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This post comes from our blog intern, Aubrie!

Numbers have been used for over 10,000 years as a concrete structure for measurement. Look back throughout history, to the Greeks, Mayans, Chinese, Egyptians, and Masons; it appears that almost every empire, secret society, nation, and even occupation throughout time has used numbers as a basis to gain a deeper understanding of the universe and world around them. More than that, this ancient science can also be applied to personal characteristics as a mechanism for personal growth. What many don’t know is that some of the most archaic societies used numbers as a way to better connect with themselves. Called Numerology, the practice lies in the belief that a person’s name and birth date have a significant effect on their traits, talents, weaknesses, and emotional behaviors. This is said to be true because everything in the universe vibrates at its own particular frequency. When you find the number associated with the vibration rate of a particular human, you can also discover the qualities and energies that make that person who they are.

I’ve always been fascinated by astrology, tarot, and palm readings so when I first heard of this alternative method of spirituality, I was immediately intrigued. I’m certainly no expert in the realm of numerology but my findings were so interesting that I just had to share. When first delving into the new practice, I learned that among the many complicated calculations that it involves, the life path number is the most important. The life path number represents the traits you’ve instinctively had since birth and that you will continue to carry with you throughout your life’s journey. The number is always represented as a single digit, therefore there are nine possible life paths.

Here’s how to calculate your life path number using your birth date:

1. Take the number of your birth month and add the digits together. 

2. Take the digits of your birth day and add them together. If the number is greater than 9, then add the two digits of the previous sum together.

3.  Take the digits of your birth year and add them together. If the number is greater than 9, then add the two digits of the previous sum together. Repeat until you have a single digit number. 

4. Total the sum of steps 1, 2, and 3. If the number is greater than nine then add the digits of the previous sum together to get your life path number.

Here’s an example of my calculation:

Birth date: November 10, 1992

Month: November (11) so, 1+1 = 2

Day: 10 so, 1+0= 1

Year: 1992 so, 1+9+9+2= 21 then, 2+1 = 3

Life Path Number: 2+1+3 = 6

Now take the opportunity to calculate your life path number and read on to find what that number means about your personality!


1:  You are a born leader. 

One is the force from which all other numbers stem, therefore the number one possesses powerful energies of creation. If you are a number 1 then you have a strong capacity to direct others in order to lead successful ventures. You are fiercely independent and have the drive to accomplish a great deal. Ones tend to see life as a simple path without many complex emotions and abstract thoughts. The 1 character may also have a tendency to be stubborn and feel the need to confront others. If a number 1 does not rise to a form of leadership they will become extremely dependent and long for self-sufficiency. However, if the 1 personality remains in a state of command, they will gain many admirers who respect their sheer strength and determination.


2: You are a natural peacemaker. 

Two is the most feminine but also most underestimated of all the life paths. If you are a number 2 then you have the ability to listen to others and mediate situations at hand. You avoid confrontation at all costs, but when faced with other’s arguments are able to fully understand both sides of the story. Twos are witty but undeniably humble in nature. You tend to see routine as a fundamental part of life. On the other hand, a 2 may possess large amounts of nervous energy which can cause you to often become oversensitive and indecisive. If a number 2 stays out of the way of intense competition they can use their helpful personality to guide others.


3: You are a creative character.

If you are a number 3 then you often have strong urges to express your feelings and ideas creatively. You are able to easily communicate your visions with others through speaking, writing, acting, or art. You are considered naturally gifted, which also gives you plenty of charisma. Emotional experiences stay with you for a long period of time, yet these emotions are also used as your biggest source of inspiration. Threes need to be aware of tendencies to procrastinate and appear narcissistic by others standards. A number 3 must learn a great deal of discipline in order to live a balanced life. If they can master their own moral strength then they will be able to balance the highs and lows of their many emotions.

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4: You are a down- to- earth being.

The number 4 has strong ties to the element of earth. Fours are notably very trustworthy and dependable people. If you are a 4 then you tend to be very goal-oriented. However, life is about setting goals that you can actually reach. You like to remind yourself quite often that life is simple and things should always remain practical. A little introverted at times, 4s shy away from large social settings. A 4 can sometimes resort to judging others that they feel unable to connect with. This may make them appear narrow-minded and easily irritated.  Organization is a key factor on your path to success, so if you handle chaos with ease, you will accomplish all of your ambitions.


5: You are an adventurer.

If you are a 5 then you are considered progressive and very forward thinking. Number 5s feel that freedom is most important in their path of life. People see you as happy-go-lucky and you definitely live in the moment. You love to explore and blaze new trails throughout your life. Taking risks is second nature to 5s because a life without adventure seems boring and mundane, conversely fives can show negative traits of impulsiveness and irresponsibility. Your need for movement can sometimes turn into recklessness and hinder your talents. If a 5 learns to discipline their daredevil attitude, their life will become much more stable.

6: You are a loving caretaker.

If you are a 6 then people can count on your for your hard work and charity. The number 6 personality functions with strength, grace, and compassion because they feel most happy when they are caring for others. You’re oftentimes the glue bonding people together in instances of family and community. Sixes are generally respected and widely well-liked. Your loyalty and devotion makes people feel very comfortable in your presence. However, a person with a 6 life path needs to learn to think for themselves; this does not mean relying on an egotistical nature, either. A 6 will help many people if they use their wisdom and domestic nature to their advantage.


7: You are a wise soul. 

Many people may call you a perfectionist, but certainly the positive kind. Externally you appear peaceful, but internally you are always thinking. Your mind if your greatest tool. Number 7s have the urge to gain as much knowledge as humanly possible. You rely on your intuition in most instances, because you trust that your soul is instinctively wise. Seven personalities like to be alone with their thoughts a lot of the time; people also may think that you are an old soul. You could have fit in in a previous time period because of your nostalgic behaviors. If a number 7 spends too much time thinking, they may resort to pessimism. Thoughts manifest into negativity and can harm their normally calm character. A 7 needs to learn to consider others while maintaining a full heart and happy life.


8: You are a well-balanced individual. 

Eights are extremely business-minded. Very ambitious yet diplomatic, you seek to become prosperous in life. You succeed by remaining very honest and frank to others. Number 8s use their strong ability to quickly judge others’ character to their advantage in many situations. You can sometimes get caught up with the ins and outs of the material world a little too much. This causes you to overwork and expect too much of yourself. Eights need to actively seek strong personal relationships to  realize the emotional value in life.


9: You are a compassionate humanitarian. 

Nine is the most sophisticated number of all the single digits. If you are a number 9, then you are a very honorable person; you feel the need to give back to individuals not as fortunate as you. The 9 lives to feel the infinite connection of all humans to each other. You are very aware of what is happening globally, because you feel it’s your duty. Alternatively, if a 9 is not aware, they can appear very arrogant, the complete opposite of their positive personality. Nine can oftentimes denote the end of an era, but the nine personality must master transforming into new cycles.

Life paths are really just the beginning of this captivating science. There is truly so much more to learn, so make an appointment to visit a local astrologist to find out more about your personality type through numerology!

+ What’s your number? Do you think the forecast reflects your personality?

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8 years ago

Great post! Would love to read more into my number…however, I am calculating 15. Can you help me out?!

April 09, 1991

Thank you

8 years ago

This is such an awesome post – I am a 6! I love the graphics you’ve created too. Also, a helpful hint is that if your total number is double digits- don’t forget to add them together to find your number :)

Warm Regards,

2 years ago
Reply to  Alexandra

You’re a 6! You just have to make sure to add until your sum is 1 number or 11,22, and 33/44 (some numerologists say these aren’t master numbers but some say they are) in some cases

8 years ago

Such a Wonderfully Cool Post! I love Numerology, Tarot and Metaphysics! My Life Path Number is 11 (a Master Number – numbers with repeating digits 11, 22, 33, etc are especially powerful) which sums up to a 2.
Thank you for sharing this fascinating topic!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

8 years ago

I never thought I’d be a one! I am an independent worker, but if I can be a leader then great!

8 years ago

I am a 1 and I really think it suites me…. In spite of having my own family I am a very independent person, commanding and stubborn . Numbers have nailed me!!!

8 years ago

I loved this post! SO fun to do!




8 years ago

I got a four but I am Chinese and in China four is the unlucky number… Sort of like how Westerners believe that 13 is unlucky, in China four is related to death.

8 years ago

Emily, your number is 6! Just take your final number (15) and split it up to 1+5=6.


8 years ago

I’m 3! I am kind of creative that’s true! I procrastinate a lot too…

8 years ago

I’m a seven and it’s unbelievable how well that description fits me.

8 years ago

ok, so am I a 9?

Little unclear what to do if you add up to 10 after adding the last step.
My birthday is 10/31/1990

help please!


8 years ago

When reading through, I would definitely say i’m an 8!

2 years ago
Reply to  Aida

You’re a 6, 1+4+1 is 6 10 reduces to 1 (1+0=1) 31 (3+1=4) 1990 (1+9+9=19 1+9=10 1+0=1)

8 years ago

Can someone help me? My birthday is April 12, 1990. I can’t figure out my number. I freeze at my birth year because I’m so confused at the “add the sum until it’s a single digit.” Or whatever it says. Am I thinking too hard!?

Mary Reddin
3 years ago
Reply to  Alyssa

You are an 8. Just add across. 04+12+1+9+9+0=26 then 2+6=8.

8 years ago

Hello Everyone!

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8 years ago

I am a 3 to the core!

8 years ago

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7 years ago

Awesome read! Very informative.

7 years ago

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7 years ago

Such an interesting and informative blog post!! Numerology indeed has a profound effect on our lives and has found to influence our future. Thanks for sharing this post!

7 years ago

Very great blog post! loved it very much! hit the nail right on the head with my description of the number 5!! If anyone is interested in a more extensive information about there numerology numbers visit this website: http://bit.ly/2aTxAVI it blown me away about how much it had revealed about my true self! Thank you for this blog post!!

6 years ago

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