On The Road: 5 Ways To Feel Your Best

Putting in a lot of hours on the road can be taxing on the body and the mind.

Whenever I find myself in a car for extended periods of time, it’s hard for me to feel my best… road trips are cured in that respect. Any form of wellness seems to launch out the door the minute the tires begin to roll along the pavement. I think a lot of the unhealthy snacking and empty thought cycles that tend to happen on the road can be blamed on boredom, but this past trip, I made a point of staying on top of my health, hour by hour, day by day.

Being aware and conscious of staying healthy is an important factor, but here’s a few other ways that helped me feel my best on the long drive from New York to California:

Pack Comfortable


Be. Comfy.

I wasn’t in your normal, everyday vehicle on this trek across the country. For ten days, a U-haul became my home, and my “room” was the passenger seat side of the cabin. Oh man was it tiny. I made the mistake of wearing tight jeans the first day of the trip and just couldn’t get comfortable. It was also freezing all along the first leg of the trip, so taking off my coat was not an option. I found that this poorly affected my posture; the weight of the coat, plus hunching over to stay warm caused my back to start hurting. Try to keep the car at a comfortable temperature so you’re not wearing a bunch of layers the entire time, keeping a coat close by to throw on for road-side stops. Soft pants and cozy sweaters became my on-the-road uniform. It’s also a good idea to wear a pair of shoes that are easy to slip on and off. And remember, the less you pack, the more mobile you are from stop to stop!

Go Au-Natural


We hit a lot of different climates along the way. Starting out in 23 degree weather and ending up in a place that’s 75 and sunny caused my skin to be a little out of whack, so I tried to wear as little makeup as possible. For me, being fresh-faced helps me feel a lot better mentally. Sitting in a truck cabin all day, I found no real reason to get dressed up. Wearing makeup for long periods of time causes my face to break out, so all I ended up wearing was a good moisturizer to help keep my skin feeling soft in the dry weather. I felt so much better at the end of 13 hour driving days without a lot of makeup to wash off.

There’s a freedom about being on the road. It made me want to live as natural as possible, so that’s what I did. Going sans-makeup and hair products for a week helped me feel like I was on a beauty cleanse, and it felt nothing short of amazing.

Eat Well

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This one can be difficult, and I definitely fell culprit to a few gas station snacks here and there. Eating on the road can get tricky, because healthy options aren’t always within arm’s reach. But, if you plan it out right, you can avoid the things that are bad for you.

Packing a well-stocked cooler before you leave helps save a lot of money on the road, and allows you to easily snack on healthy things often to keep up your metabolism. Stock up on fruits, such as apples and bananas, and bring along things that are easy to snack on that aren’t too heavy, but leave you feeling energized. I mostly snacked on nuts, and I brought along a jar of almond butter to dip fruits and veggies in. Just make sure the cooler is always at a good temperature so your food doesn’t spoil.

If you do stop at fast chain restaurants or gas stations, look for the better options. Almost all menus have some sort of healthy substitute for the high fat and processed food items. If you don’t see anything listed, just ask. Sometimes there are items that won’t necessarily show up on the menu, but are still available.



Even if it’s just for ten minutes, exercising your limbs is important on long road trips.

I go to the gym about 4- 5 times a week. I need to exercise to keep up a positive mindset, and I was a little concerned before going on this trip that I wouldn’t have the time or opportunity to get in a workout on the road. Eating well and working out go hand-in-hand, and I was fortunate to find ways to do both!

If you’re staying at chain hotels along the way, most of them should have a fitness center. It might not be equipped with a lot, but will definitely provide the means to get in a little sweat. I would wake up a few minutes earlier in the morning to get in a run on the treadmill, even if it was just for 20 minutes, it made me feel so much better during a long day of sitting and driving.

If you have time to explore a little, there’s a great free app called AllTrails that will pull up hiking trails based on your location. You can pick trails depending on their level of difficulty, and you’d be surprised at how many there are not too far off the highway! This is a great option if you have an extra hour or two to spare and need something more than the short walking trails at rest stops.

Get Rest


Most importantly, get some sleep! Drowsy driving is one of the most dangerous situations you can put yourself in. There’s lots of stretches of highway where there won’t be any services for 100 miles +. If you’re feeling tired, find a safe and well lit place to pull over and take a short nap, or find some place to rest your head for the night. It’s not worth the risk just to cover a few extra miles!

+ What other tips do you have for the road? Please share in the comments!

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9 years ago

It helps me to bring a comfy blanket and maybe some small pillows that don’t take up too much room as well as hanging some branches of lavender. Pleasant atmosphere=pleasant journey!

9 years ago

I always need something to keep my hands busy when I’m not driving. I tend to knit or crochet or craft, something that keeps me creating.
Audiobooks are also a godsend. I’ve revisited many a childhood classic, and found some great thrillers. One time, I listened to my textbook (which I would not recommend unless you’re traveling to compete the week before your final exams in college.)

9 years ago

jana thank you a million times for introducing the AllTrails app!! i have been looking for something like this for a good time now i live in flat oklahoma and finding places to roam has gotten a little difficult! great post!

9 years ago

This is so perfect!! It’s not just road trips for me but travelling in general. You don’t realise how travelling takes a toll on your body! Great tips. Will definitely be carrying this with me on my travels!


9 years ago

The chronicles of Narnia on cd. Hands down.

9 years ago

Love this <3<3 and the pictures are perfection :)


9 years ago

Love this SO much!

9 years ago

Great traveling tips! Reminiscing on my coast to coast trip last year and vicariously living though these posts and your cross country travels. My only regret was not taking enough photos and not bringing a “butt pillow” as I developed sciatica from the rd trip! Very painful and can be prevented with a butt pillow! Oh do LOTS of yoga at roadstops and hotel rooms! Even throw up into a tree pose for a prettty roadside picture! Bring a large scarf that can double as a blanket, scarf, and wrap skirt or makeshift pillow! Pack lots of sunflower seeds, easy to eat fruits (peaches bananas, pears) Kind bars and dont forget first aid kit for achey bellys and car headaches/sickness. Veer off onto your own adventures! Explore unseen places and get to know people on the roadside diners, they have the most interesting stories. Oh did I mention TAKE MORE PHOTOS then you can possibly take? ! Then buy a throw away camera and take more! (My only regret was not snapping everything with my camera) <3 happy travels all you free people girls!!

9 years ago

Great tips! I’m on the road quite a lot – In the past few months I’ve driven from Vancouver to Alberta (13 hours each way) and from Ontario to New Brunswick (17 hours each way), as well as other mini trips about 6-8 hours each way. I’ve found that taking photos, documenting in point form the little things that have gone on (such as wildlife seen, gas prices etc), and pulling over to little diners or hiking spots make the trip much more enjoyable.

Julie // Northern Rustication

9 years ago

Some great tips, and ones I honestly hadnt considered for some upcoming road trips we have. I find that I get quite travelsick in the car so need to be driving.

9 years ago

What perfect timing! Going on a road trip soon and these tips are really encouraging =)


9 years ago

This is an awesome find. I have a three-day moving trip coming up this summer to plan. What foods to bring, if we are driving a U-Haul and a car or just a U-Haul, what roads we will take, etc.

When I travel, I am normally in the passenger’s seat. The first several hours I have to sleep or I get car sick. Otherwise, my husband and I love to sing songs together. We practice harmonies, creating our own songs, or putting new lyrics to a favorite melody. One time we got 127 ants that go marching… that was a fun drive.

I tend to avoid electronics on a drive unless. It’s a radio. Even then, it’s often nicer to have the radio off than on.

9 years ago

I can’t be on the road without bringing my favorite pillow from home to keep myself comfortable.However, I do need to eat better while on the road.