365 Days of Style: A Year of FP Me Stylist of the Week

1 year. 365 days. 365 opportunities for change. Small improvements, big decisions… outside of — and within — ourselves. Whether we realize it at the time or not, we are reflections of these shifts in our actions and, especially, in our personal style.

One year ago, we began paying homage to the wealth of style inspiration flooding the pages of FP Me with our FP Me Stylist of the Week feature, and oh, what an inspiring year it’s been! Looking back at all of the incredible users that we’ve featured, one thing is clear: these girls know how to put an outfit together. But what’s even better is hiding beneath the surface, not visible in a dress, or top, or skirt. We learn about them each week here on the blog, their aspirations and inspirations, where they’re from and what they’re most passionate about. As we take stock of the year that was, we wanted to find out how those stylists have changed within the past few months, and what they most love about the incredible community that is FP Me. Read on for a few of our faves, and be sure to check out all of the BLDG 25 FP Me interviews and features. While you’re at it, why not set up an FP Me profile of your own?

New Darlings
Weekly Stylists
“To me FP Me means being able to express myself through fashion and photography and feel confident in doing so. It’s a wonderful community filled with passionate girls that support each other’s individuality. Over the last year, I have definitely experimented with my style, bringing in more pattern and layering a bit more than just wearing a simple a dress.”

Love You Duh
Weekly Stylists
“FP Me to me is such a forward-thinking avenue that appeases the hunger of those of us that worship the fashion gods. It’s a great secret-slash-hiding place to meet kindred souls.”

Mel Denisse
Weekly Stylists
“FP Me is a great gift because of the emerging community and lifestyle of creative women, I get to share my own style and also be inspired by others. I love seeing how other FP Me stylists mix pieces in ways I hadn’t previously thought about, along with their unique photography style. Thanks to FP Me, in the last year my style has changed because I’ve learned to mix in more layers, colors, and textures. I’ve tried more new things and stepped out of my shell.”

Em Allen
Weekly Stylists
“FP Me has been such a fun and inspiring outlet for me this year. I love seeing how it has spread like wildfire and connected so many Free People fans! It allows me to share my passion with others and express myself through fashion, photography and beauty. It’s the perfect tool to keep me up to date with new trends and styles… I love it. I feel like my own personal style is always developing, but this year I have been able to get to know myself a little better. I’ve become BOLD. Whether it’s a statement necklace, or styling an item that is outside of my “norm,” I’ve found that expanding my horizons through testing new styles has been such an amazing experience. To be free means getting to know yourself and the world around you, and having the courage to test life’s boundaries. We’ve all got our quirks, and should never have to hide behind what’s considered “normal.” Just be confident! Even if you don’t feel it, walk it. Breathe life into what you are wearing.”

Gypsy Lovin’ Light
Weekly Stylists
“FP Me is a wonderful space for me to truly express my creativity with total freedom and acceptance for who I am. More than ever, I’m drawn to clothing and accessories that remind me of an endless summer holiday… relaxing by the ocean, salt on my skin, sun on my cheeks, running wild and free along the shore under the setting sun. The rhythm of the waves reminding me that there is only this moment. I’ve found my holiday vibe through fresh, crisp whites and natural flowing fabrics, bright gold and silver jewelry, and blue opals the colour of the sea.”

Mary Ellen Skye
Weekly Stylists
“FP Me has given me the opportunity to connect with a brand in a really fun and unique way! I love the social aspect of FP Me and the inspiration that can be drawn through it! It’s an exciting place to be. My style has transitioned through the years, but I find FP Me has been beside me through the process. I love its overall versatility, it’s truly great!”

The Urban Nomad
Weekly Stylists
“FP Me means so much to me. Over the course of working with Free People I have become more confident with my style and more comfortable in my own my skin.”

Sharon Dehelean
Weekly Stylists
“Recently, I feel like I have been inspired by a diverse group of women, FP Me gives us a platform to share ideas while encouraging individuality. Quality basics have become an essential part of my wardrobe because I believe style begins and ends with simplicity and practicality. Confidence and attitude is key, fashion should be fun and not taken so seriously!”

+ How has your style changed in a year? Please share in the comments!

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8 years ago

I am more open into trying different styles. I don’t want to have just one look. I think it depends more on my mood.


8 years ago

I loved this series all year! The fp me feature of your site is such a wonderful idea, there is so much inspiration and beauty there.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

These ladies are so inspiring! I love this series, because it shows real girl style, so fun!


8 years ago

Been so honored to be a featured FPme stylist. Being a part of the FP community has really inspired me this year, and I can’t wait to see how FPme grows in the new year. Love all you guys!

xx Sarah

8 years ago

What a wonderful boho chic fashionable girls! Love their passion and fashion.


Megan b
8 years ago

Love all of these ladies profiles! I’ve been focusing more on what fits my body type best, rather then what’s on trend. And trying not to take my style too seriously, cause it should be fun. I’m also focused on my comfort level when I add new things in or just dressing for the day. I’ve also recently added a couple Free People items in that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time and I’m pretty excited about that lol.


8 years ago

I love how inspiring they are! http://www.alanaandkyra.com/

8 years ago

i love these profiles so much…it’s so fun to get a glimpse into what inspires the people who inspire you;-)