Art & Fashion: FP Me Turns Two

Tucked away along a quiet street in NoHo, the Great Jones Gallery was warmly lit with the glow of candles flickering from every corner.Their enchanting, spicy scent swirled through the air, mingling with the wildflowers that cascaded across the walls and down the doorways, across the windowsills, and in a perfect heart-shape on the gallery wall, the product of a brilliant collaboration between our Display team and NYC-based florist Kelli of Hops Petunia. It is here, among the wildflowers and candles, that on this frigid evening in the heart of February the world of FP Me convened for a gallery show, celebrating two amazing years and over 75k photos uploaded and 3.24m Hearts given.

On the walls, artwork featuring some of our favorite FP Me girls was hung, the work of some of our fave photographers — including FP’s own Anthony and Alex — who had been paired up with artistic talent from across the globe to bring the work alive. As guests mixed and mingled, the enchantment was palpable as they took in the artwork, nibbled on tasty vegetarian treats, and sipped juice-infused cocktails spiked with Philly’s own Art in the Age Rhubarb spirit. Snapping photos of one another with the Polaroid Socialmatic camera to help kick off our FP + Polaroid partnership (more exciting details to come!), guests were also given a glimpse into our Spring Trend Report, courtesy of the incredible FP styling team.

Between the glow of the beautifully scented Free People candles — a Free People exclusive coming in March! — and the laughter and love of FP girls, customers, bloggers and influencers, it was hard to believe it was still winter outside. But alas, the cozy eveing eventually had to draw to a close, but not before each guests was bid farewell with an armful of spring blooms, a hint at the season to come to accompany them on their journey home.

FP Me Anniversary 30

FP Me Anniversary 28

FP Me Anniversary 25

FP Me Anniversary 34

FP Me Anniversary 23

FP Me Anniversary 22

FP Me Anniversary 21

FP Me Anniversary 26

FP Me Anniversary 29

FP Me Anniversary 12

FP Me Anniversary 4

FP Me Anniversary 18

FP Me Anniversary 10

FP Me Anniversary 11

FP Me Anniversary 13

FP Me Anniversary 14

FP Me Anniversary 6

FP Me Anniversary 5

FP Me Anniversary 1

FP Me Anniversary 2

FP Me Anniversary 3

FP Me Anniversary 9

FP Me Anniversary 8

FP Me Anniversary 15

FP Me Anniversary 17

FP Me Anniversary 19

FP Me Anniversary 24

FP Me Anniversary 31

FP Me Anniversary 33

FP Me Anniversary 20

FP Me Anniversary 27

Special thanks to:

Great Jones Gallery

Kelli of Hops Petunia

Art in the Age


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8 years ago

So lovely artworks!

8 years ago

Everything looked amazing! Wish I could’ve made it. Beautiful beautiful work.

-Mel |

8 years ago

Gorgeous florals and pieces! Looks like a fabulous time!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Congratulations!! It looks amazing. You just gave me even more inspiration for my spring project in March, which includes a lot flowers :) x

8 years ago

Damned I love those flowers on the wall.
I wish I could move, and be a part of all of that :)
I want a Free People shop here in Belgium! <3


8 years ago

I wish I could have a time with them.. looks awesome!

8 years ago

Are events like these invite only? I’m moving to NYC and would love to attend such events!

8 years ago

Also, flowersinthdark on tumblr. I’m wondering, bn trying to find a link to contact someone, but even as an intern, I would give everything, ANYTHING to b a part of fashion on this blog. Not only if fp my life, I bleed fashion,I breathe the photography that speaks to fashion and specifically street style. I would do anything, move a thousand miles, in order to have fashion/being a part of the photography that brings the style to life….I would do ANYTHING to b a part of this. All aspects off my life in one area, it’s inspiring. I yearn to b part of an inspiring team like this.
I have no idea if whomever reads this laughs, or (I hope) takes it seriously; however, I’ll kno it’s written and out there to b read.
I sincerely hope to hear from someone.
Thank u for taking the time to read this. I’ll b eagerly awaiting a response…
Thanx with love,