4 Natural Perfume Oils to Try

When I first entered the world of natural beauty, I was not prepared to give up my perfume. Nope. That sweet-smelling blend of chemicals was a part of my daily routine, and it made me feel beautiful.

As I became more and more knowledgeable, though, I began to feel less and less beautiful in my favorite perfume. Every time I spritzed it, I could feel my body being coated in a layer of something negative – as dramatic as that sounds. I found myself preferring the scents of natural essential oils, and started to explore that realm. Then I discovered natural perfume oils, and I haven’t looked back since.

Today I’m putting the spotlight on my four favorites. They all come in roll-on bottles that are tiny enough to carry around with you – and I highly suggest you do just that. If you have any perfume oils you want to mention, please do so in the comments! I’m always looking for ways to further ignite my senses.


I am so in love with Prabhuji’s Gifts attar oils. You guys probably already know that I love anything that makes me feel like a goddess, and these gorgeous oils are heavenly to say the least. They come in beautiful little bottles and all have the most divine names like Prima, Jiva, Padma, and Atma. My personal favorite is Atma, an enlightening blend of mint, lemongrass, and frankincense. You can even place these scents in an oil burner and let the beautiful aromas fill the space that surrounds you.


I’m a huge fan of LURK Perfume Oils, which are all created by hand in SoHo NYC – so close to where I live! Each one is made simply using pure essential oils in an organic jojoba base. I really love their notion that these oils transcend gender, age, race, attitude and affliction. They absolutely do. I’m most drawn to BS003, a woodsy citrus scent that makes me feel grounded yet uplifted all at once.


I very recently discovered Providence Perfume Co. perfume oils, and immediately fell in love. Each of these small-batch creations is made by hand using real plants, flowers, fruits, and woods. It doesn’t get more natural than that. My favorite is Summer Yuzu, a sweet uplifting scent reminiscent of all the best citrus fruits – grapefruit, mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit. It’s a happy, summery aroma that totally works in the winter, too.


Kuumba Made fragrance oils are another favorite of mine. There are so many to choose from, and they’ll all take you to another world. African Gardenia… Lavender Lace… Creamy Coconut… Arabian Rose… Water Lily… Pikake Lei. I have a bunch of them and they’re all glorious, but the Tunisian Jasmine will forever be my favorite. It pairs beautifully with the Summer Yuzu oil I mentioned above!

+ What are your favorite natural perfume oils? I want to know!

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8 years ago

Sounds like Kuumba Made really has some unique scents!

8 years ago

Lovely post. At the moment I’m loving Lush’s ‘Lust’ Solid Perfume. Like these little bottles, solid perfumes are great for traveling, and there’s no chance it’ll spill in your bag! ‘Lust’ is a beautiful jasmine scent, and it’s very versatile. Because of the way it’s blended, I’m always discovering new undertones in the scent. I smell slightly different each time!

Much love,

8 years ago

Must give a shoutout to my two favs: Solstice Scents (solsticescents.com) and For Strange Women (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ForStrangeWomen). Adore both & am a diehard fan. :)

8 years ago

I’ve been using a grapefruit essential oil – energizing and eases stress. I love it and it’s such a bright way to start my day. Just be weary of citrus on skin in the summer/sunshine! :)

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

such a wonderful post! I too love using natural, organic products – there is a difference that you can feel! Thank you for sharing your wonderful finds!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

8 years ago

how does Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab keep missing people’s radar?! I’ve been wearing their oils for years and there’s so many to choose from! With perfumes inspired by everything from Shakespeare, Alice in wonderland, voodoo recipes, erotic poetry and gothic novels, there’s something for everyone! My hands down favorites so far are Zombi (dirt and flowers!), Follow Me Boy (one of their voodoo blends), Jezebel (Sandalwood! Orange Blossom! honey! roses!), and Veil (so many violetsssss…)

8 years ago

Apple Valley Natural Soap!

Four different roll-on perfumes consisting of essential oils in a base of jojoba oil! North, West, East, and South. I’ve only tried South and East, but I love them! I also apply them to the dry ends of my hair because they moisturize and make my hair smell AMAZING throughout the day! This company also makes awesome shampoo bars. A great alternative to store-bought shampoo!


8 years ago

Ooo citrus scents are totally my thing! Thanks for the inspo!





8 years ago

Auric Blends have some amazing scents and come in cute little roller ball bottles.

8 years ago

You referred to Kuumba Made Fragrance oils… My understanding is that the term ‘Fragrance Oil’ means a synthetic fragrance. So they shouldn’t be included in a list of ‘Natural Perfume Oils’.

The natural oils are the Essential Oils and the botanical carrier oils such as jojoba oil.

8 years ago

I love making my own perfume concoctions and storing them in glass roll-on bottles, lavender, lemon and vanilla is my favorite combination, also patchouli and rose-geranium!

FP Brigette
8 years ago

Thank you all so much for your suggestions — can’t wait to try them all!

Hannah – Kuumba Made’s fragrance oils are actually all oil-based (no alcohol). The scents are created using oils and resins of flowers, plants, roots, and trees! I think by “fragrance” they’re just referring to “aroma.” <3

8 years ago

you gotta try Aromantick perfumes. They are stunning, and she collects her own essential oils.
I some times make and sell my own too, but they are one note wonders, or three note wonders. Aromantick makes complex expensive smelling scents from all natural and all organic ingredients.


8 years ago

I love Olo perfume oils made in Portland. Lightening Paw is my favorite.

8 years ago

FP should sell these perfumes ;)

8 years ago

Cat – I love OLO too! Dark Wave is my favorite, but i also wear Lightening Paw and Violet & Leather. So lovely.

8 years ago

Love those photos and great tips. Thank you.


8 years ago

So lovely!! Can you do a post about a natural DIY shampoo bar possibly !?!

8 years ago
Hafizah K
8 years ago

Attar oils have always been a tradition and a childhood memory to me. My grandfathers usually use them before heading to the mosque for Friday prayers. Currently, I use one too – honeydew attar oil! It’s sweet and may be a little too strong for me but I love it!

8 years ago

I just recently discovered Rebel Intuitive Perfumerie and although their blends aren’t oil based they are alcohol the perfumes are beautiful, dark and sexy and 100% natural! Totally worth checking them out at rebelintuitive.com

8 years ago

I love “Ghost Pine” by Lvnae; it smells like walking through an old-growth forest here in Oregon. She’s on Etsy.

8 years ago

I really love Herbivore Botanicals perfume, it’s all natural and the vanilla hair must smells divine

8 years ago

Check out Acorns and Alchemy on Etsy! She makes such an array of perfume oil! My Favorite is Tea and Bones, smells exactly like my Favorite perfume from Tokyo milk!

8 years ago

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