The Wash Shop: A Tale of Simplicity

Lauren, a stylist from Free People 5th Ave and new friend,  met me on the sands of a cold New York beach earlier this week to model new pieces from our latest collection and to help tell this story. Just imagine…


Washed Buttondown Tunic, Mineral Wash Oversize ScarfDSC_0817-2
Her heart is light, yet wild. Her eyes are filled with curiosity, but are as soft as the morning dew. Her skin is lightly dusted with freckles from days spent under the sun. She throws on her most-worn shirt and sets off to wander the beach on this cool winter morning. The sand feels chilly beneath her bare feet. She prefers the beach during the winter — no one for miles — aimlessly wandering from seashell to seashell. The wind is cold against her face and tangles her long hair; looking up, she tries to find where the dull winter sea meets the grey winter sky, the colors beautifully muted this time of year. The sand, sea and sky all seem to blend. She finds herself lost in her thoughts as she stares off at the horizon; she reminisces about times-past at this same beach, but slowly her mind starts to dream up ideas for the future: where she might travel, whom she may meet, what she may learn.

A smile starts to grow across her rosy pink cheeks at the thought of a new adventure. Yes, the colors are beautifully muted this time of year…



Wash Blog



We the Free Rory Tee, Loose Change Maxi SkirtDSC_0760-2





Tanna Peached Out Bliss TunicDSC_0820-2




Edith Washed TrousersDSC_0839-2


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+ What new adventures are you planning on this cold January day? Share with us in the comments!

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8 years ago

The trend doesn’t seem to be on the website yet… just fyi. I hope to get my hands on that button down dress.

8 years ago

Elizabeth, the buttondown is available here:

8 years ago

Thanks, Julie. xoxo

8 years ago

Hi FP! I also really want this tunic but the cream/grey combo seen in this post doesn’t seem to be on the website? There’s blue, pink, plain white and green. Where can I find the cream and grey? I want it muchly! Thank you!

fp joanna
8 years ago

Hi Hannah! We used the green washed buttondown tunic in these photographs. Hope this helps!

8 years ago

Hurrah! Thanks Joanna! It looked so different in the pics but now I know it’s that one I’ll have to nab myself one asap! :)

8 years ago

OMG – Everything about this post is beautiful. Will be buying so many of these pieces :)

8 years ago
8 years ago

Beautiful color shirts!
And gorgeous beach,

8 years ago

Love this! I want to be at the ocean now :)

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

I love love LOVE the beach tones, so beautiful.



8 years ago

I love how minimalistic this is. It still has the boho vibe but not a lot of layering, definitely going to try and incorporate into my style.