Monthly Mood Board: FP Movement

I’ve always been one to collect mass amounts of found images that I love. 

I’m constantly searching and saving them to a random file on my desktop, printing them out to hang, or pinning them on Pinterest. You name it, and I probably do it. The mood board became my friend quite some time ago. I love how they don’t have any guidelines, which gives you the chance to be fully creative, but working at Free People has given me an entirely new appreciation for mood boards. Walking up and down the halls of BLDG 25 introduced me to how limitless you can be, and how useful the boards themselves actually are. It seems like each wall and desk is covered with one; full of texture, color, and the unexpected. I started hanging posters on my wall when I was about seven. I started hanging leaves and flowers on my wall after my first day at Free People. It sounds humorous, but my, is it helpful.



My monthly mood board revolves around fitness, health, and well being. I want to be both mentally and physically stronger, and I’m asking myself, “where can I grow? How can my mind expand?” With the launch of FP Movement and the #FPLetsMove event, I’ve been inspired by how the world is connecting through movement and wellness. To keep this motivation lasting into my everyday, I began collecting images (some even from my favorite FP Me users), quotes, and a few pieces of earthiness to pin up on my wall. My art studio is where I spend most of my time, so I chose a big blank wall and started my mood board. I love walking past it daily, it’s a little reminder to go move, stay hydrated, and be well. And if I need support, I can look up at my wall and see a how other girls around the world are moving and shifting and seeking wellness in the same way.

Some tips for starting your own mood board:

Don’t limit yourself: Print as many pictures as you would like, even if at times you don’t think they make sense. The more, the merrier.

Use texture: Try using cloth, rope, string, lights, flowers, etc. I chose feathers and leaves on this mood board as I believe they more like the wind. It helps to bring something living out of the visual.

Look: Don’t stop looking around you for ideas and ways to be refreshed. When you find something, save it, and use it to inspire you later in your mood board.


February is right around the corner, so start looking for images and planning out next month’s board. I promise, it’ll keep you going in a positive way towards goals and trends.

+What were your January boards like? Did we have similar themes? Let me know in the comments below!

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8 years ago

I LOVE how you put pieces of nature on the wall that relate to the mood board. I’m always pinning on Pinterest goals that I have but end up never going back to my board and following through with them. This k’s a good way to stay reminded without having to log onto your computer daily.

Lovely photos!

8 years ago

I think it’s a really good idea! I have one in my room and everyone who comes, stops there to watch. Everyone tell me that they love the idea! They say that it’s super “Laura”.
Try to make one, it definds you as you are! It’s really inspiring!

8 years ago

Such pretty photos! Would love to see what the rest of your art studio looks like!

8 years ago

I adore this! I redid my inspiration board for the new year, added some things and moved them around. I love having photos of my family and where I’m from – definitely helps to ground me and see the big picture.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

I love the idea of a mood board! I’m addicted to pinning pretty images on Pinterest, but I can definitely see the value of being able to view images at all times. I can definitely see this as a creative exercise, as well as a way to practice self-care.


8 years ago

I love this idea as I am tumblr obsessed! I find little quotes really inspirational and also love having a collection of things I want to do at some point in my life!

infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

8 years ago

I have been doing that for years! My mood board is set up right above my desk, so whenever I need an idea, I just look up and inspiration comes to me! ^^

8 years ago

I’m totally guilty of pinning images or creating collages for my computer screen. But I LOVE the idea of printing them out and hanging on the wall! I think you’ve inspired me to do this!

8 years ago

I’m familiar with the manifestation board, this is the first I’ve heard of a mood board. I totally love it! I think that creating a visual collage allows access a deeper part of ourselves that is beyond words, creating inspiration and insight from the deeper intuitive part of ourselves. I think that’s why they can be so incredibly powerful and moving. Thank you for sharing!

8 years ago

I’ve done this before with visualization techniques and it works!

8 years ago

Love this! I love the do it with passion or not at all quote. Good stuff!

8 years ago

this is honestly such a brilliant idea, i cannot even begin to tell you! and i love the idea of adding texture!

8 years ago

It is so inspiring ! It really motivates me to do some exercises, even more !
My inspiration moodboard of the month will be on researching a theme which looks like me for the new layout of my blog :)
Bixx <3

8 years ago

Love this! I have a mood board in my studio, but I love the idea of including real plants!



8 years ago

Moodboarding is one of my favourite things ever! I love pinterest but there’s nothing like a physical moodboard. Really like the idea of using texture!

8 years ago

I absolutely love mood boards, always inspiring!

8 years ago

I absolutely love mood boards, always inspiring!

8 years ago

Loved this post and absolutely love creating mood boards. Luckily my University course allows me to create loads.

8 years ago

What a great idea! Already planning the next (first) mood board for February. Thanks for the inspiration! Maybe there should be a hashtag on Instagram for this ;) x

8 years ago

I love creating mood boards – I spend way to much time on polyvore making digital ones – I don’t have much wall space in my home so I have a giant journal that I’ll paste things into – each spread with a different theme or color palate to inspire with.

7 years ago

I love the idea of a moodboard. I just don’t know where I’d put it in my room…