matter what is going on right now, it will get better – and if you see a friend in need, reach out and give them a hug. We are all connected.

The Operators_02s

The Operators_01s

Wing Dam_02s

Wing Dam_01s

Future Islands_05s

Future Islands_08s

Future Islands_11s

Future Islands_04s

Future Islands_09s

Future Islands_07s

Future Islands_03s

Future Islands_10s

Future Islands_12s

Check www.future-islands.com to see if they are stopping in a city near you during their tour and treat yourself to a night of dancing!

Photos by Taylor Galloway

Check him out on Tumblr and Instagram!

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8 years ago

Stunning photos- very well done! There is so much emotion on that stage. Beautiful!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

I have never heard of Future Islands so thanks for introducing me to them :) Now I have some new things to listen to at work!

Rae | love from berlin

8 years ago

Future Islands are SO COOL live. Sam Herring is such a good performer.

Union Transfer is such a great venue right? Incredible job capturing Future Island’s raw energy into images!

8 years ago

ahhh…we almost went on sunday! i’m so bummed we missed it, looks like it was so much fun!


8 years ago

love them!!! thank you for featuring this band.
I can’t wait to see them when they come to Atlanta in February

8 years ago

great photos tay tay :)