Meet Joanna, The Newest Member of Our Team!

You’ve likely noticed her presence on this blog for some time now, first as a contributor… and then more frequently in the new year. Today, I’m so excited to formally introduce you to Joanna, the newest member of the BLDG 25 team! We’re so excited to have her voice on the blog as our soon-to-be California-based blogger, read on to find out more about her:

I grew up in Sonoma, California, a sleepy, beautiful town about one hour north of San Francisco. I spent the better part of my childhood playing outside and getting dirty… catching lizards, running down hills, and scouring the land for arrowheads. But more recently I’ve been living on the opposite side of the country where lizards, vacant hills, and arrowheads are rarely ever seen… New York City. I’ve lived in NYC for a little over a year now, by way of Los Angeles. I love the hustle and energy that a big city provides but I also equally love escaping the concrete jungle to explore our natural land. Even as an adult, I still love climbing rocks and trees and running down hills. Soon, I’ll be making the journey back to California because, quite honestly, sometimes life takes you on a course you don’t see coming.

I tend to find inspiration everywhere I go — from the sound of a live band to the bright colors of street art. From the way the wind feels on a warm night to Jane Birkin’s classic style and Neil Young’s timeless voice. I try to stay present, to truly feel what is happening around me. It keeps me grateful, an outlook on life I try to always pursue. I am happy to get back to the California sunshine and to continue this journey with Free People!

Meet Joanna

Meet Joanna

Meet Joanna

Meet Joanna

Joanna Blogger2

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9 years ago

Yay, Joanna! So happy for you – very well deserved. I love the survey and the glimpse into the background of this gorgeous soul.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

Love her!

Looking forward to hearing more from you. I live near Glen Ellen and have just always thought that was the prettiest name for a town, it rolls off the tongue so well. Congrats on the new role.


9 years ago

Congrats, congrats Joanna!!!!!!! So talented and lovely!!!!!!!!

9 years ago

so happy for you jo xo

9 years ago

Lovely girl!
I like your fasion.

Danielle Wallis
9 years ago

Congrats, Joanna!! So happy to welcome you back to California, too. It’s the only way to go. I followed my heart and moved back last August. Have been so happy ever since! xx

Loved meeting Joanna at #FPLETSMOVE in NYC! She was so warm and welcoming.


9 years ago

Congrats! Can’t wait to read more of your content and love your fashion and photos!


9 years ago

We’re going to miss you here on the East Coast.