Our Top 5 Tips & Tricks for Rebooting Your Wellness

I’ve always had somewhat of a healthy lifestyle. I grew up playing sports and staying active has been a constant priority in my life, however, lately I’ve noticed subtle yet significant changes in my daily routine. I’m no stranger to the snooze button, but the last couple of weeks I might as well just turn off my alarm. I catch myself getting an extra shot (or two) of espresso in my soy latte just to help kick start the day. My legs begin to buckle earlier in my runs and my muscles cramp and tighten after a workout. And my skin! Sheesh, is it dry. I can’t put the lip balm on fast enough! So, this year I am committing myself to an all-around healthier lifestyle, with an emphasis on the kind of food I eat. When I was young, my dad always said, “the human body is like a complex car. You have to put the best gasoline in it for it to run properly.”

I have tried trendy diets and they never seemed to stick, I would always end up getting bored or anxious — they were just never a good fit. What works for some people just doesn’t for others, so today I’m sharing my top five lifestyle goals for the new year. These are the changes I’m hoping to make in my routine for a healthier, happier me in 2015. Read on, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to join me!

Healthy Reboot

Healthy Reboot

Healthy Reboot

Eat more raw food: To kick start the new year, I went on a raw food-based diet loaded with fruits and veggies. I am on day four and feel so much lighter, a night and day difference from a week ago when we were in the midst of the Holiday season. Let’s just say I’m not very experienced in the kitchen or with food, so this is a big learning experience for me! Check out our raw food recipes for even more kitchen inspiration!

Get more sleep: This is a big one for me, guys. Some people can function on four, five… six hours a night. Well, not me. Though I wish I could. Sleep is a vital part of my day and I need to accept the fact that I need at least eight hours of it if I want to feel healthy the next day. And if I don’t get enough sleep? I’m groggy, forgetful, impatient, and inevitably reach for the nearest danish or piece of pizza as soon as I’m hungry.

Healthy Reboot

Healthy Reboot

Healthy Reboot

Drink more water: This is no big surprise. Everyone knows they should be drinking more water, including me. To help me remember, I carry around a large reusable water bottle with me all day — I have to refill it at least three times a day. If by noon I haven’t drank an entire bottle yet, I know I need to get movin’. Oh, and the wonders more water will do for your skin! A quick tip: start your day off with a glass of water. It will help you remember and just feels good.

Stretch! Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to stretch and think to myself, “what’s the difference, it’s just stretching.” But man, does it make a huge difference in the way my body feels. I stand taller and feel stronger when I stretch.

Healthy Reboot

Healthy Reboot

Healthy Reboot

Drink fewer acidic beverages: What the heck does that mean, you ask? Well, personally for me it encompasses coffee and alcohol. I love a cup of delicious hot coffee, especially the ritual of drinking my cup of joe as I begin the day. I am also a fan of drinking a glass of wine at dinner or when winding down from a long day, but for the next two weeks I’m giving my body a break. As we come off the holidays, which was full of indulgences including waaaaay too much coffee and wine with family, my body is welcoming this break.

Healthy Reboot

I know this list isn’t groundbreaking but to put it into use is good enough for me. That, I feel, is the groundbreaking part. There has always been a part of me that knew what to do, but it’s about putting it into practice. If anyone would like to join me in refreshing your lifestyle and getting a reboot for the new year, I invite you!  I will be checking in over the course of the next two weeks with recipes, tips, and excerpts from my road-to-wellness journal.

+I would love to hear from you too!  What are some lifestyle changes you’re making this year?

Check out more healthy lifestyle tips from the BLDG 25 blog!

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Thanks Joanna! Good call on enough sleep and water. Yesterday I made the Free People vegan queso dip (which is raw, besides the grilled jalapeños and tomatoes) and today I’ll make the raw chocolate, pistachio, sea salt recipe I found through your raw recipe link :) So this year I too resolve to eat raw and fresh. I also resolve to work a little Each Day towards my career goal – even when I don’t feel like it.

Fabulous and attainable tips! Keeping in mind something as simples as raw foods is a lot easier than “eat better” or a diet. Good luck to you – you’ll do great :)

Warm Regards,


Loved this post! Please more posts by Joanna! What a great warm and positive light she has in her writing :)

Love this! These tips are so doable!


Oh, I’m already on the stretching bandwagon. I’m trying to listen more to my physical body this year. Stretch when I need to, go run or walk when I feel restless, eat when I need to and only until I feel full.
I’m trying to start a home yoga practice (which is difficult when you’ve got roommates and a low ceiling in your room. I just sort of commandeer the living room.)
i like your idea to drink more water, too. I’ll try that!

I have very similar goals for the new year, so I’m really looking forward to all your recipes and tips. One of the things that I really need to do is start eating more raw food. It’s a very new thing for me to incorporate into my diet, but I think it’s definitely the best way to get a jump start on eating more vegetables and fruit. I also like your idea of drinking fewer acidic drinks. Sometimes I feel like I can’t live without coffee. Although I’m not looking to completely eliminate it from my diet, I’d like to… Read more »

These are so simple but all so true. Great list! I’ve been working on them all a lot lately.

It’s funny because cutting down on alcohol significantly has had such a positive effect – both physically but also mentally. No more gross days spent hungover, but it also just makes everything seem a little bit clearer. Maybe that’s just me – but my life is a lot simpler when I’m not drinking.

xx Kathryn

This definitely allowed me to gain more motivation and strive to just start the year off on a much healthier note! I totally get the stretching part. I always feel a lot more limber and have more energy when i stretch in the mornings.

I’m definitely making an effort to eat healthier after going off the rails over holiday season!

trying my hardest to eat more raw food. I got a nutribullet for christmas so have been whizzing carrots and all sorts of other veg into smoothies in the morning. Im finding it much easier to get up in the morning i will admit!


Drinking more water is huge for me! I, also, carry around a big water bottle with me wherever I go. Sometimes I add fresh lemon juice or some mint-delicious! I feel such a big difference in my body when I’m getting enough water. My skin is clearer, I feel less bloated, and I have more energy. This is a great reminder to keep it up!

Great tips! I’ve been eating raw for about 6 months now, and feel better than I can even remember! Glad to see Free People pushing a healthy lifestyle over quick fixes! Anyone interested in more raw recipes, check out my blog!


Drinking more water is huge for me! Great tips!
Love this post!
Love from http://www.trangscorner.com – a lifestyle, cooking, fashion blog

This is my plan for the year too. Just make healthy food choices and choose to leave the biscuit in the barrel. Awesome tips! It’s good to know someone’s got the same goals!


thanks for this!! you’re right, it’s not groundbreaking, but we all need to be reminded from time to time, to get our health in check. I’m trying my best to cut out processed foods, and just be more conscious about what i’m putting into my body. I love your dad’s thought about our bodies being like complex cars…so so true!


yes! thank you :) I think we all need a good reboot after the holidays

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This is so great! Simple, straightforward, and downright obvious – yet usually not a part of our lives. Currently enjoying time at home, but once I head back to campus I will definitely try to reboot my lifestyle. Lovely post, Joanna! Keep it up and thank you.

Drinking water is most important factor to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Thanks for sharing this post.

Deirdre Curry

I normally don’t share when it comes to posts, but this one hit me hard and I couldn’t pass up commenting. I am a sophomore in College and freshman year I was diagnosed with mono.. horrible ik, but just wait.. this caused to me to have an upset stomach constantly, making me sick almost every day. A whole year later I found out I had ulcers. During this time I had cut out dairy from my diet, as it seemed to only make me feel worse. I then proceeded to become a vegan, after reading about how good it was… Read more »

Very nice tips.. i follow these tips regularly and become heaitly.