Weekend Snapshot: Choose Your Own Adventure

You never know where the weekend might take you. When Friday evening finally rolls around, we find ourselves standing at the precipice of possibility, two days that are entirely ours lie ahead… to do with as we please. I like to at least have a rough idea of plans for my days off, but sometimes you have to allow room for the universe to take control.

On a recent weekend, I accidentally ended up in Allentown, PA (turns out the town my friend told me about was Adamstown… Adam… Allen…), but instead of calling it quits and going home, I swallowed my embarrassment and went in search of something to do. What could have been a disappointing day was completely the opposite: my travelling companion and I went to a flea market, we found some thrift stores, and stumbled across a (free!) makeshift museum. We even discovered an amazing college-run radio station on the drive home later that evening while we laughed about the direction the day had taken. Adventure isn’t always a cross-country road trip or an overnight hike, some of the most memorable days are the ones that lead you where you least expect to go. I believe strongly that we make our experiences… you can choose to be disappointed… or you can choose the adventure.

The choice should be abundantly clear.

For this reason when the weekend rolls around, I almost always reach for comfort and function. Clothes I can move in, be warm in, and potentially take a hike in. A favorite pair of jeans, the softest tee, ready-for-anything sneakers. Clothes that can walk for miles, or just be cozy in the car. Pile on a jacket, throw on a hat… take what the day throws at you with a sense of discovery and an open mind. Come Monday morning, you’ll almost always have a good story to tell.

Weekend Snapshot

Rag Rug Sweater Jacket

We the Free Long Beach Tee

Destroyed Relaxed Straight Leg

Russell Runner Sneaker

Rachel Beaded Collar

Indi Stone Ring

Weekend Snapshot

Weekend Snapshot

+ What are you up to this weekend? Any adventures planned? Please share!

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To be ideal to others by our own fashion and style, we need to follow some fabulous tips about how we can increase the glamor of our fashion. Thank you very much Fp Julie for sharing this kind of informative blog about fashion with us because by this blog we can learn how to match the fashion accessories perfectly with our outfits.

Today led me on an adventure to a beach that I always used to visit when i was a young child but haven’t been to in years. Last night i just decided that that was what i was going to do with my day! It was beautiful and so quiet and it was lovely to just walk and sit and just be for a few hours.
Beautiful post, I love stumbling upon adventures, its the best way to live!

This outfit is beautiful! I love that sweater.

Warm Regards,

I can’t wait to be older and have more opportunities to be spontaneous, it’s something I love to do but as a 15 year old I can’t really do that often without someone else with me!

infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

Beautiful post and so inspiring and motivation! I’ve bookmarked it so that I can come back and give it a read whenever i need. Everything in life is a choice. Often times we forget that. <3

Julie, THANK YOU for writing about such a meaningful thought I wholeheartedly believe in. Recently, I wrote in my blog that adventure IS out there and it’s in your own backyard. Taking a second and realizing that the adventure of life is yours to capture… whether that’s in a foreign country or an accidental trip to a coffee shop you’ve never visited before. Beautiful post. I am so inspired!

This is the perfect outfit for an adventure. I am in love with everything about it from the ripped jeans to the lovely sweater and soft blues… it reminds me of days spent out underneath clear blue skies.


100% agree with you on the comfort outfit! I was working in London this weekend for Camp America and was so glad I chose my comfy boots rather than my gorgeous tall black boots which are slightly too small! Wonderful post :)


Hummm, comfort and something warm ! And this one is also a little gypsy like, I really love it!
Thanks for the inspiration , as usual ;)


Your fasion is awesome!
It’s cozy and like bohemian.


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