The Power of Looking Up

Last week, beautiful yogi Talia Sutra said something that really struck me as we were nearing the end of the wonderful class she taught at the #FPLetsMove event in Brooklyn.

We were about to go into a back bend, but first we listened as she spoke of – and demonstrated – the importance of looking up; of leading with our heads, and trusting our bodies to follow. What really grabbed hold of me was that this idea of looking upward extended way past this one back bend, spilling over into everyday life. When we’re sad, she explained – when we feel down… ashamed… belittled – we tend to look downward. We pull ourselves inward and almost curl into a little ball. When we feel excited, happy, and inspired, however, we do just the opposite. Our chins draw up towards the sky, revealing the entirety of our necks as we soak in all of life’s bliss. We are open; ready to invite new experiences our way.



I realized that many hours of my day are spent looking downward. I’m constantly looking down at my phone or creating something with my hands, drawing my chin in towards my chest as I do.


And while looking downward, totally immersed in something, can actually be a great thing, I realized that it could also benefit me to look up every now and again. To momentarily pause whatever it is my hands are getting into, and take a deep breath as I look up at my surroundings with wide, open eyes. To take it all in with a smile. Then, I can let it all out and continue on my way.


Today, join me in making a choice to look up towards the sky. Know that even though our individual lives may have us wrapped up in our own small worlds, the earth still spins beneath all of our feet. There is always something bigger going on around us. Something that both humbles and empowers. Something that connects us all, and makes us feel alive. Today, when you find yourself caught up in the minutiae of an everyday task, pause. Take a big, long breath from the depths of your lungs, move that chin towards the sky, and smile as you become receptive to all that’s been above you all along.


Photos of Brigette by Thomas McKenna.

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9 years ago

Great read! I am committing to this! Thank you.

9 years ago

Such a Wonderfully Inspiring Post! I need the reminder to do that, as well as to be present and aware.

Thank you.

9 years ago

This is awesome – I was told to look up at the sky everyday as a child and I was always make a point to look up, extending the neck and face to the sun or stars. Love yoga!

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

I was thinking about this over the weekend. Staring into the sky feels like a sea of possibility. I feel lighter and it’s damn near therapeutic. After reading this post, I think I will make a point to stare into the sky each day if only for a few seconds.

9 years ago

I volunteered at a little permaculture farm this summer that used the practice of a “Bell of Mindfulness.” At random times throughout the day, someone would ring a bell, and everyone would take three minutes just to become present again. I often find myself wishing for a “Bell of Mindfulness” in everyday life, but we can always create our own special moments if we remember.

9 years ago

Beautifully inspiring…looking to the sky keeps your heart open, helps you stand tall and as they say ‘keep your chin up’-don’t hang your head low and never ever give up.
“The boy remembered an old proverb from his country. It said that the darkest hour of the night came just before the dawn” – The Alchemist

Sending Love your way, Sheri

9 years ago

This was such a unique and almost spiritual post! I loved it xx

9 years ago

This post is really inspiring, I’m definitely going to return to it when I’m feeling (and looking) down. Thank you!

7 years ago

Thank you so much for this.